How to wean puppy biting hands or feet with training

Nature has endowed our little friends, the dogs, sharp teeth, paws and tail. And if the latter we do not cause major problems, teeth sometimes cause anxiety and pain.

Raising a puppy, it is important not to lose time, and to accustom him to the careful handling of its main weapon. Even this process will go rather slowly, but the results of efforts will allow you and your family to be confident in your pet.

How to wean puppy biting

Having got a puppy, too many at first, surround him with attention and indulge pampering. Funny playing, he touches others with his clumsiness and charm. But playful biting of hands or feet owners may soon become a problem lesions skin matured and gained the strength of a puppy. From the first minutes of communication with animals should be aware that every game must wear academic nature, especially when it comes to the desire to teach your dog not to bite.

The right behavior with a dog

Suffer from the bites of their Pets, mostly novices, who took the first puppy to raise. His behavior the owner involuntarily just from ignorance, provokes the animal to bite using their teeth.

It is therefore necessary to adhere to certain rules and had to retreat, insisting on their unconditional performance dog:

  • Playing with the puppy, do not let him under any circumstances bite your arm. Hands should be at a sufficient distance from the animal, ensuring the adequacy of your response to his attempt to bite. The fact that the toys which he is allowed to bite, to avoid contact with the teeth of the puppy. If your natural reaction not allow you to Dodge the bite, then apply different extension cords for toys.
  • Don’t let the animal bite your Slippers, socks, outerwear. With the smell of the owner, these things will provoke the puppy to the same game with you, your arms, legs. After following the logic of if you can play things, smelling master, why not play with your hands, with the same scent and just as to torment them and bite with your teeth. He must be in abundance their items to play with, since they can be easily purchased at any pet store.
  • If the bite occurred, then this should be treated calmly and kept, without succumbing to panic and not showing it to the dog. If necessary, punish the dog, but in any case don’t go. This can be interpreted as a victory for the animals over you, clouding your superiority.
  • Carefully observe the behavior of the animal, and prevent his furious attempts to bite or attack a human. Indirect signs such as pinned ears, grin, snarl indicate the intent of the dog. Your task is to calm him down, distract, or leave alone until the impulse of aggression.

If all attempts are unsuccessful, call on the assistance of professional experts, entrusting them with the education of your dog.

Self-raising a puppy

Correct puppy training from an early age – a guarantee that will not have age to retrain him. Because an experienced coach and suggest aggressive puppy to cultivate the method of “carrot and stick”. Bites of the host body – apply to animal punishment, and for biting the toy – encourage and praise.

It is important to observe the following rules:

  • Uncompromising discipline, the puppy needs to know his place, which necessarily must be his toys. Do not encourage scattered them all over the house, except play together with the puppy, in the other rooms. Toys should always lie on one and the same place, near the dog’s bed.
  • For unintentional bites during the game, there should be no punishment. Attention animal need to distract with toys and play with him.
  • For intentional acts should certainly be punished. But keep in mind that up to 4 months, the puppy mostly just busy playing and doing it involuntarily, and it is necessary to punish for biting with aggression. And in any case should not hit the animal, and gripping his lower jaw with his hand, to hold until he whined, and then send the dog on the spot.
Factors influencing “masochist” dogs

If you think well about the behavior of dogs, you can make an interesting conclusion that the property of biting is a manifestation of the two conflicting emotions of courage and cowardice. Deprived nature of dogs means of protection, leaving them only the teeth that we have to use animals in extreme situations. Thanks to her bravery and courageimparted proper education, the dog acts to protect their masters, using the main weapon – their teeth.

And at the same time, the animal experienced the fright and fear, in a state of stress uses the same weapon.

Carefully watching the behavior of the ward need to be dog psychologist. To distinguish the causes, and prevent bites your pet – the problem is fastidious owner of a faithful defender. Applying stings because of the self-preservation instinct, the dog protects itself and deal with it properly. But if the bites follow a reason of self-assertion of a dog over the others, there should work.

Reducing aggression through the assertion of dominance

Growing up, your ward becomes the bearer of instincts that must be corrected in the right direction.

The hierarchy of the family dog should look like this:

  • the head of the family leader;
  • family members – tribesmen;
  • dog – friend, slave to the will of the owner.

If you have no desire to be under the supervision of your dog, for the status of leader we need to fight daily, and it is not empty words.

You can’t make mistakes, that even remotely will allow the animal to think about its dominant role in the pack i.e. the family:

  • It is unacceptable to feed the dog while cooking or eating the food off the table. Only after eating the leader, you should feed the dog. He should clearly put that first tidbit the leader, and then only turn eating members of the pack.
  • About the dominant master role need to be reminded during feeding of the animal. The leader may at any time to pick up food from a member of the pack, and he must meekly obey. If the puppy growls and tries to defend his bowl, then this is a clear sign of food aggression. You need to make it clear to the puppy that feeds his master, and not the dishes of food.
  • Allowing the pet to lie in the bed of the master is interpreted as a capture of the territory of the leader with the subsequent superiority over them i.e., above you. The puppy needs to have a lounger and there is no alternative. The only place he can relax and play with their toys.
  • The dog should not feel deprived of your attention. Otherwise, she develops a feeling of jealousy to other members of the family, competing for attention on your part. The result of this jealousy will be the psychological distress of the animal and biting members of the pack who are in a relationship with you. Ward is confident in its exclusive right to front of the others, but that can’t happen. The dog should not have any doubt that he is loved less than the others.
How to teach your dog not to bite in the surrounding society

You are responsible for raising your dog and all that he can do a lot of mischief will lie on your conscience.

So use a number of safety measures when finding it with you on walks:

  • A muzzle is a necessary accessory for walks with the dog.
  • The dog must always be on a leash, regardless of the environment.
  • Regularly walk the puppy not only to perform physiological needs, but also to adapt to the society in which he lives.
  • Encourage the animal for restraint in relation to other animals or people, giving him to understand the correctness of his behavior.
  • When undue aggression it must be rude to intrude, and the dog’s attention to switch.
  • Eliminate constant chain or closed content because it leads to psychological trauma animals.

Before you have your four-legged friend need to understand that it’s a big responsibility to him and to the people around you. Work on the education of dogs is very time consuming and long lasting. If you do not know how to teach your dog not to bite and don’t understand why this is happening, it is best to seek help from professionals.

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