Milbemax for cats and dogs from worms manual

The owner of any pet shall be obliged to provide him with proper care, once took to raise a dog, or a kitten to breed fish. When it comes to cats, the trouble in this case is less than with other animals, as these independent creation almost completely take care of themselves, unless they ask for food.

However, in the case of illness the dog and another animal need human help. For example, the part of the owner will be required if the dog got worms (worms). These parasites cause great harm and the cat and reduce its life.

How could someone be infected with a bot

Tidy cats constantly lick themselves, causing his fur in order. It is fraught with the risk of Contracting parasitic worms. Cats often pick up food from the floor or from the ground, eat raw fish or meat. The above cats are more likely to be affected by helminths. Where to catch maybe even a cat, which is not out on the street. Although an outdoor cat, no doubt, are more prone to disease.

Disease that cats and humans appear worms is called helminthiasis. Some worms are transmitted from dog to man, which is also a serious threat. This is especially dangerous for children, since they often communicate with Pets, and their body is more vulnerable.

But have no fear. Modern veterinary medicine offers the widest range of anthelmintic drugs, easily coping with parasites. To dog and household will not have problems with worms, it is necessary to conduct regular deworming. One of the most effective medicines designed to fight worms is milbemax. Medication used to treat cats of any breed. Milbemax for cats solve the problem with parasites forever, and pet after his admission will be healthy and cheerful.

Dosage form of the drug

Active substances of drugs are oxime, milbemycin and praziquantel. Used the drug for nematodosis zestodozy and infections that are flat and round worms.

Milbemycin oxime – bacterial enzyme, particularly effective against helminths, paralyzing and destroying them. The highest concentration in the animal is observed after 2-3 hours after ingestion.

Praziquantel causes muscle helminth to decline sharply, destroys the epithelium of the parasite. Eventually, the parasite dies.

Definitely need to remember that milbemax for dogs is a moderately toxic tool! The drug has a class III toxicity. Milbemax for cats application instructions will tell you what should be the dosage. Still safer to consult with a veterinarian.

No milbemax injection, the drug is available only in tablets. It’s convenient: the dog or the cat will not once again experience the pain due to the injection, and the owner will not have to mess with syringes and needles to them. The pills have oval shape beveled edges, Packed in blister packs. Blister Packed in a cardboard box, it is possible to find milbemax for dogs application instructions.

The drug exists in two forms, the difference in the dosage:

  • Milbemax for young animals (kittens). In one milbemycin tablet 4mg, 10mg of praziquantel. Usually these pills are pink in color and are labeled with the symbols VS and NA.
  • Milbemax tablets for cats. Convalescing adult animals, and the sun howl the composition containing 16 mg milbemycin and 40mg of praziquantel. Color tablets red, marking: KK and NA.

After opening the blister the medication is usable 6 months. Please carefully read the user manual.

Indications. Effect

Presents an anthelmintic drug is a powerful agent against parasites. Pretty fast and efficient tool can cope with a number of serious worm infections.

The medication is assigned in the following cases:

  • When infections cat flat worms or cestodosis.
  • When infected by nematodes of an animal, in particular, is splendid.

The drug actively struggling with this ubiquitous worms, as the cucumber tapeworm. This parasite most often it annoys the cats, because it is transmitted via the bites of fleas.

To identify what kind of worms struck your pet, analyzing the feces of an animal looking for helminth eggs. Because milbemax is a powerful tool for the prevention of its use. In addition to the adult parasites, the drug destroys their larvae. It is obvious that milbemax for dogs is highly effective!

How to use tablets

The dosage depends on the weight of the animal to be treated. Much has been said in the instructions for use On 1 kg of weight used 5 mg of praziquantel and 2 mg milbemycin oxime.

Thus, a tablet can be given only to those kittens that have already gained 1.5 kg of weight.

Before using the product do not need to organize the pet’s diet.

Usually the drug given during the morning feeding of the pet, it is recommended to hide the tablet in food to disguise it. If the cat is very sensitive and refuses the pill, you will have to feed him forcibly. With this purpose the animal is recommended to fix on his knees, and a tablet to put under the base of his tongue.


  • kittens weighing 0.5-1 kg give half a pink pill;
  • cat weighing 1-2 kg will be granted one pink pill.

Adult cats dosage the following:

  • 2-4 kg is all right;
  • 4-8 kg, one tablet;
  • 8-12 kg – one and a half pills.

If the weight less than 0.5 kg and age less than six months – you can’t give him milbemax!

The drug is given once, but in recommendations it is possible to use once a quarter.

The main contraindications

Some animals are allergic to components of the medication. Here not to do without consultation with a doctor, only he can allow or deny the drug. Mere instruction will not help.

More drug is not given a very tiny kittens that weigh less than 0.5 kg.

Also milbemax contraindicated in case of:

  • a strong depletion of the animal;
  • infection;
  • serious diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • the weight of an adult cat is less than 2 kg.

The drug does not give to pregnant animals. Vermifuge give before a probable pregnancy, as some helminths are transmitted to kittens from mother’s milk.

In a healthy animal, everything should be fine. Slight tremor of the extremities, however short-lived.

The pros and cons

The advantages of this drug:

Efficiency and versatility, striking almost any type of worms and destroys the parasites at different stages of development.

Also, the advantages include:

  • The need for only a single use.
  • The small size of tablets.
  • A small number of side effects.
  • Not provoke profuse salivation.

Among the disadvantages, you can record quite a lot of toxicity and likelihood of allergic reactions in cats or dogs.


It is worth mentioning that the described drugs are analogues, with quite a lot. They differ by form, active chemicals in them and the dosage. Also have advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore recommended that the admission was appointed by the veterinarian who conducted a thorough and comprehensive examination of your pet.

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