Plus prazitsid suspension: instructions for use

All Pets are very susceptible to multiple diseases parasites – helminths. If you do not treat the disease, it can cause the pet loss of appetite and also reduce vigor and vitality. Moreover, the lose of a pet worms is dangerous not only for his own body, but also for the health of the owners of the animal.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences, veterinarians recommended for the prevention and treatment of systematic deworming of cats and dogs. As the effective drug, are struggling with worms, acts modern medicine “Prazitsid Plus” in liquid form.

“Prazitsid” is perfect for cats and dogs regardless of the age of the pet. Veterinarians prescribe it as a preventive measure against the appearance of worms, and as a therapeutic drug, which aimed at the destruction of different types of parasites.

The main advantage of “Prazitsid Plus” consists in the fact that the treatment of the pet is not required to analyze the type of parasite, because this drug is universal – it applies to many types of worms.

Thus, if the cat or dog suffers from this disease, a great way to combat disease will be the suspension or tablet “Prazitsid Plus”.

The composition of the drug

“Prazitsid Plus” in the form of a suspension is effective against tape and round worms are literally at different stages of their development. Also, the drug helps to cure the pet from mixed types of infestation.

A favorable effect is achieved due to the active components included in composition of the drug:

  • active ingredient – Pyrantel pamoate, which is a kind of muscular blocker whose action is directed to as quickly as possible to influence the paralysis of muscles worms. Due to the long absorption of Pyrantel in the gastrointestinal tract, the active ingredient remains longer in the intestine of a dog or cat that has a more lasting effect in the fight against parasites. This component is eliminated from the body along with faeces of the animal;
  • the second active element is praziquantel. Through its action, increases membrane permeability, which contributes to the paralysis of helminths. After penetration into the organism of the pet, this substance is rapidly absorbed in the intestine and is evenly distributed to all tissues. Displays the component with the urine of the animal;
  • and the last active component is febantel, which aimed at the destruction of the tissues of the parasite, leading to its eventual demise. It is well absorbed in the intestine, but the process of withdrawal of substances from the body of the pet along with urine and faeces.

If the cat or dog, regardless of age, held a course of therapy with this drug, then after 2 weeks will be able to completely get rid of annoying parasites. Most importantly, observe the correct dosage and follow all recommendations of vet.

Release form of the drug “Prazitsid”

Currently the medication is available in several basic forms:

  • the pill should be taken once the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight or 1 tablet per 3 kg cat. This form of medication intended for adults Pets. Available in blister packs containing 6 tablets. Each package contains 1 blister;
  • suspension “Prazitsid” – has a nice sweet flavor that really like Pets. Packaging bottles may contain 5 ml, 7 ml or 10 ml. Included with the bottle also includes a special dispenser and stickers;
  • there is also a special form of the drug suspension “Plus” for little kittens or puppies – each vial contains 5 ml of medicine. Included with the bottle attached to a special dispenser in the form of a syringe and a manual with liners.

Thus, the manufacturer offers two series of products: suspension and tablets for adult cats and dogs and suspension for puppies and kittens, and Pets in small sizes.

Description suspension “Prazitsid”

Liquid form of medication, in contrast to the tablets, much easier to give a beloved pet. In addition, it has a very pleasant aroma that attracts animals. The main advantage of suspension is that it is perfect for cats and dogs, regardless of their ages, sizes and breeds.

Liquid medicine has a yellowish light color. The slurry, during storage, may be inhomogeneous and start to flake. To achieve a solid consistency, it is enough, as it should, shake the bottle.

Indications for use

Suspension and tablets “Prazitsid” is a combined tool that fights worms of all types. Therefore, the only indication is the prevention and treatment of worms of various types.

As for prevention, the drug is recommended to drink as a minimum four times per year. In that case, if the animal constantly eats raw food – meat or fish, and if the pet spends time outside, then as prophylaxis the drug should be consumed once in three months.

In that case, if the cat or dog waits for offspring and in need of prevention, “Prazitsid” should be given only on the third week after a litter. For prevention rather than use of a single drug.


In cats there are a number of contraindications, the presence of which give the drug, even as a prophylaxis, it should not be:

  • it is not recommended to take “Prazitsid Plus” in that case, if the cat or dog has offspring;
  • you can’t give a pet the first three weeks after undergone childbirth;
  • the drug is contraindicated in animals with severe physical abnormalities. That is, if they are severely depleted and weakened physically;
  • the presence of Pets infectious pathologies;
  • do not use this medication to Pets that are at the stage of recovery;
  • contraindication is the age of the pet to three weeks.

You should note that “Prazitsid Plus” must not be taken with medications, which include substances such as piperazine or cholinesterase. Otherwise, a cat or a dog is unable to complications in the form of allergic reactions.

Side effects

If you have not complied with the dosage or it has been adopted animals who have contraindications to medication, may cause such side effects as:

  • allergies;
  • loss of appetite in your pet;
  • the refusal of food;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • loss of energy, apathy;
  • diarrhea;
  • increased flow of saliva.

If the pet owner will find he has similar symptoms, he should immediately contact the vet to eliminate side effects and carrying out appropriate therapeutic interventions.

How to take your medicine: the instruction and dosage

To cat or dog were able to avoid adverse reactions, dosing of the drug according to instructions.

  • Tablet “Prazitsid” is used once in the morning in the process of feeding pet. The calculation is as follows: 1 tablet per 3 kg cat and 1 tablet per 10 kilo of dog’s weight. If the goal of therapy is not a cure, and prevention of the disease, you need to give 1 tablet given the weight of the animal once a quarter.

If the animal has severe infestation, you need to duplicate a single dose of the drug immediately after ten days after the first dose of pills.

  • “Prazitsid Plus” in the form of a suspension suitable for young and adult cats and dogs. To use the tool once for the course in the morning along with food. The medicine is injected through a special nozzle that is attached along with a bottle of medicine.

When using the suspension, you need to calculate the dosage: 1 ml suspension is 1 kg small pet and 1 ml of the drug for 3 pounds of weight for an adult animal.

If the drug is used as prophylaxis, it should be given 1 time per quarter. It is also recommended to give the drug to an animal before the upcoming campaign, too, once.

If the medication is used to treat worms, you should give the animal twice a day once at 1 ml per 1 kg of weight. The treatment should be repeated after 10 days.

In any case, “Prazitsid” it is not recommended to give Pets without prior approval from a veterinarian because it has certain contraindications and can cause unwanted side effects.

Preparing for the drug

“Prazitsid Plus” in liquid form good is the fact that no prior preparation for getting rid of worms is not required. That is, to force a beloved pet to starve, be put on a strict diet or doing unpleasant enema is not required.

The only thing you need to do before taking the suspension, thoroughly shake the bottle of medicine, then to measure by means of the syringe, the correct dose and inject the animal remedy under the tongue.

The main advantages of “Prazitsid Plus”

Suspension and tablets are a combination remedy that is assigned to Pets for the treatment of worms. And this is the first domestic product in liquid form for Pets produced by our pharmacological companies.

It has a lot of positive points:

  • liquid form of the drug is given is much more convenient Pets than tablet;
  • the drug has a very mild effect, unlike most other counterparts;
  • “Prazitsid” refers to low-risk drugs;
  • action of active ingredients aimed at the destruction of most types of worms;
  • the drug is generic, because it fights with many types of parasites;
  • the suspension is suitable for cats and dogs irrespective of their breed;
  • due to the presence of the metering device, his technique is easy to control;
  • and last but not least, the suspension has a very pleasant odor and taste, which greatly simplifies its use.

The drug of worms “Prazitsid” is an excellent method of pest control. Suspension and tablets, thanks to the excellent ratio quality/price, has managed to catch the fancy of many owners of four-legged Pets.

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