Proper training of dogs at home

Buying a puppy is a responsible and important process in the life of every person. Before purchasing, be aware of the many subtleties and peculiarities. It is important to learn the rules of dog training at home, to avoid possible difficulties in the future.

Do not forget that you grow not just a pet, friend and companion for many years. Make friends with four-legged creation, and give due attention to its training.

In this case, you will be able to earn the trust and loyalty of an animal

Proper training of dogs at home

Don’t forget that every dog breed has its own characteristics and requirements for conditions of detention. Pre-consult with experienced breeders and gather all the necessary information. To investigate the nature of the animal will be in practice.

Training dogs is an indispensable part of the content in the home

You have repeatedly asked the question: “How to train a dog?” – then this article-guide will be for you very useful help in this delicate matter.

To train a puppy can be one of the following methods:

  • independently at home;
  • in a special institution under the guidance of a professional trainer;

Of course, much better if the dog performs the taming master. In this case, the animal will respect him and listen to all commands. To begin the training you need with small, minor details. Teach your puppy to lie down on your bed, if he lives in the apartment. Otherwise, the animal will quickly take a leading position and begin to dictate to all family members their own rules, caprinica and with harmful nature.

If you sit at a table and eat, and near the feet cool pet, in any case, don’t feed it and don’t drop the pieces on the floor. It is important to teach the puppy to eat in a very specific place and time.

Very well, if the four-legged to eat a portion of food at a time. That’ll teach him punctuality and civility. After feeding, take the bowl, even if it has some food left. The next lunch place in a bowl with less food, considering the breed characteristics of pet.

Every person who is going to get a puppy, should know that education and training are two different things.

  1. Education is the process of teaching the animal basic rules of behaviour in the house, as well as building relationships on the principle of hierarchy. Failure to comply with the basic rules of education, the pet will grow uncontrollable and harmful.
  2. Training – training of various teams as a result of long and diligent training.
Dog training in home

If you have installed a normal contact with your pet, you can go directly to the training of the first teams. During the first lesson, avoid heavy impact on the puppy in the form of yelling or physical force. It is necessary to observe a calm tone.

Before the start of training dogs teach him to know his own name. Choosing a suitable name, keep in mind the fact that short and sonorous strings of letters with the sounds “R” are remembered better.

The next step is to show the pet that the meals is held only at home. He should know that take food from the hands of strangers is in any case impossible. Also, it needs to be accustomed to the collar, muzzle and leash – which is very important for walking.

To start the exercise in the open air is possible only after the preliminary rides, games and entertainment. Any individual case of training involves the use of intuition.

Theory or practice?

Most dog owners begin training on the basis of the received information after a long reading of books, forums and Internet portals. But it is important to remember that the theory allows to find only basic information about the behavior of Pets particular breeds. In a real environment to teach the dog the basic rules of behaviour is almost impossible. Practical training involves a complete development of movement skills and coordination, which is a credit to both the pet and its owner.

In addition, it is important to consider the fact that not all of the literary editions issued in foreign countries, are designed to operate in our regions. Training in the United States or in Europe differs significantly from training in Russia.

How to train a dog, considering the fact that each breed is characterized by its own peculiarities and subtleties? This question worries every third owner of a puppy. It is important to build the process so that the pet’s motivation to perform their commands without much thought. For this you need to promote each successful task a tasty treat. Receiving such a present canine will quickly understand how to earn it and will obey you.

Stick or carrot?

There are two groups of people who have different methods of education and training of Pets.

  • The first group includes people who believe that the dog is just a stupid animal that would recognize his master after the application of physical effects and improve the voice. Such trainers are constantly yelling at pet beating on him and show aggression. Unfortunately, the technique rarely leads to successful outcomes and harm the mental state of the animal;
  • The second group consists of more democratic entities that raising a puppy is an important process with many subtleties and complexities. They try to make contact with your pet without the use of aggressive actions. In most cases, is more effective than the previous one. But excessive love and lack of discipline are unlikely to yield expected results;

Still, if you give violence (physical or psychological), it will lead to irreparable consequences, in the form of a complete loss of trust of the pet to the owner. In any case, do not yell at the dog at every available opportunity and don’t hurt him. Such actions lead to significant mental disabilities, and further training becomes a real nightmare.

But don’t be too soft. Do not spoil your puppy and don’t close your eyes to his unruly behavior. Avoid games and fun during training. Friendliness has to be balanced. Say the command one time to teach a dog to react quickly and to run it without a ten-fold repetition.

Important details of the training

To train a pet need with the observance of moderate severity, and praise – emotionally. Encourage the successful execution of assigned commands, calling a four-legged beast good.

Commands such as “fu” and “no” should be said with some severity. You need to show the dog who’s boss and who to obey. He needs to understand that raising the voice indicates the dissatisfaction of the owner.

The main condition for successful training is the systematic repetition of exercises. To reinforce a learned command, it must be repeated regularly, at least every day several times. But don’t overdo it, because the pet will get tired and cease to respond to you.

Don’t forget to consider the breed characteristics of pet. When raising a large German shepherd it is necessary to apply more physical effort than raising a little puppy Chihuahua. Weak-willed people will not be able to grow a normal large size of the companion that is obedient and well-mannered. To solve the problem, you can hire professional trainers, but of course, much better if the puppy is brought up by the owner.

Currently used three main methods of training:

  • training their efforts at the training site;
  • training along with a canine (including at home);
  • training without presence of the owner;

And even though the last option is the most tempting, as the owner is almost not needed, it is better to give preference to independent, or partly independent learning. Remember that a dog is a living being and not a robot that you can customize for yourself. It is necessary to build a lasting relationship with the pet, otherwise he won’t respect you and will become stubborn. Properly structured relationships – the key to successful training.

In this regard, the owner must be present at every training session and take part in them.

How to train a dog in different conditions

If you prefer training together with the instructor-the cynologist of the training site, try not to miss classes. The main advantage of this method is the low cost of services of the trainer and quick training time. From the weak point of the inability of the dog to perform the same command in a different environment. The fact that the pet quickly becomes accustomed to the training site, but in the real world is banal does not respond to the task.

Lessons at home – more expensive pleasure, but with high efficiency. The task of the instructor will be to ensure productive sessions with the pet and its owner.

The main disadvantage lies in the expensive services of a professional handler.

How to choose a specialist

The choice of a specialist who will deal with your pet should be treated responsibly. If the chosen canine once served in the army or the police, raise dogs, and now conducts a training school at home – it is unlikely that he will be the most appropriate solution. In most cases, these people have only trained one dog, developing the necessary law enforcement agencies abilities.

Training a normal puppy under the guidance of these instructors may lead to disastrous consequences.

If the person never had a relationship to the above-mentioned bodies, ask him what dogs he worked. An important characteristic of a good dog handler is the ability to find a universal approach to any breed. Considered the most complex breeds of toy dogs and such huge Pets as retrievers, hounds, and Shar. If the instructor had to train these animals, probably, it suits you.

Also, the instructor must obtain the appropriate license for education from the Russian cynological Federation. If not, better look for other options.

Some teams need to train your dog

If you intend to show your puppy at shows, it makes no sense to teach him to make dozens of unnecessary commands. Enough to highlight some basic.

Pet needs to know that the command “next” points to the need to stop jumping or to play and follow the master.

The same applies to the commands “come”, after which the animal need to stay near you until you release it.

The most basic well-remembered from puppyhood. In this regard, the training must begin in early childhood. With this training it is necessary to encourage the pet after each successful execution of the task.

Conditioned reflexes reinforced by mechanical effects and the promotion of a tasty treat. Motivation puppy should occupy an important place in training.

Organization of studies

When training dogs on the street do not engage with him more than two hours. It is important to keep old skills, before embarking on the study of new. Be sure to take short breaks between classes, to not overwork your pet. Learn how to use the long and short leashes. After that it is possible to train pet without a leash.

To training happened as well, stock up on all the necessary tools and equipment, including strict and regular collars, leashes, muzzles, and other items.

Be sure to stock up on delicious food that will be used as a thanksgiving for the good work.

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