Rabbit Dachshund breed profile

One of the smallest representatives of the hunting breed – rabbit Dachshund. It was specifically bred to hunt rabbits. She has excellent hunting character, but her habits are the same as other dwarf breeds.

In order to bring such varieties of Dachshund, brought the toy Terrier and miniature Pinscher.

Previously, the rabbit Dachshund was originally used to help hunters. It was used for hunting the hare or rabbit, but over time it became exclusively a pet, like many other breeds.

Rabbit Dachshund: features

One of the oldest breeds of dogs is to call this dog. Proof of this are the remains of animals that were found in Egypt, Greece and Rome. But the historical homeland taks recognized Germany. Large hunting dog was used to herd the animals. Small varieties only worked in the hole (underground).

To date there is no evidence that they planned to breed in ancient times. It is believed that the fee is exclusively native species. In the XIX century there was an urgent need for breeding this dog. At that time the dogs were sent for import and export. At the same time was born the first standard is the perfect dog. Over time, the description of the breed was corrected repeatedly. By the time when the first artificial hole has been changes in the standardization of fees.

Then taxes were put to a severe test and were trained to work with a Fox or a badger. With the development of the breed, were the breeders, who identified the need in the removal of small breeds – many dogs do not climb into holes and died. Then gradually brought a dwarf Dachshund. Over time, little long, agile dog was fascinated by urban residents. Since then, the rabbit Dachshund often live in apartment buildings, rather than go on the hunt.

Rabbit Dachshund: description of breed

To breed a rabbit-the taxi is attributed to her size. The breed is recognized as one of the smallest. Since the main purpose of a dog is hunting a rabbit, one should not say that it is not capable to work with dangerous animals. The rabbit is one of those representatives that deals powerful blows to the chest. That’s why rabbit dachshunds massive chest compared to other options.

All dogs, regardless of age, growth and size, correspond to the established specifications and standards. It should be noted that pet cannot be heavy or light. His physique should be folded harmoniously. Muscles must be developed, but not flat.


The joints in a dog of this variety is large and strong. The rabbit Dachshund is abouttwainy, smart, perceptive and cunning friend and hunter. The size of an adult dog at the age of six years are evaluated on growth, weight and chest circumference. It should be noted that the height and girth of the chest should be proportionate. No more than thirty centimeters both their growth and girth. The weight of the dog may be at the level of 2.5–3 kilograms.

Rabbit Dachshund: appearance and standard

One of the small hunting dogs, rabbit Dachshund has clear criteria for its breeding. She often wins prizes at exhibitions of beauty for dogs.

So if you want to buy a purebred puppy, you should focus on the following parameters:

  1. The dog must have squat form.
  2. Short legs on all sides.
  3. It has a stretched and muscular body.
  4. The expression is attentive and intelligent.
  5. The dog is always active and plastic.
  6. The dog’s weight must not exceed 3.5 kg.
  7. Bust is up to 30 cm.
  8. Growth may vary from 15 cm to 30 cm.
  9. The dog’s head elongated, the muzzle is long, massive.

The behaviour of such dogs include the following characteristics. She’s friendly, even-tempered, not shown aggression. During nature walks and hunting it shows the playfulness, passion, ingenuity and flair of the hunter.

Rabbit Dachshund and not only is conventionally divided into three types.

  1. Smooth-haired rabbit Dachshund. It has a dense and wiry coat. Wool is making a close and tight to the body. Standard, can include several types of color. The first is a solid color. It is found in red or sand color. The second is two-tone. It has a brown, black, red colors. Third – spotted. Quite rare in dark shades with spots of beige or gray.
  2. Long-haired rabbit Dachshund. Is elongated in the area of the throat and body hair. Smooth and dense coat fits tightly to the body. The undercoat is soft and well developed. On the ears of the animal is present fringe. In addition, on the back of the legs are feathered. On the tail is visible dewlap.
  3. Wire-haired rabbit Dachshund. Has a beard, mustache and bushy eyebrows. The hair on many areas of the body thick, but wiry. The undercoat of the dog is well developed. Standard dogs may include boar color. In rare cases, you can see the color of dry leaves.
Rabbit Dachshund: a detailed description of breed

First heard the name of the breed, you might think that the dog is of small size and weak. But it is not so, tax has folded muscle. All dogs of this breed, longhaired including smart and intelligent.

The important thing is the upbringing of the dog. Animal refers to those breeds that do not tolerate rude attitude. If it is wrong to educate Dachshund rabbit, it will grow stubborn, unruly pet. It will always be you bitch and behave arrogantly. But regardless, education, taxes always have a sense of humor, you can develop many different breeds.

It should be noted that they are smart and independent, trainable. To train a long-haired Dachshund you can own, showing patience and a little peace of mind.

The features of the breed it is worth noting the best quality in the form of another. Its mere presence can lighten the mood.

Long-haired and smooth-haired Dachshund: description

Despite the small increase, the dog is brave and bold. Seeing how it manifests itself, you wouldn’t believe that so much energy can fit in the taxi. From the first day the puppy will show activity and he will not lose even in the age of an old dog. He’s fast and smart. It can memorize the basic commands from the second time, which adds to its advantages.


But it is worth noting that the owner of the puppy may initially think his dog is special and unique. But after two months to see how is she going to chew the furniture, drag things from place to place, dig tunnels. It may even seem that sweet and obedient dog was possessed by a demon. He can sleep and destroy, and so day by day. But it is worth noting that the basic pros and cons of the breed can be seen when walking.

If the dog has a permanent paddock for two or even three hours, no neposlushaniya you will not see. He can eat, walk, play and sleep. To foster a Dachshund, you need to deal with it day by day. In addition to walking in the fresh air, the dog needs to toys. Rubber balls and sticks should be plenty. A key feature of it is activity. So if it is not to play, the dog will go rampant.

This kind of rock is itself in the family as rightful owner. But it is, on the one hand, good. After all, to protect Dachshund rabbit you perfectly. But on the other hand, over time, if not to be engaged in training and upbringing, the fee can show his “I” and then the head of the family all his team will have little room in the house. The animal in the right moment must be put in place!

To the children she treats gently and takes on the role of guardian. If you are walking with a child in the Park, the dog will always look after the baby. And if someone approach it, the animal will show its character. He may growl or bark, in special cases, even bite.

An important moment in the education of the animal is accustomed to a leash. This breed is prone to wandering. Therefore it is not necessary to give slack and release the family pet. Sparkle, the rate may escape to nowhere, and if you run away then can’t find the way back.

Tip: if you live in a private house, then watch carefully for the dog. Rabbit dachshunds tend to dig and dig. So don’t be surprised if you have holes or pet accidentally dig up the garden in the wrong place.

Most people consider rabbit breed, such as decorative, which should only live in the apartment. But in fact with proper teaching and training, to a dog, you can safely go on the hunt. If you want a dog that will be with you to spend a long time on the couch, you should withdraw from the purchase fees. The breed demands attention, speed and regular walks.

Training a dog for hunting lasts approximately four months. Start to train your pet from an early age. The puppy is capable of learning basic commands. After training basic commands, Tux sent to the landfill. There she can work under ground and be trained in the art of pasture, the beast out of the hole. To date, the handlers are not engaged in rutting animals, there is no need.

Care and maintenance of the rabbit dachshunds

In that case, if you are planning to get a puppy rabbit breed it is useful to know how to care for it.

  1. The first thing to do is to prepare a apartment for the arrival of a new pet. You should be prepared litter. Today there are special beds or houses with special trim, which protects pet from drafts.
  2. Important moment of the maintenance fees is feeding. Best to buy a special tapered bowl. Around the place for food in order to lay a rubber Mat, which in the future will be easier to wash.
  3. In order to reduce the tendency of taxes to the ingestion of food, put a small ball in the bowl. This method will help to protect the puppy from hiccups and overeating.
  4. Regardless of the type of coat is going through a moult annually. Moulting takes place twice a year. Short-haired dachshunds need to be sure to comb out. Wire-haired and long-haired breeds should be brushed to remove all the undercoat.
  5. To bathe your pet need no more than two times per year. After the walk be sure to wash the paws. And in order to protect the body of a Dachshund from the damp weather, I’ll wear a raincoat. Worth buying a few sets of clothes, as dachshunds are prone to freezing. It is useful to have for each season for a few sets.

Daily Dachshund owner should perform the following manipulations:

  • Examination of the ears. If necessary, cleaning.
  • Examination of the eye. Dachshunds are prone to conjunctivitis, so it is necessary to detect discharge or redness of eyes.
  • Examination of the nose. In a healthy animal, the nose clean, moist. It has no cracks and seals.
  • Examination of the oral cavity. Teeth and gums should be cleaned to prevent Tartar buildup. Older dogs are prone to periodontal disease. In case of detection of this disease, you need to go to the vet for further treatment.
  • Obstriganie claws held on to their growth. After sostegaria, nails should be filed.
  • Pillow paws should not have seals, cuts or cracks.
  • Be sure to inspect daily the dog to detect ticks. The constant walking in nature gives no guarantees.

Like any other dog, the rabbit Dachshund small age must be vaccinated several times. Annual dog undergoes a routine vaccination against rabies and other diseases. For the vaccination schedule must follow every dog owner. Once a quarter the dog must be treated with anthelmintic drugs. In addition, once a month is recommended to treat the dog from insects.

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