Raising puppies

You gave a puppy, and you don’t know how to find common language with him. First make sure that all the shots he made, he can eat, taught him to understand that is the concept of place.

You need to teach him to go to the toilet in one place, cannot wait to visit the streets. Most importantly – remember that a pet need to love and to be patient. Believe me, he will thank you in the future.

If you have the first puppy, remember – not worth it, regretting it the first night without mom, to give him a place in your bed! The first night will result in a nightly joint pastime. And if you have a Sheepdog? Or dog? Yes, even a Doberman.

But if Moscow watchdog. Presented, was horrified and gave up. Believe me – you have already shown the kid who’s boss. But do not forget that puppies need to have a place that needs it like. Because there is a sense when buying, ask the appendage – thing with the smell of the mother. The familiar smell best other will help your pet to endure the stress of the change of residence. If you have purchased the baby from 3 to 6 months – be careful with him! He begins to change his teeth and because it is highly susceptible to the threat of getting sick. Because I do not recommend at this time, for example, to stop the ears or cut the tail (don’t be surprised, other dogs and so have to move).

Newly acquired puppy, always trying to be the boss in your family. Your task is not to indulge it. Because if he tries to steal food, it should be punished. Similarly, it is necessary to scold, if after walking on the street, he will give you another puddle. The Council need to be punished immediately after the crime, because otherwise he just didn’t know what fell out of favor. The younger the body requires food, because the food must be balanced and nutritious.

Don’t hesitate to find out from your regular vet what kind of vitamins, dry food, supplements need the puppy exactly you are interested in the breed. Meals should be frequent, up to 8 times a day with a gradual decrease in the number of times of eating. Trips must be exhausting, and stimulating, good for him. So you can avoid set excessive weight gain, which can cause the development of dysplasia in dogs. If dysplasia is the destruction of joint tissue in dogs. The dog begins to limp. To determine the correct diagnosis you need to go to the vet.

For example, Dobermans are the majority of almost 100% choleric, they need to move a lot, because the movement should be the primary on the walk. They will run to that directly fall from the paws, and only then, consider yourself done set rate of movement. In large dogs (for example, bull-Mastiff, Bordeaux Mastiff) is weakened hind legs, because the task of the owner to move a lot with your pet to strengthen them. Clubs explain what age is better to get pet and how often you can do it. For example, my Bokeria admitted to the first mating during the second heat, she was 1 year and 8 months.

She was a bad mother, crushed the firstborn, and all the puppies grew up under mother’s warm side. Feeding 2 member families working together – one was caught and felled to the side shiftless mother, and the second was attached to your nipples kids. Therefore, from early dates had to feed the entire litter. Tails docked on the 2nd day, denounced in a month, uncropped ears – has new owners. You have to be careful with the onset of sexual activity in males. I know a case where a Doberman unleashed in 1.5 years and he felt the master of life, began to rush to the people. Kind and witty, but you carried a pile of muscles, and go figure, it was a joke, and not intent. And most importantly – trust yourself and your dog. And you will succeed! Not for nothing that says the only love you can buy for the money is the love of a dog!

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