Russian black Terrier particular breed

The black Russian Terrier is popularly called “a dog of Stalin.” All because this service breed of dog was bred in the Soviet Union in the second half of the XX century in the kennel “Red star” on special order of Stalin.

Nowadays dogs of this breed can be kept at home, but means the availability of sufficient physical activity.

Terrier is a dog of above medium size, undemanding to care for her

Description of the breed

Terrier is a dog of above medium size, undemanding to care for her. This breed has a high immunity, so black dogs are rarely subject to colds. They respond well to training and require physical exertion, as the black Terrier breed was created to guard service

This dog is not born to constantly be on a leash. Her need to communicate with family. But we should remember that a pet suitable for experienced owners, because if the dog is socialized enough as a child, she may show aggression to others.

This breed of dog has a dense and coarse coat, there is a decorative hair that gives the appearance of a beard and mustache

It is a large athletically built breed, well muscled and average growth of 71 see the Characteristic large head with rounded cheeks. Eyebrows are not visible, but the forehead is flat. Decorative hair is well developed and creates eyebrows, mustache and beard. Ears the standard form (the triangle) hanging on the cartilage, but are highly. Oval eyes are of medium size.

Dogs have 42 teeth, large and white, are adjacent to each other in a dense set. The length of the neck and head are equal, the neck has a well-developed musculature. The chest is broad with convex edges. The withers are long. Back straight and have strong muscles. The tail is thick at the base, set high. Paws are round and dark claws.

This breed of dog has a dense and coarse coat, there is a decorative hair that gives the appearance of a beard and mustache. Color black, but may have some gray hair. Movement of dogs loose and energetic. Usually black Terrier moves at a gallop or trot. Due to the strong thrust of the hind paws dog makes big jumps.

The cost of a puppy black Russian Terrier (BRT)

As breed Russian black Terrier utility-guard, and the nature of it is appropriate. The dog needs to be socialized to not behave aggressively. For such species it is better to purchase a puppy.

Price ranges:

  1. To 10000 rubles. Puppies slightly like black Terrier, or, what is worse, sick puppies, the treatment of which costs a lot. Such babies usually do not have documents, and in this regard to prove their belonging to this breed difficult.
  2. 10000-15000 RUB These puppies have a much stronger like Blackie the dog. But this fact does not guarantee that such a puppy will grow directly the dog that meets the requirements. As in the first case, documents they have.
  3. 15000-18000 RUB For this price you can find puppy black Terrier average quality. Pedigree dogs are usually there, but in exhibitions with them not to participate. It will be a simple dog that does not have this character of Blackie, but at least black Terrier.
  4. 20000-25000 rubles. In this price range we can talk about this Russian black Terrier. For 20 thousand you can find the exhibition a puppy with good health, balanced mind and character.
  5. From 35,000 rubles and above. These puppies grow black Terriers, conquering the hearts of all the visitors and jury at the shows.

The price of puppies depends on the pedigree, health and titles of the parents, breeding, feed etc.

If the dog has no pedigree, officially she is considered a mongrel. But pedigree gives the dog’s purebred status. The document can be fixed in the Russian cynological Federation. With him, the owners are given the opportunity to participate in all international exhibitions. But there are other, independent organizations that give the dogs a piece of paper about the presence of purebred ancestors. However, the chances of stumbling on the Scam.

Features of breed Russian black Terrier

The health of the puppy is an important factor when pricing. Real Russian black Terriers have a good health and high immunity, so you need to see the documents of the puppy’s parents, confirming the absence of diseases, including genetic.

Signs of illness in puppies in 5-6 months and if not noticed in time, the dog may be disabled. If one of the parents of the puppy there is no certificate on the audit, the price is greatly reduced. This purchase is accompanied by greater risk.

Another factor – the titles of mom and dad of the puppy. If parents visit exhibitions, take place there and take the prizes, then it says a lot about their data, and this means that they will have offspring with the same outstanding.

Method binding strongly influences the price. If the puppies turned out thanks to a trip to a good dog, then their price will be much higher than the result of local mating. As for the food, puppy black Terrier eating meat and dairy products, worth much more than the one fed only dry food.

The nature of the dog

Initially the “Stalin’s dog” was bred as a utility-watchdog, so these traits inherent in her genetic level. It is careful and brave dog who, despite their purpose, do not show hostility. They are the owners of a great reaction and can be a good watchdog.

The voice of black Russian Terriers can be heard only in exceptional cases. The nature of their power, and therefore the host should be experienced and confident. BRT can get along with other Pets, however, do not get along with the same strong and dominant dog.

A very important socialization of dogs from puppyhood. If this factor is not to pay proper attention, dogs can show aggression to strangers. If the dog grow up and have children, they will be quite good.

Russian black Terrier, the nature of which is characterized by a desire to dominate, easily trained and is loyal to its master. He adapts well to different conditions and in case of danger takes a defensive position. It is freely controlled dog despite her dominant nature.

Dogs of this breed are characterized by a developed intellect. Black Terriers catch the mood of his master, and if the latter is upset or angry, your pet will not get in the way. And when the owner of a good mood, the dog will rely on increased attention.

It is important to give Blackie needed exercise. Useful dog swimming, ball game or a long walk. Exercise improves cardiovascular system, strengthens bones, controls weight, reduces aggression. And this is just a small list of useful results from the physical activity of dogs.

Proper nutrition

BRT is a powerful and physically well-developed breed, but food should not consist exclusively of meat. In the list of products for the animal must include: meat, seafood (fish), fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, bread.

It is also allowed to give dry food, but you need to follow some rules:

  • food should choose, taking into account the age, weight, and energy expenditure of the animal;
  • you cannot mix food of several varieties;
  • do not give food for adult Terriers are small and Vice versa;
  • not to mix food with cooked food;
  • a bowl of drink should always stand at the limit of visibility.

And here are the forbidden chocolate, smoked products and products of fast preparation. It is also not recommended to offer the dog the bacon and pork, cooked or bones, legumes, and cereals, potatoes in any form, river fish, barley, and barley.

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Puppies should be fed small portions. Uneaten food should be removed and the next time portion to be reduced. If the dog is long does not depart from the bowls and carefully licks her, it is better amount of food to increase. In a separate bowl, the animal must be fresh water.

Caring for animals

The black Terrier has thick long hair, and this means that care is required. Accustomed to combing and grooming the dogs need from puppyhood to Pets realized that it was a mandatory process, and did not resist.

Haircut black dogs has its own characteristics. Dog black Russian Terrier after grooming looks accordingly to its purpose – strong and arrogant. To achieve this effect, leave long hair on the legs and the face. Haircut usually allocates a large dog’s head, flat forehead and a strong neck.

To pet had a well-groomed appearance, you need to wash and cut “the coat”, clean eye, tooth cavity, ear canal, to remove matted hair between the toes and clip the nails. BRT has no characteristic odor and their coat doesn’t shed. But despite this, grooming for dogs is a must care.

Problem black Terriers are considered a beard and mustache. After each meal they should be clean and combed. Do not leave decorative hair wet, as there is a risk of catching a fungal infection. Every day, owners should check their pet’s eyes, to see the places where the wool can substantially tangle – behind the ears, elbows, under the collar.

Must weekly inspect the ears. Often it happens that the wool in the ear passage blocks access to the air. Unwanted vegetation should be cut out with scissors. Once a month you need to cut the Terrier’s nails to the blood channel is not lengthened to cause the animal pain when a subsequent nail trimming.

Health the black Russian Terrier

The black Terrier has a good health and a stronger immune system. The life expectancy of these dogs is from 9 to 14 years.

However, Pets often have diseases such as:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • elbow dysplasia;
  • eye diseases: conjunctivitis, entropion;
  • ear diseases: otitis media, inflammation;
  • fungal diseases.

To prevent most of these diseases need to properly care for your pet by following all the instructions.

It is necessary to give the dog as much attention as possible, otherwise she will feel inferiority and untruthfulness relationship that will become a negative in education.

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