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The Pomeranian is a dwarf breed of dog. From birth a baby is endowed with cheerfulness, curiosity, affection and playfulness. Fit this breed to those who for various reasons, often or permanently, is or is working from home.

Because the orange is categorically not tolerate long loneliness, workaholics make it not recommended. They will fit a cat.

However, if it was decided that no one except the Pomeranian, is not necessary, you should know – for a pet of this breed requires regular and thorough, which is quite easy care. Under care means: proucevanje to the place, food, bathing orange, cleaning his ears, teeth, fur, clipping claws, vaccinating against various diseases, and, of course, walking the puppy with various toys and games.

The arrangement of personal space orange

Before the house there will be a new tenant, it requires to equip his or her personal living area. Of course, not the fact that the child will immediately understand – it needs to rest there, but its place a puppy should be. Bed should be comfortable, with soft sides, so the dog was comfortable.

Places not suitable for sleeping place:

  • areas with drafts;
  • the space in immediate proximity to the radiators.

Contraindicated dog sleep in the bed of the owner. Because of her small stature, there is a risk of injury “Rahmatulla”.

Particular care
The feeding Spitz

Proper feeding is paramount for the growth of the puppy. To orange, there was no interruption with the digestion of food, he did not lose mobility, coat well-groomed and thick, you need to attend to proper, balanced nutrition. This is very important!

If the preference is given to dry food, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations on the box, which are painted standards, taking into account the weight of the puppy. Since 1 year a dog can begin to lure food for Mature dogs. And once they reach 7-8 years to give food, as the elderly.

If a dry food contains protein is less than 30%, it will be a bad choice for a pet. Protein or protein substances, which are the basis of normal development of the body orange. Moreover, in the feed must be present both types of proteins: plant and animal, found in meat, fish, liver, organ meats. Dry food should also be rich in vitamins A and B.

Supporters of feeding a natural diet, you should heed the following advice given by experienced handlers:

  • To feed the pet should be only warm food.
  • The water in the bowl of a Spitz should be changed daily, or at least not less than 1 time every 3 days.
  • Not orange feed: fatty, sweet, smoked meats, sausage, fried and salty foods.
  • You should not overfeed a puppy and milk. To give it is possible only in very small quantities. Better to give preference to dairy products, is absorbed much easier.
  • The puppy or adult pet didn’t suffer from bloating, you should not feed him beans and to give fresh cabbage. Sauerkraut is allowed.

When feeding the puppy should constantly monitor the behavior of the Spitz and in what physical condition he is. If the puppy remains active and alert, so, with the amount of food is all right. If after feeding the pet a long time licking the bowl, so he remained hungry and should slightly increase amount of food. But if she remains in the bowl, on the contrary, to reduce.

The owner of crumbs – Spitz should always remember about the inadmissibility of overfeeding dogs!

Approximate feeding schedule Spitz as follows:

  • at the age of 8 weeks – feeding is carried out 6 times;
  • at the age of 4 months old – feed 4 times;
  • on reaching 8 months to 3 feeding a day;
  • feeding an adult dog is performed 1-2 times a day.

For a change of diet can be cooked for pet scrambled to treat him with dried apricots and prunes in a small amount.

Intending to make, or happy owners of Spitz should know to replace natural food prepared feed mixtures much easier than to translate a dog with feed on natural food. Puppies that were fed dry feed, as adults, often refuse from natural products.

To avoid this from happening, it is best when leaving the house, leave a bowl of pet dry food, and in return, removing it from the bowl, pampered pet meat (cooked and raw frozen), cottage cheese, vegetables, a variety of cooked offal, fruit.

You should know when food is selected and given preference for dry or natural food, do not then change it to another without the need.

And you should also remember about the undesirability of excess vitamins or mineral supplements in the puppy’s diet, unless prescribed by a veterinarian. The presence in food of excess quantities of biologically active substances can provoke various diseases.

Vitamins and vaccinations, as a way to care for Pomeranian

If the dog food consists of a high quality comprehensive feed this will have a beneficial impact on the appearance of the dog, condition of the teeth and a wool cover. In this case, to Supplement food supplements is required.

However, in the life of a dog there comes a time when it will need the support of the body using a variety of vitamin complexes. Such periods usually are the pregnancy, the time of moulting, or change of teeth, as well as the postoperative recovery period or illness. However, even in this case, contraindicated choice of vitamins for dogs at the discretion of the owner. Be sure to consult a veterinarian, otherwise the result of a wrong choice could be the onset of more serious consequences.

Like any other animal, the Pomeranian must be periodically vaccinated. It is recommended to vaccinate the animal with the same frequency. The reason for the transfer procedure can serve as is only the indisposition of the animal.

To instill a Pomeranian, should polyvalent vaccines for preventing plague, rabies, hepatitis, and other misfortunes. To vaccinate an animal only in a veterinary clinic.

Proucevanje to the tray

In case if once the window frosty, or maybe too lazy to walk the orange, from childhood to accustom him to the tray. This process is lengthy, requiring patience. In the first days of the puppy in the house, he should be a Prime objective of the owner.

Start to accustom to the tray can before moving puppy. For this you need to ask the breeder from whom the dog lives yet, “mark” with urine puppy disposable diapers. When the puppy will move, no need to put it on the inspection of the entire apartment, and should be releasing to the room with the expansion of “labeled” diapers. For several days have to endure the inconvenience due to the large number of diapers, but it’s worth it.

One removing the diaper, you need to slightly pee is clean so the smell remained. The goal is a gradual reduction in dirty diapers. In the end, must remain in the place of permanent accommodation of the tray. After review of the puppy will be open to the whole apartment, you should notice the place where he is most often spread out of the diaper. It may happen that an excited puppy altogether forgotten about the tray or will not have time to run.

You need to praise your puppy for urinating purposes on the diaper.

Spitz dogs often have a problem – the “raised paw”. Owners whose boy does not want to go in the tray is tagged with sofas or chairs, will have to limit the boundaries of space, together with the attachment of the diaper to the wall.

If you are going to purchase a puppy, you need to release some of its days to learn how to care for Pomeranian, to accustom him to the tray and to help adapt. You should not shift this responsibility to another member of the family, of course, if you want to live in a clean apartment.

Grooming Spitz

Watching Spitz, you can see a pattern: the better the wool, the thicker and longer it becomes the undercoat. However, to coat the dogs was amazing for her to properly care for. Spitz skin is dry, so frequent bathing, it is contraindicated. Besides grooming the dog give it scratching, not the frequency of water procedures.

Bathe the orange should be no more than 1 time per month. The best would be to carry out bathing 1 time per 2 or 3 months. Bathing during molting is strictly contraindicated, so as not to turn the wool dog in the wavy and too soft.

Bathing the pet should be phased

  • Before bathing the coat of the Pomeranian should be brushed to get rid of matted shreds. Before washing, the obligatory long walk to the bathroom, he stood quietly. Ears need to be protected with a cotton swab.
  • Pouring in a ladle a little water should be mixed with a small amount of shampoo. To wet hair with water. Wet a sponge in soapy water, begin to wash the pet in the course of hair growth. Then wash off the soap with. Then treat hair balm, suitable also air conditioning, which after a while should also wash away.
  • For drying you can use both to special and to use a conventional dryer. You need to dry the pieces out. Drying must start with legs, then hips, and then back.

For drying Spitz using hair dryer have how to naturally undercoat dry completely only a day. This time is sufficient to wet the puppy managed to catch a cold. In addition, on the wet undercoat quickly develop bacteria and fungus.

Cleaning ears

To clean the ears Pomeranian often need. The procedure is not complicated and takes little time. However, it is possible to avoid serious illnesses and complications. Ears orange is very delicate and often they are the first to suffer from various infectious pathogens, therefore, to observe regular hygiene is so important.

If the ears are clean, pink color, it will be sufficient once a week to clean them of the accumulated secret with a cotton swab or cloth. When conducting manipulation requires increased caution.

In the process, if necessary, you can do removing hairs in ears. It’s a simple procedure carried out by the hands of the owner, it is absolutely painless for the pet. In case if you noticed an increased need dogs to scratch, accompanied by swelling or redness of the ears and the allocation unusual color and consistency of secretions, you should contact the vet who, after examination, prescribe appropriate medication. These symptoms may indicate infection or infection with mites.

Eye care a Pomeranian

Spitz, like most dogs, is characteristic of tearing, leading to the appearance of the tear tracks, which is especially noticeable in dogs with light fur. The cause of the epiphora can be wool, all the time aiming to get into the eyes, or the dust, because the growth of a small Spitz.

Cause tears can and poor diet, and genetic data, and can be affected by season. If you do not monitor the condition of the eye of Spitz, the allocation will easily turn into conjunctivitis.

Care teeth Spitz

Teeth the puppy, like all dogs, need regular care. Otherwise, even being still young, the dog can lose teeth. To avoid this, at least 3-4 times a week, using a special paste for dogs, brush your teeth pet. The paste to the teeth poses no risk if ingested. After cleaning it dog teeth rinsing are not required.

Often the paste has a meat taste so popular with the dogs. To clean convenient to use brush for small breeds. During cleaning, the brush must walk and the teeth and gums. Once a year is recommended to go to a clinic for a full teeth cleaning with ultrasound.

Remember! The use of different kinds of seed, pills and sprays will not replace brushing.

Care for dogs – grooming claws

Orange as a puppy and adult, is required to care for claws and their trimming. This hygiene can be done with special pliers. The procedure is simple, however, require skills and knowledge about the structure of the claw.

Trimming nails light breeds Spitz presents no difficulties. To implement need to be comfortable, providing the area in front of a good light. Paw need to keep in front of the light source so that to see the pulp inside the claw. Biting off the edges of the claw, you should try not to damage soft tissue.

Spitz with a dark color, the pulp is easier to see by flipping the dog on his back and looking at the underside of the claw. Here you will see the horn from the tip of the claw and pulp, some are not reaching to the edge of the claw. In this piece, where not reached the pulp and should be removed.

If for any reason the pulp was still hurt, the wound should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle with powdered soap. To the claws was not stratified, after otrigine, their edges should be trimmed, using a nail file.

Below the foot is not deformed , you should not allow the excessive length of the claw. Significant regrowth of the claws can also cause complicated movements of dogs, and increased risk of injury, claw and finger.

Prevention of parasites

While walking, when in contact with other dogs to the pet can migrate different animals in the form of fleas, ear mites and other. Since the end of February and throughout the summer spotted much activity lice and fleas and also ticks with blasedale. Presenting a danger to themselves on their own, they can also be carriers of various unpleasant and even life-threatening pet diseases.

To understand what the dog was infected with worms, it’s hard. Therefore, in order not to wonder, should every six months to prevent and the dog, and everyone living in the house. To determine the exact dose for a puppy, you should know how much weight your pet and based on this calculate the dose of medication.

First time at the puppy age 1-2 months, and antihelminthic activities conducted by the breeder. At this event against family and pet is sufficient to carry out 1 time in half a year.

For external protection dogs, there are different methods:

  • You can handle the fur of the Spitz spray of parasites. It is valid for 3 months. Spraying the composition follows throughout the dog’s body evenly. Special attention should be given to the dense undercoat. However, it must be done avoiding overdose of the drug, alisasis which the puppy can get poisoned.
  • You can use the drops on the withers. Thanks to them the dogs protected within 1 month. To rid puppy from fleas and lice are tenacious, you have to stroke hair, to drip to the roots of the hair, and better skin. After soaking, it will be in the blood, which sucked the parasites won’t even have a chance to survive. After the procedure, it is recommended to bathe the dog or walking with her in the rain.
  • You can use a good dog shampoo. Redeems him as a pet, you can forget about the pests of the day for 10. By the way, it has added substances that are beneficial to the fur and skin of the dog.
Walks and toys

Smallest dog you should not go for a walk until they are received all due vaccinations and sustained a 10-day quarantine.

The first walk should not differ by duration, the puppy is contraindicated tired. Over time, the walk can be done longer. For exploring the area , you should choose a quiet place where the puppy will be nothing to scare. Horizons can gradually be expanded.

For walking Spitz need to purchase a thin leash with a collar. The collar should be soft. Tighten it to avoid tangles, it is not much. Under no circumstances attempt the descent and ascent of the stairs puppy under 6 months of age. This may cause deformation of the ligaments and joints of the dog.

Relegate pet outside, then you can ensure its complete freedom. At meetings with more large breeds of dogs, the crossing of the road and when visiting crowded places, the dog, for her and your peace of mind, better to hold.

The duration range of the grown puppy should be from 1 to 1.5 hours 3 times a day.

Toys for Pomeranian preferred latex. Anything that can break, split, tear. Anything small, so the puppy does not choke.

Do not buy your puppy from a lot of toys. Like any other child they may soon get bored. Those toys that are tired, you can hide and surprise their baby is a few weeks. They interested him not less than a new one.

If the puppy was fascinated by the bone of living, we need to make sure he didn’t leave her little stub, which after swallowing, he can choke. It is better to throw away!

Education grown-up dog

Grown Spitz is already familiar with the basic commands that he taught the breeder, and then secured host. However, raising a pet is not terminated, otherwise it will cease to obey. Command must be repeated regularly, without raising her voice. The cry in this case will give nothing. Moreover, the dog may refuse the execution of orders.

If the dog does not have enough communication with the affection, its nature, can deteriorate, becoming grouchy or angry.

If the dog’s behavior is obsession, you can ignore the pet. While visual contact should not. All other behavior of the owner, the pet will take over the game.

For the good deeds Spitz definitely need to praise, encourage what he likes. Over time, the clever orange realized what was required of him, and how you need to do.

If the problem can not be solved independently, you need to contact an experienced dog handler or to go to a special “school of obedience”, which teaches proper education of the pet.

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