Haircut York at home: how to cut

Cute and funny pet with an amazing hairstyle is a Yorkshire Terrier. Before buying a puppy York should know that by nature this breed of dog long hair that needs constant care.

If not to cut the pet, the coat will drag on the ground and sweep the dirt and dust. Today, the owner of York there are two ways of solving the problems with hair – this haircut in the salon or with your own hands at home.

York grooming at home: tools and options for haircuts

Before you answer the question, how to cut York, you have to understand that you will need for this procedure. Grooming an animal includes comprehensive care. It’s hair, combing and obstriganie claws.

In order to do this independently, need a lot of things to buy.

  1. Professional scissors for grooming. Yorkshire Terriers are different and, accordingly, wool they can grow rapidly and poorly. Depending on the version of clipper you will need scissors different size. It can be straight, curved scissors. They are necessary for the clearance flanks, tail and paws. To place trimming around eyes, ears and fingertips, you will need a small scissors with round ends. In addition, for the final stage will need thinning shears.
  2. Special clipper dogs necessary to produce high quality haircuts. You need a machine with different nozzles and interchangeable hair. In order to shear wool from the muzzle and in the anal area, you need a special narrow knife and trimmer. Many models of cars contain a trimmer. If not, it must be purchased separately. Machines can be supplied with plastic nozzles. It is not recommended to use clippers, they deteriorate the quality of the work, and the wool they ever get stuck. And it is not recommended to use the clippers man, they are not suitable for these purposes.
  3. Mat flooring for a dog. It should have anti-slip effect. Ideal rubber Mat.
  4. Guillotine, tweezers and nail file necessary to trim the claws.
  5. Contunies.

For the dog owner is advised to have a gown made of natural fabrics. Synthetic thing will be to attract hair. It is recommended that before shearing to wash the dog. After the haircut wash the hair that has accumulated around. Cut off needed during the growth of wool.

How to cut the York: options haircuts

The standard version is an obligatory haircut, which is performed for dogs that participate in the exhibitions. To hygienic haircut is edging thinning shears. If you plan to participate in the exhibition, revealing the haircut is better left to a professional. Once you’re sure you know how to cut York you can perform this procedure yourself at home.

In that case, if the dog is a common pet, then choose a hairstyle is not difficult. You will be able to consider a lot of options to pick for dog perfect image, which will emphasize all its advantages. It is worth noting that the York coat will grow throughout life. So to learn this skill is a must.

To standard haircuts should include:

  • pants;
  • bell.

In order to fulfill them we need to start a progress machine. The body and tail is processed with the help of machines. Afterwards, take the scissors and cut off the face short. You should get a cap. The end of the tail are best made with a broom or brush. Once you begin to level length, then you have come the pants. Bell is running well, but on the feet additionally cut the top two thirds of the total length.

To perform the most simple – hygienic clipper you need to spend your time every two weeks. At the time of registration of the dog, sostikuemsa the hair in the groin area. Further, on the top of the ears, around the eyes and on the feet. Do not forget that you need to cut in the armpit. Gently small scissors cut the anus and all the area around it. In the ear canal, the hair is removed by the trimmer.

Tip: to perform a unique haircut as a little puppy need to rebuke the length around the perimeter up to two inches

As classic haircuts the overall length will shorten and doing the edging. On the face can leave different lengths.

For girls-Yorkies make the cut “skirt”. In this embodiment, the back and sides are cut short. On the belly, the tail, leave a bit of wool. On the head leaving the bangs and around cut short. Summer haircut performed according to the type of pants. But the hair on the legs sostikuemsa to the desired length. One of the popular haircuts – French braid, running short on all parts of the body. On the back of the left tape, which is to last till the nape of the tail. Of the tape skilled owners braids braids and spikes, thus further decorate their Pets.

To cut York the building: face and ears

York cut is easy, the only thing that is accurate to work – it’s muzzle and ears. Those areas of the body that require more time and creativity to work. The complexity in the design of the muzzle there is, after all, you will need to achieve a rounded silhouette. Thus it is necessary to observe the asymmetries. But after a while, a little practice, you will have to go process much faster.

In order to properly trimming the ear part and not to damage the dog need to stick to the basic progress of the work.

  1. Scissors with blunt ends need to perform edging of the ear. You need to get a clear angle. The remaining wool to be combed on both sides of the ear.
  2. The remaining hair from the top of the ear sostrigla with scissors or clippers. Need to cut from both sides in the course of hair growth.
  3. The inner side of right ear shorn, and external – in the form of a rhombus.
  4. From the ear removes the hair with the trimmer.

Puppies are recommended to be cut shorter, in order to perform the correct setting of ears. It is recommended to work with wet hair.

How to cut York at home: a master class

In order to cut York at home you will need scissors, comb, dog, typewriter and chalk.

  1. Comb the dog carefully and gently.
  2. Remove all the excess hairs, and if there are, then the mats. In that case, perform the procedure problematic, and will help chalk. Mash it and apply on hair. With a comb will remove any clumps. Dry the hair and on the back run the part.
  3. The ends of the trim haircuts using scissors. Cut them to desired length.
  4. The transition area from forehead to nose treat as well. After, brow line, forming a triangle.
  5. Under the tail using small scissors, remove some length. Proceed to the groin, legs and armpits. Recommended length haircuts in these areas no more than five millimeters.
  6. The chest part cut to the lower jaw. The tail, run any way you want.
  7. Proceed to the lugs. With the help of a trimmer or tweezers to remove excess hair in the ear passage. The hair on the ears obligate to visually turned Roman numeral five.
  8. Proceed to the processing of his ears with the clippers. For this loyal part of the ear make it shorter. And internal and external longer.
  9. The final stage is the alignment of edges using scissors. You should get a sharp corner.

Haircut York house – a rather difficult task. If you do not have enough time to conduct this procedure, it is best to seek help from a professional groomer.

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