The Australian Dingo

The dog’s tail densely pubescent and looks three-dimensional. Coat of a dog varies depending on climate. The typical color of the Dingo is reddish-brown but the colour of individuals may be in the range from white to black.

Meet Dingo, tiger colour, and even albinos. At the withers the dog reaches 48-58 cm, weight ranges from 23 to 32 kg, was formally record the mass of dingoes 55 kg.

Appearance the Dingo resembles an ordinary mutt, but it is absolutely a wild dog, with all the ensuing consequences. The breed is characterized by small erect ears with rounded tips.

In Australia the Dingo got into protomastro condition in late Pleistocene period along with the ancient people. After the delivery by the British in Australia pet rabbits and sheep, the Dingo population has increased dramatically. Dingoes have caused serious damage to livestock, resulting in the persecution of farmers. The breed is not officially recognized.

Communicate Dingo with whining and howling, they are more like wolves than domestic dogs. Australians often hear “singing” family Dingo, preparing for the hunt. Dingo avoided all contact with the person and seek an independent existence. They are categorically not suited for the role of Pets.

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  1. Australians often hear “singing” family Dingo, preparing for the hunt

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