The Hanoverian scenthound

The Hanover hound has a powerful physique and weight about 45 kg, which is above the average for the hound, with a maximum height of 61 cm Large broad head has high set ears, rounded at the ends.

From most hound breeds, the Hanoverian blood trail with a very broad chest and strong physique. The breed is characterized by red-red color (on the tips of the hair can black plaque) and the mask on the face.

The title is clear, that the Motherland of the breed located in Hannover (Upper Saxony). When you create a breed used the genetic material of the light breeds heavy Celtic hounds and blood hounds.

Before the hunt started with a deflated a leisurely pack of blood hounds, which accurately unravel the tangled traces, then in the course were more quick and easy dog. Currently, the Hanover hounds are popular for their great instincts.

Hanoverian hound on a blood trail is listed in the directory FCI. To get a dog of this breed should be only for the true hunter. Dog – a highly specialized professional. All of its excellent quality can only be achieved on the hunt. When the dog is peace-loving character with noble features, great endurance and patience.

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