The most beautiful and cute dog in the world

All dog lovers beautiful, cute and noble breed delight of his exterior. The dog, despite his appearance, whether it is big or small and harsh and like a plush toy, she will always be faithful and loyal friend to his master and will protect him from enemies.

Currently in the world there is a wide variety of dog breeds, each different in size and appearance and has its own fans.

Experienced breeders method of selection creating new breeds, with each breed has its purpose. For example, some have become excellent hunters, other lifeguards or security guards.

The most beautiful dog attracts the attention of others, cause a lot of positive emotions. Sometimes it may seem that they themselves feel their attraction and attention, and proudly let themselves enjoy.

All the most beautiful breeds of dogs are completely different settings:

  • size;
  • weight;
  • the density and length of hair;
  • the shape of the ears, tail and head;
  • character.

However, each breed is delightful in its own way.

The most beautiful of dogs can take part in various contests and competitions, which are held between cities and between countries around the world. Participants check the vets experts and breeders. For participation in competitions, the dog must be in good health and she needs to be trained. Such events come the audience and fooling around adorable dogs. This occupation for many people serves as a positive charge, reduces stress, helps to relax.

What do beautiful breeds of dogs?

Absolutely the most beautiful dogs in the world are distinguished by their loyalty to the owner, they are very cute and affectionate, and appreciate it very much animal lovers.

Regardless of what breed the dog is, it is shaggy or short hair, whether hanging from her ears or stick upright, relaxed or nimble – it will still be a loyal friend and helper to his master.

The dog was always in good spirits, the host must also give her the affection, care and love.

Let us consider each of the most beautiful dog breeds of the world:

  • Labrador Retriever;
  • German shepherd;
  • Husky;
  • The kuvasz;
  • Bullmastiff;
  • Bulldog;
  • St. Bernard;
  • Great Dane;
  • Doberman;
  • Dalmatian;
  • Yorkshire Terrier.
Labrador Retriever

Dogs of this breed love to chew and chew everything that gets in their way. This can be a problem for their owner. So to have such a pet, you should buy special toys that you can chew. Thus, it is possible to save the furniture, clothes and shoes from biting your pet.

When the owner of a Labrador returns home, the dog meets him definitely holding in the mouth an object. Despite the fact that the dog likes to bite everything around, it does so with extreme caution. Dogs of this breed have in your mouth is very sensitive receptors, if you give the pet egg, it can carry it to the destination, it does not learned about or breaking.

The animal is easy to train and if necessary, you can break him of biting all things around. A good watchdog or a guard Labrador difficult to call, but he will bark at strange sounds. But these dogs are very good natured and quickly get along even with strangers.

But the swimmer of the Labrador came out great. He has a waterproof coat that allows in any weather to bring the temperature of the water. Tail like otter is the wheel. Labrador has a strong enough body and legs that makes the dog tough during exercise, so to make the dog feel comfortable and be healthy should give her exercise.

The friendliest of dogs is the Golden Retriever.

This dog perfect for any family because he is a very kind, affectionate and is a great friend. Loves children and the elderly can make friends with cats and other animals.

When a dog sees its owner smiling and happy, it quickly moves away from quarrels and conflicts, because a Golden Retriever and got the title of the most friendly dogs.

German shepherd

A German shepherd can be called a dog-COP, because this breed is particularly valued by the police, security services and the military. Although the appearance of a sheep dog looks a little intimidating because of the impressive sizes, it’s friendly and strong-willed. Doesn’t like to show unnecessary emotions and likes to be alone.

If the shepherd is bound to the people and family members with whom she lives, she behaves with them very gently. Strangers react a little wary and unlikely to have contact with them. There are exceptions, only if a stranger will love the dog.

Not every family will hold a German shepherd. Her temperament is strong, confident and independent individuals. Shepherd also very intelligent. This dog is best friend to humans.

Once upon a time a dog of this breed lived with people to protect them from large animals. So the shepherd in whatever was to protect his master to the last.

We can say that it is not only beautiful, but also the most intelligent breed of dog. To train her easily, grasp all commands on the fly. It is this combination of the strength, perseverance and intelligence make the German shepherd a great companion for police, military, rescue. Can be paired with the shepherds or to be a guide dog for the blind.

Siberian husky

One of the sweetest breeds of dogs. Huskies are very cheerful and playful. And it is because of this nature it is chosen by many owners. They are very loyal and love my family.

Very agile and love to run long distance, especially if you live in a region with low temperatures. The husky is very thick layer of skin, allowing it to withstand even the most severe cold.

The first breed brought in as a dog of a cab, which transported the teams of people or products. For such a pet should be exercise and to follow their education.

If the dog is a different breed from his childhood growing together with husky, she treats her well. Cats behave harder. Many people say that the habits of husky similar to a wolf.

Despite the fact that husky is a very diligent and hardworking compared to other dogs they eat relatively little. At the time, was the best sled dogs for endurance.

While walking husky must be all the time in the field of view of the owner, otherwise it can run away.

The kuvasz

The kuvasz is a dog with long hair. This breed sheds heavily, and then their wool everywhere.

Some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. A pet loves youngest members of the family will be a wonderful defender. But do not leave some children and their friends with this dog, she may take them incorrectly and start to “protect” the small owners. But if the kuvasz has grown in an environment without children and not used to the extreme mobility of children and sonorous voices, it is likely that children will perceive it negatively.

No matter what unpleasant situations from the pet, the child should explain that to tease and provoke the pet in any case impossible.


The breed is not widely known, however it is best if the family and its dwelling in need of protection. It is also called “the gentle protector”.

Until the age of two years, the bullmastiff is very calm, and seem insecure dog. Therefore, the dog showed itself in all its glory you need to wait a bit. When the pet grows up, he is the best protector and guardian.

The bullmastiff is very changeable in nature, which is lightning fast changes from the current situation. In those moments when the bullmastiff playing with other animals or children, it seems that the cutest dog in the world, but it’s worth it to the owner to be in danger as he in a matter of seconds turn into a ferocious dog, ready to tear the enemy to pieces.


This breed of dogs does not depart from the owner for a minute. In addition, each host having at itself English bulldog notes that a dog has a very stubborn nature. He barks bulldog is extremely rare, it even happens when the pet is not supplying the voice for a few days, as love peace and quiet atmosphere.

National differences, the bulldogs are:

  • English;
  • French.

If the bulldog lives in a family of several people, he will choose only one master, and will be everywhere for him to walk. Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time, as without a host, he becomes sad and unhappy.

If you give your pet love, affection and attention as he needs, he will be a wonderful and faithful friend to his master. Although the dog is quite beautiful, cute and charming she still has her strong and stubborn nature. In raising bulldogs in need from birth. Not to scare bulldog, can not raise voice at him, much less beat.

St. Bernard

The people of this beautiful breed of dog called the “gentle giant”.

Externally, the St. Bernard is a large dog with a well developed muscular body. For this breed walks through the snow in a winter Blizzard and bad weather is perfect. This dog is very sensitive – it can even predict an earthquake or the collapse of an avalanche of snow in the mountains.

Temperament is fairly quiet, homely, slow.

It will appeal to all family members, from infants to the elderly. Children find a common language easily, although playing games is not very happy. And yet, despite the good attitude to the children, do not leave dog, small children, as due to the difference in the size of the dog and the baby may be in big trouble.

The St. Bernard is very attached to his family, though sometimes not listen to owners and showing stubbornness.

Great Dane

Very beautiful and interesting breed. It is worth remembering that the dog always tries to copy the behavior of his master.

If the owner met and greeted him in a good mood, the dog will do the same. In turn, the dog will feel if you will be nervous and dislike the source.

The great Dane is a very large size, but despite this very sensitive and might be offended at the person. With this pet is to control your emotions, manner of speaking, it is not necessary to raise your voice, because the animal might be offended.

Takes great Dane all so due to the fact that he always used to please his master and to protect him from trouble.

It is worth remembering that due to the size of a great Dane, he may be afraid of small children. And sometimes their parents.

Be sure while walking to keep dog on leash and preferably next to him, no matter what conflicts and troubles.


Doberman – very family friendly, devoted dog owners. But a dog in early childhood have a strict upbringing, so the owner of a Doberman needs to be appropriate. Inowner must have rigor, strong will and ability to command.

If the family, which is home to the Doberman, it consists of several people, all these people need to be informed about the rules of the dog training and adhere to these rules. If Doberman do not raise, it will be disobedient and to do everything just the way he wants.

Originally, the character of the Dobermann is present as responsible for protecting its owner. Therefore, in this respect to training do not need. Also pet inherent quality watchdog.

If you do proper education your pet, it will be a great defender, caretaker, and true and loyal friend.


The popularity of this beautiful breed of dogs got because of the movie “101 Dalmatians.” Most of all, this dog is popular among young children.

Externally, the Dalmatian is a white dog white with black spots. In size they are quite large and have a very developed musculature, very playful. Easily trainable.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with an incredibly beautiful wool. Among the most endearing dog breeds she is a leader. The coat is such a pet reminiscent of men’s hair and can reach the longest size as it grows life. So handsome you need to watch more carefully. Growing hair needs trimming and to monitor its length, especially in the hot season. Plus the fact that pet can be stylish haircuts and hairstyles, constantly changing its appearance.

Based on their tastes, each person can choose the most beautiful dog in the world with similar temperament and character which will meet the needs of the owner.

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  1. The most beautiful dog attracts the attention of others, cause a lot of positive emotions. Sometimes it may seem that they themselves feel their attraction and attention, and proudly let themselves enjoy.

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  3. The dog was always in good spirits, the host must also give her the affection, care and love.

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