The most dangerous dog breeds in the world for a person

A dog is man’s best friend. Each of us has heard this catch phrase from an early age. We used that dog as a family member. Every day, walking through the streets of the city, more and more we see people with their Pets.

Someone is a little cute dog, and someone turns out to be a real killing machine. Of course, the animals themselves are not to blame that on their breed it was rank.

Most breeds have gotten a bad reputation due to their irresponsible owners.

Improper training, injury, abuse, irresponsibility – all these are factors that affect how dangerous will be the dog not only others but for yourself. Not for nothing do they say that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Any pet, small child, requires a lot of time and effort to proper training.

There are some breeds that do not have the genes of aggression, for example, Labrador. But not all breeds can boast this factor. On the contrary, by its nature and essence, some breeds have instincts that, with the wrong upbringing, can play havoc with dangerous consequences for humans. What breeds of dogs not suitable for families with children and other animals? How to choose the right dog that will provide security and is not a threat? The answer to all these questions you will learn below.

The most dangerous dog breeds in the world
  1. American pit bull Terrier. (The most dangerous representative of its genus)
  2. Rottweiler.
  3. Dalmatian.(The most dominant)
  4. The Caucasian shepherd dog.
  5. The Chow Chow.

This list presents the most dangerous breeds of dogs for family. No one denies that they are in this case not to have. Of course you can. But it is worth remembering that these representatives will need the strongest attention in the education, and, most likely, without the help of professional trainers will not do. The man who has no experience with dogs (or it is small), can not cope with this task.

Puppies are little kids?

When a family gets a puppy, you should always remember that this is a difficult toy or a puppy. If he himself will grow, and good from him do not wait. The puppy is the same child. You need to carefully study its habits, character from an early age. This will help to further prevent the identification of aggressive or malevolent qualities. Dogs, especially breeds from the above list, requires much more attention and training than others.

Every day you need to spend much time with the puppy, to do, to develop not only muscles, but also mental abilities. To make it easier, imagine it’s your child. The only difference is that he can’t speak. The dog will only listen to you and absorb what you are teaching. If you noticed that doing something bad, then immediately need to eradicate. Read this breed in the online sources, compare with the behavior of your dog, contact for consultation to professionals or even drive them to education your pet. In any case, this plus never will be.

If you do everything right: a lot of time devoted to education, daily training and exercises for the development provided a sufficient amount of attention, love and affection, in the future you will expect a loyal and faithful friend, who ever you and your family won’t hurt.

Now worth more to understand in those species that have been listed.

The description of “Most dangerous dogs”
  1. American pit bull Terrier. The most dangerous dog in the world. This breed is prohibited for detention in many EU countries. Some countries allow their content put forward a number of strict rules. American pit bulls – a rather inflated dogs, if they are good and right to do. They love the company of his master, so do not often leave a pit bull alone, because it can affect the mental development of the dog. Towards other animals they are a little wary as well as to children. But remember, with proper education, this could get rid of. If properly nurtured, they become an exemplary member of the family. These dog is very much like his master, so are trying to please him.
  2. Rottweiler. A large dog, which had previously intended to protect. By nature they are dominant. They are very loyal and faithful only to a single host, they are ready to do everything possible to protect it and destroy the object of danger. If you do not educate your Rottweiler, he will be aggressive not only to others, but to his master. Not recommended for families with young children.
  3. Dalmatian. Hearing the name of this breed, just remember the cartoon “101 Dalmatians.” These dogs look so very nice, friendly and without a hint of any potential danger. But is it? Of course, not. No wonder we have added this species to the list. Don’t forget that it is in any case not a decorative breed dogs, and hunting! They are strong willed dogs, so not suitable for people who have little experience in dealing with dogs. Dalmatian requires a lot of activity and exercise, and also exercises to develop the brain. Dalmatians get along well with children if they grew up together. Adult dogs are difficult to tolerate the emergence of new Pets and small children. If you are a person who is insecure, the Dalmatian will feel it. In the future it will become a difficult dog.
  4. The Caucasian shepherd dog. One of the largest dogs in the world. By nature – guard-and watchdog. Very wary and mistrustful of strangers. Suitable for families with children and other Pets. A Caucasian who grew up in the family, regardless of who was there, believes it his duty to protect them. This dog is very smart because it is able to determine the real danger from situations where there is nothing threatening the life and health of her family members. This dog will be subordinated only to a strong spirit of a man who would be her leader. It will not perform commands on a whim and fun.
  5. The Chow Chow. These cute and fluffy, like little bears, dogs are not as friendly as she looks. Temperament – melancholic. It requires education of the person, failing to suppress her dominant nature. This breed is loyal and devoted to its owner and family. But if she was willing to give his life for your man, it does not mean that she will obey him. A stranger is treated with suspicion and restraint. The only acceptable peace for Chow – her family. If an outsider obsessive will try to pet the dog, then peace-loving, and friendly bears it will turn into an aggressive and angry dog. Other Pets are good-natured, if from early childhood grew up with them. Adult dog will be aggressive towards other unfamiliar animals.

So, it’s time to sum up the results:

  • Any animal is not a toy.
  • You need a lot of time and effort to spend on her education.
  • Before starting a particular breed, first find out more about WHO you’re going to have to learn about this breed.
  • Do not skimp on professional trainers, if they are unable to properly raise a dog. Miser pays twice, remember this.
  • What would be cute and pretty, neither was the dog, don’t forget that looks can be deceiving.
  • Choose a dog not to boast, and to produce for themselves a true friend.
  • Purebred does not always sample a good choice.
How to take home a new pet

Carefully and thoughtfully make a decision for taking home a new pet. Think well if you need it? How you will treat other animals, if any. If you can give the dog everything that it will require: time, effort, attention, love, care, material needs. Animal is not just for a year or two. You should not take it only to the kids walk up, and don’t think you will easily be able then to give to someone.

Dogs are hard to get used to the new owner and not the fact that it will fall into the hands of good people. If you absolutely know that it is not ready to contain the animal for about 8-10 years or more – not make it.

Better come to the shelter for Pets, help there. In these institutions you will be able to party with the animals and feed them.

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