Tips on how to teach a dog to toilet outside

Every aspiring breeder should have knowledge about techniques and procedure of teaching your puppy to go to the toilet outside. When new puppy there are many difficulties and problems with his schooling to the tray and walking to the toilet on the street.

The early days, when the puppy has not forgotten the separation from parents, you need to surround him with care and understanding.

For the first time, not necessarily in a hurry to walk the dog. Let the little doggie get used to a new home and owner. The puppy should be able to feel your hands. He will not be afraid of new people around him, and after a full habituation of the dog to home, you can take him for a walk.

How to teach your puppy to go to the toilet

Toilet house

Your favorite pet at home: what to do in the first place?

  1. It is necessary to remove all the carpets and floor mats, because if the dog will shit on the carpet, the hosts can suffocate from the smell. If time does not clean up the excrement, the smell will spread throughout the apartment.
  2. To begin to teach you with disposable medical wipes for dogs.
  3. Arrange a special place for the toilet. The tray is a special device with a grid and tray. The tray is filled with a special filler, which quickly absorbs a chair and smell. Instead of filler, you can lay a Kleenex and have to change after each trip to the toilet.
  4. To organize a separate Mat to sleep on and a place for food that the puppy is definitely shared, where he eats, sleeps and shits all the time.
  5. Cleaning of the apartment should be mandatory 2 times a day.
  6. Mandatory condition after the purchase of a pet is vaccination. After the vaccinations the baby needs to maintain the quarantine before walking on the street. You can’t walk the dog without a vaccination immediately after vaccination.
  7. Use a special spray for going to the toilet. This tool stinks, but quickly disappears.
Obligatory actions before the dog accustom to the toilet on the street

Don’t forget to teach the puppy to toilet – this is a very difficult and patient process. If the dog can not learn to walk in one place or goes to the toilet outside, so blame the inexperience of the owner.

Housebreaking takes 8 to 12 months. Walks to be productive and sustained. Better to teach your pet to go to a certain place once than to reap the fruits of their laziness in the future.

Before you begin a puppy on the street:

  1. You must do some preventive vaccinations.
  2. Make sure that the baby is perfectly healthy.
  3. It took a reasonable amount of time for maintaining the quarantine.
  4. The puppy is already accustomed to going to the toilet at home.

Walking small puppies lasts for about hours. Large dogs require about 1 to 3 hours for energy waste or for an hour 3 times a day.

If you have used a medical diaper, the first time it should take to the street. A special napkin spread in a particular place and fed the puppy. The dog feels the familiar smell and defecate.

How to teach a puppy to pee outside

To begin to accustom the dog to the street, the owner should be home around the clock. You can take a vacation. It will take two weeks busy schedule of walks, the dog understood that from it want.

Schedule for the day:

  • I woke up to walk.
  • Ate – are out for a walk.
  • Sniffing the floor and finds a place for himself on the street.
  • Lunch – walk.
  • Ate – required walking.
  • Play – go for a walk.
  • Something scared – get out on the street.
  • Dinner – a walk in the fresh air.
  • Before going to sleep – walking.

Be sure to bring the leash, the puppy was there. The first time the puppy needs to walk up to 10 times a day. The first dog, teach your pet to go to the toilet in one place, this technique develops a sense of discipline in the dog.

After each successful parks encourage pet treat, so he will be more happy to do their business. On a walk take your time and let the baby frolic. Let the puppy recognize the area. You can come up with a special command, so the dog knows what you want, for example: “toilet” or “Do”. As a growing puppy walks can be reduced to 6, then to 4.

Walking the adult dog

If you took a chance and bought an adult dog, you the dog or extreme.

Proucevanje to the toilet is already an adult dog takes less time and effort, because the pet already understands and quickly learns new things. Adult dog does not need to buy special diapers or to take a separate corner in the apartment. It is necessary at once to accustom to the street, otherwise the dog will remember the toilet in the house and then it will be harder to train to defecate in the yard.

An adult dog also needs praise and encouragement sweets after using the toilet. More play with your pet.

  • If your pet persistently shits in various places – lay the peel of citrus, dogs hate the smell of grapefruit, orange, lemon.
  • Ammonia will discourage the puppy from going to the toilet anywhere.
  • If the pet does not learn to walk in the right place, put the newspaper where it usually defecating, and then move to the designated corner. Dogs feel your smell and will go to the toilet, where necessary.
  • More praise pet.
  • Please be patient. Dogs like calm who know the business owners.
  • Avoid noisy areas so that the puppy is not distracted by extraneous sounds.
  • You can not blame a pet for each offense!
  • You can’t beat the dog under any circumstances!
  • Do not scold the puppy if you notice a puddle immediately. He still does not understand the reason for your bad mood.
  • Try to walk the dog at the same time is the key to quick success.

Remember that the animal is not a robot, it requires attention and patience. The puppy like a child needs to know that he needed to master. Take care and show that you love your baby and he will reciprocate.

Now you know how to accustom the dog to the street.

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