Top strongest dogs in the world

The dog is not only friend of man and pet. Many breeds can become true defenders and will faithfully protect their territory and their owner from danger. Large dogs cause mixed feelings. It can be both admiration and fear.

The large and powerful breeds need an experienced, responsible leader. To keep them is quite difficult. All the right processes, since feeding and finishing taming. Often the question arises – what is the strongest dog?

The answer can be found in this article.

The strongest breed of dogs: what is it?

Top 10 strongest dogs in the world:

  1. The pit bull Terrier. Dogs of this breed are the strongest in the world. They have very complex and changeable nature. These animals have a strong Constitution and possess great physical strength and power. Jaw they are well developed, because of this they have a stranglehold. Despite the inherent aggression, the pit bull Terrier has a well-developed intelligence, so they are easy to train. In strict and proper education they will become a loyal friend and a good guard dog for its owner. With its agility, dogs can participate in dog fights and in fights with bulls.
  2. Rottweiler. This breed occupies the second place of top 10 strongest dogs in the world. It is a large animal with strong bones and powerful jaws. Rottweilers are very hardy and fearless. With the proper education they become reliable guards for his master. However, this is quite a dangerous breed of dog, having them is only for experienced owners who are well versed in the breed. For a family that has small children, these animals are not suitable. Because of their slowness, they can hurt the child. These four-legged have a stable psyche, actively using them for service in the police. As well, Rottweilers are used while hunting for game.
  3. Alabai or the Central Asian shepherd. These dogs have not only incredible strength but also intelligence. Alabais – courageous breed, they are the perfect guards. Central Asian shepherd dog is able to withstand heavy loads. These animals have a high degree of toughness, they often take part in the fighting. Alabais are in need of training and strict upbringing. They need a lot of space, so keep these dogs in the apartment is not worth it. Shepherd is quite aggressive to strangers.
  4. Doberman. It’s pretty strong and dangerous fighting dogs. They take the honorable fourth place in the list. Dobermans possess physical strength, stamina and fine-tuned intuition.So they are often used for service in the police. In that case, if you have an early socialization and the right to raise such a pet, he will be a faithful companion to its owner.
  5. The Rhodesian Ridgeback. The breed ranked fifth in the ranking. Four-legged have strong jaws, robust grip and agility. Take them for hunting large predators. These animals can become a serious rival even for the lion. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is energetic, absolutely tireless, active animals. They are not suitable for keeping in an apartment. Ridgebacks have a domineering character. Their peculiarity is that they are able to endure heat and drought.
  6. Volkosob. Quite a rare breed that was bred in Russia. Their ancestors are wolf and German shepherd. These animals are used for work in the police. Volkosob possess powerful physical strength and jaws. Their stranglehold will not leave the enemy no chance.
  7. The Alaskan Malamute. These four-legged occupy seventh in the top 10 strongest animals. This breed of sled dogs, which are very hardy, not afraid of the cold and able to survive even in harsh climatic conditions. Malamutes possess a good physique, strong and muscular physique. But it’s also important that these powerful four-legged not devoid of intelligence.
  8. Bullmastiff. Eighth top 10 you can without a doubt give to this breed. It is powerful, and also quite clever pet. The bullmastiff is a strong and confident animals. They can be a great watchdog and a loyal companion to its owner. For no apparent reason these dogs do not show aggression, but, in case of danger without hesitation able to rush into battle and neutralize the offender.
  9. The boxer. This breed is rightly in the top ten strongest dogs in the world. The ancestors of the Germans were used to hunt wild animals. Boxers have stable, well-balanced psyche. They are active and energetic, need regular movement and exercise. These animals are well play the role of guards.
  10. Cane Corso. This large breed rounded out the top 10 strongest dogs in the world. Their ancestors took part in gladiatorial fights. Strong and muscular animal with powerful jaws and lightning-fast response. Cane Corso are considered to be excellent guards, their owners can be sure of their safety.
The largest breed of dog

In addition to these the ten largest animals in the world there are breeds that are worthy of attention and can be the most powerful dogs.

Consider some of them:

  • the Dogo;
  • Tosa inu;
  • kangal;
  • St. Bernard;
  • Akita inu;
  • the Tibetan Mastiff;
  • Boerboel;
  • Irish wolfhound.

Description the strongest of rocks

The Dogo is a large and muscular dog. This dog is fearlessness and aggressiveness. Perfect as a guard, and can also be used to hunt for the beast. The owner of the Dogo Canario should have leadership qualities and be strong and patient person.

Tosa inu – this Japanese breed of dog that was created to participate in the fighting. They do not rush to the victim, and await her coming. Then giving massive body and grabbed by the neck. These four-legged rather complex nature, therefore, dog training can be long. The Tosa inu is very active animals.

Kangal is a shepherd dog that has a great growth. These animals are tireless and energetic, and also friendly to people. However, outsiders to enter the territory protected by kangala, will be quite difficult.

The St. Bernard. These dogs have enormous power. They were bred to rescue people from under the avalanche.

The Akita inu is a large breed of dog. These animals are able to become so attached to its owner and is perfect for families with young children. Previously, the Akita inu was used for hunting predators such as wolf and bear.

The Tibetan Mastiff is quite rare and very expensive breed of dog. This fearless, stubborn animals that have good intuition. With age you become quite calm and balanced, aggression appear only in case of danger.

The Boerboel is a dangerous dog, which is banned in some countries. The owner of these animals must be strong and responsible leader. At the wrong upbringing Boerboel can attack people.

The Irish wolfhound is a large dog that was bred for catching wolves. They are able to rapidly move and to respond immediately. Wolfhounds – excellent guards and hunters.

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