What kind of care is needed by the breed of dog the Corgi

We all have long been accustomed to the fact that shepherd is large and powerful animals with long massive legs. However, the dog breed Corgi does not fit this description. Therefore, people who first learned that the funny Pets with short legs are the real shepherds experience a huge surprise.

The story of these unusual Pets is deeply rooted in the century. Hovers around animals many incredible stories and legends.

Today, corgis are very popular in different countries of the world.

There was a time when they were on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, this period far in the past. Today korotkolapye cute dogs are very popular in different countries of the world. They become loyal and trusted friends, easy to find common language even the youngest family members.

How to look the animals

Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke and cardigan have both similarities and differences. The main difference between species lies in the bone structure and size. Dogs are not as high as a Terrier, but not as short as Dachshund. Cardigans are larger at the withers they can grow up to 30 cm Growth Pembroke reaches 25-28 cm, and Weigh them about the same: not more than 17 kg.

From Corgi, like any other breed, there are standards.

He must meet every purebred short-legged dog:

  1. The head resembles a Fox pet. Skull rather broad, flat between the ears.
  2. Dog muzzle pointed slightly to the nose. Scissor bite, the teeth are powerful and strong.
  3. The nose has large nostrils. Regardless of the color of the animal’s nose should be black.
  4. Eyes Pets round, not very large. It is desirable that they were dark. For example, and a nutty undertone, but only if it harmonizes with the color of the fur.
  5. The ears in the animals are quite large. Despite this, they look proportional to your body.
  6. Neck strong, muscular, well developed. She’s a little elongated.
  7. The body is elongated, which is especially noticeable on the background of short legs. At Pembroke the body is slightly smaller than the cardigan.
  8. The tail is quite long, some of the animals he comes to earth. He looks very similar to Fox, but there is a bend to the back. The Pembroke’s tail should be short, otherwise it is cropped.
  9. Front legs strong and short, elbows close to the body. Forearm the same shape as the chest, they are slightly bent. Hind legs no less powerful, with slightly angular.

The color of the dogs depends on the variety.

The color of the dogs depends on the variety. So, cardigans can be red, spotted, tri-colored. Acceptable to the head of the mask. Sometimes color there are white spots, they can be located on the legs, neck, tip of tail, chest. On the head there can be only 1 light strip. For Pembroke valid all shades of red. Meet and black specimen with tan, white spots on paws, chest and neck.

Pets that do not meet the above requirements are not purebred. They are unsuitable for breeding and can not participate in exhibitions. However, non-standard appearance does not prevent them to become great friends.

Every little Sheepdog has its own character.

However, there are features common to all specimens, without exception:

  1. Animals are incredibly agile, active and energetic. They love long walks and moderate exercise.
  2. Pets have a cheerful disposition, they love to amuse the household. Bored with such a companion will not be exact.
  3. Despite its small size, corgis are loyal and brave dog. In case of danger, they bravely rush to the defense of its owner and members of his family.
  4. Dogs are very friendly and sociable. They are easy to establish contacts and love spending time in the company of familiar people. But towards strangers behave quite cautiously.
  5. As a Terrier, Corgi is very intelligent and smart. They respond well to training, can easily learn new commands.
  6. Balanced psyche allows you to contain Pets along with other animals. Often the owners, captivated by the beauty of short-legged dogs, have several specimens of this species. They get along well with each other.
  7. Pets become excellent babysitters for the kids. However, there is one caveat: during active play Corgi, guided by instinct, you can gently biting the child’s legs. Therefore, to get a dog better when baby is a little older.
  8. The dog has a developed intuition and well captures the mood of its owner. If the owner is not in the spirit of that animal will never pester him with desire to play.
  9. Home squat, the dog is very calm. She will never get in the way and demand greater attention.
  10. Welsh corgis are wonderful companions. They with pleasure will accompany the owner anywhere. Animals are not afraid of new places are great to other quadrupeds.
  11. Such negative qualities as vindictive and dirty, completely uncharacteristic of the breed.

It is noticed that cardigans have a reasonable and calm nature, while the pembrokes are more active and impulsive. All specimens characteristic patience, friendliness, and obedience. These qualities make pet, best friend and faithful companion.

Training a pet

Dog breed Welsh Corgi, has a high level of intelligence. Pets you know, that funny appearance gives them an advantage, so trying to manipulate its owner. To prevent this, or in the future to get along with animals will be problematic. It is necessary to show who paired the main. Demonstrate leadership with yelling and the more physical strength it is impossible. Dog perfectly understand and phrase, uttered with a smooth, calm voice.

The animals are well trained and socializers. However you need to remember that a high level of intelligence does not allow them to execute commands without thinking. They need to understand what the owner wants to, and only then begin to act. Team Pets learn at 2-3. Some individuals are happy to learn circus tricks. When like the Fox dog takes some outlandish stunt, all family members and guests come to the delight. Animals can be trained even singing – they’re fun to howl with overflow.

As soon as the puppy came into the house, the owner should explain to him the rules of acceptable bloom. The baby should be accustomed to sleeping place, to prevent growling, biting even during the games, to climb on the bed to the owner. Such actions should immediately stop, if you do not do this in the future to wean will be much harder.

The Welsh Corgi and Terrier, lends itself to many types of training. Specimens repeatedly became Champions in competitions of OKD, obedience, agility.

Doing the training, you need to remember one simple thing: your Pets do not love monotony and monotony. But they are big fans of petting, praise and food reward.

Care rules

Caring for a pet will not take the owner a lot of time and effort. The animal looked and felt well, should follow a few simple rules:

  1. The last pet should be regularly brushed. During shedding periods which happen in dogs 2 times a year, to carry out this procedure daily. Otherwise, the wool can be matted and lose their flawless look.
  2. Wash Pets need as necessary, preferably not very often. After each walk must wash their feet, and if the street is dirty, and even the stomach. Some experts claim that regular bathing helps to make the moult less intense.
  3. 2-3 times a week is necessary to clean the animal’s teeth. Proper oral hygiene will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and prevent Tartar formation. In addition, the procedure helps to avoid gum disease and bad breath.
  4. Dog’s nails should be cut as required, usually not more than 1 time per month. Carry out the procedure in that case, if you can hear the chattering pet on the floor. Well-groomed and neat nails will help to avoid injuries during active play.
  5. Periodically, you should inspect all of a dog’s body to the presence of wounds and inflammation. Particularly noteworthy is the nose, paws, eyes and ears. If you feel bad or you notice redness, immediately consult a veterinarian. Timely expert advice to avoid serious complications.

Little Corgi and Terrier, would be offended if his comb, inspect the mouth and ears, touching paws. To worry because this is not worth it. Over time, the pet will get used and will be safer to treat the procedures. And so he quickly accepted and began to perceive the process more positively, praise pet and spoil him with tasty treats.

How to diet

Animals are completely undemanding in food: even the bread crust from the dog will delight. However, this does not mean that you can stay indifferent to food. Proper and balanced diet – the key to the perfect appearance and health of your pet. Corgis are prone to obesity, therefore, the approach to menu planning needs with the utmost responsibility.

Many breeders recommend feeding Pets dry food industrial. This form is more convenient for the owner because you do not have to puzzle over than to diversify the diet of the pet. A feed contains all the necessary nutrients and to calculate the daily rate of meals is very convenient. However, this option requires considerable costs: the forage economy class is not always absorbed by the digestive system of animals. For the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is much more suitable food premium. It is desirable to give preference to brands designed specifically for dogs with a tendency to excess weight.

Natural food – a worthy alternative to dry food. It allows a more diverse diet. As practice shows, flavor variety is important for puppies. Grown-up individuals have specific preferences and won’t eat what they don’t like. Most breeders feed their Pets porridge made from meat, vegetables and cereals added to a dish in equal proportions.

Diet pet might also include:

  • by-products;
  • raw and steamed vegetables
  • marine fish without bones;
  • unsweetened fruits;
  • low-fat dairy products.

It should be remembered that even the most rich and elaborate menu may not include all the necessary pet vitamins and minerals. Puppies, pregnant and elderly dogs should get vitamin supplements regularly. Other individuals should ensure a course of medication.

What to consider when choosing a puppy

Having decided to get a Corgi, you will never regret about your choice. To acquire a companion, turn to a proven breeder. The optimal age for selection of a new family member for 7-8 weeks. Prior to that, in animals continues the period of active growth, they are constantly changing.

Decide what pet you want to buy. Exhibition and breeding individuals are much more expensive. If you want to purchase a reliable companion, the price will be lower.

When choosing be sure to pay attention to the appearance and habits of a puppy:

  1. A healthy pet should be clear eyes, clean ears and belly. Healthy animal – not thin, but moderately plump. Coat clean and glossy.
  2. Little Corgi is quite playful and active.
  3. Pet must have a good appetite.
  4. Be sure to check the bite. The upper jaw needs to go on the bottom.

It is advisable to look at the parents of the animal, at least in the photos. If you purchase individual exhibition, be sure to ask the breeder to show the diplomas of titled ancestors. I’m afraid to make the wrong choice? Then invite with you to the breeder of an experienced Corgi owner or friend of the handler.

The beauty of puppy is noticeable not at once. Little Corgi, like Andersen the ugly duckling appeared in all its glory only to 2 years. Don’t worry if puppy’s ears too long, like a donkey. A similar disproportion is typical for the breed.

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