What to feed a month old puppy how many times a day to feed

Little puppy is not only a source of joy and emotion, but still a small hassle. Pet to feed, to care for him and educate. Special attention should be given to the diet of the puppy. It is from the right diet will depend on the pet’s health in the future.

In this article we will talk about nutrition a little puppy. That is, how and what to feed pet month, how many times a day to feed.

Does the diet of the breed of the puppy

Not going to do the suspense and just say that diet should be selected based on the selected breed of puppy. If you have a large breed, its diet should be high in protein.

For example, in the diet of Labradors or shepherds need to include meat. This product has a large amount of protein. The meat can be any. Then you can gradually introduce a puppy’s diet soups on meat broth. Don’t forget to give eggs, fish, dairy products. You can also give wheat bread soaked in water. Do not forget about drinking puppy. Must be fresh water.

Worth noting: don’t let the too hot food to the pet, it can burn the mucous membranes of the mouth.

What to feed a month old puppy – universal power supply options

Any breed of dog are predators. So from an early age their diet should be present meat and fish. In the meat of a lot of vital energy, which is necessary for the baby. Moreover, meat and fish has all the beneficial vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Meat and fish should be given at least once a week.

Worth noting: the meat must be fresh, because during cooking some nutrients evaporate.

Meat is best given in powdered form.

Fish pet feed often. For example, two times a week. Fish enriched in phosphorus, protein and iodine. You should never give your puppy raw fish. He can get worms.

The diet also includes some animal organs:

  • Easy.
  • The liver.
  • Heart.

But, it’s worth noting that the byproducts do not have the same caloric content as meat. So expect food puppies need is different.

As well as meat, organ meat should be given raw and crushed. Before that, they need to be well to freezing.

What to feed a puppy 1 month:

  • In addition to meat and fish, the diet should include chicken egg. Such a product should give at least once a week.
  • Fresh or boiled vegetables. They need to give daily. Served in powdered form or as a puree. Vegetables should be included in the diet. As they are rich in fiber and minerals.
What to feed a puppy – additives and feed

To pet does not suffer from lack of vitamins and minerals needed in cereals to add variety of vitamins. The most common additive is considered meat and bone meal. It contains a number of nutrients, including calcium. Do not forget about fruit and vegetables. Add in the diet cabbage, carrots, beets, and greens.

In addition pet need carbohydrates. So you give him bread and pasta. It is also possible to include in the diet and bran. This is a useful product for the health of the puppy.

To verify the correctness of the chosen diet will help the dog himself. If he jumps, plays – so the diet is chosen correctly. Also pay attention to the dog’s coat. In a healthy pet it needs to be silky and shiny.

With two months of pet you may have to give porridge, cooked in water or water and milk. No need in this age to drink their milk. This can lead to dysbiosis and cause indigestion. It is best to give instead of milk cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. These products contain more calcium than milk.

If the pet is sick, you don’t need to feed him forcibly. At this point, the body tries to cope with the disease. That is why the puppy will spoil your appetite. As soon as he feels better, then ask for food. Do not immediately give the puppy a heavy and spicy food. Limited to chicken broth, porridge, soft meatballs and vegetable stew. These meals will help puppy to recover after an illness.

If you took a newborn pet, but there is no way to feed his dog milk, you can replace it with cow. Of course, such milk can not completely replace the dog. But, you can make it more nutritious. For this you need to add in cow’s milk one egg. Also, you can feed the newborn formula. You can buy them in specialized stores. The mixture can replace a dog’s milk.

Meat – how to feed a puppy

We have said, that meat is the main product that should be included in the diet of any dog. But, many dog owners are convinced their pet can digest any meat with any bones. And for this reason, give your pet food off the table. This is a big mistake of every dog owner.

There are a few rules that must be followed when feeding a dog meat, especially the puppy:

  • No need to give the dog chicken meat and meat from bones. This can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Puppies may begin a dermatitis on the abdomen. In addition, problems may arise with the intestines and the stool.
  • It is recommended to give a meat with 2-3 months. Ideally, 1.5 months old puppy needs to be fed mother’s milk. And then he was transferred to the porridge with the addition of meat. But the amount of meat should be limited. Gradually this number increases. But, the mess is not going away. The best cereal is oat. It is full of protein, carbohydrates and iodine.
  • Do not feed your puppy only offal. Need to diversify the diet. Also there is no need to feed the puppy by the liver. This can lead to problems with digestion.

The meat in the dog’s diet must be present. But not in large quantities. Especially if it is a little puppy.

What you can not feed a puppy

We found out what to feed the puppy from 1 month. Now we need to figure out which products are not necessary for feeding small dog:

  • River fish. Do not let your puppy raw fish and chicken.
  • Do not give bones, sausages and sausage.
  • The grilled meat.
  • Candy and other sweets.
  • Different seasonings.
  • Ketchup and mayonnaise.

Food for a puppy should be natural. No need to add any seasoning and amenities, no mayonnaise and ketchup. Otherwise treat diarrhea in your pet. Only proper nutrition will help to grow from a little puppy a healthy and strong dog.

Also need to talk about dry food. Many breeders are opposed to feeding the monthly pet was carried out dry food. But, there are those who recommends that you feed your pet dry food. But first this food you need to soak in water. In this case, food should be of high quality. Choose only feed premium.

Final moments

We examined feeding month old puppy. Ideally, the pet needs 1.5 months to be fed mother’s milk. But, breeders are starting bait already with 3 weeks of baby’s life. Feed your pet need after he eats the milk.

For bait you can use the following mixture:

  • The first option is a mixture of cow’s milk, eggs and cream. You must mix the milk and cream rate of¼. Then add the eggs. To 1 liter of the mixture is added one egg. Mix everything carefully.
  • The second option – all the ingredients are the same as in the first embodiment. Only need to add salt and citric acid. In this case you need to quickly mix everything.
  • The third option is a mixture of goat’s milk, cream and eggs. All products mix. One liter of the mixture is added one raw egg.

You can later enter into the diet of porridge, mostly oat. Also added a small amount of meat.

Dairy mixtures should be harvested at 24 hours. Before feeding they need to bring up to the temperature of the puppy is 38-39 degrees.

Monthly pet should be fed no less 6-7 times a day. That is, it turns out every 3-4 hours a day. Consider night sleep, which shall not be less than 6 hours.

Certain portions of foods there. The dog must eat so much until you eat. Then it is necessary to return to the mother. After feeding always wash the dishes.

So we looked at the rule of feeding the puppy from 1 month. Found that the first feeding done in 2-3 months. Usually puppy feed mixtures. Then introduced into the diet of porridge with added meat, fruits, vegetables. One-month-old porridge is the main dish for the puppy. And already adds a variety of fruits, vegetables. The flesh should be twisted and boneless. No need to give the chicken meat and bones of the dog. Also gradually introduce in the diet of fish, but not raw. Must be present dairy products in the diet.

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