What to feed a puppy toy Terrier

The Terriers are often called pocket dogs. Their weight usually does not exceed 3 kg. This is a very small dog, so it is enough a couple of spoons of food, so she ate.

But it is important to remember that even this small portion should contain all the necessary vitamins. Food Terrier depends on the age.

What to feed toy Terrier at different ages?

What to feed a month old puppy?

Puppy of the toy Terrier is a small child who was soon taken away from the mother’s milk. Therefore, to 1.5 months a puppy should be fed the milk of bitches, which you can buy at the pet store. If such goods cannot be found, then it can be replaced with normal goat or cow milk and use of infant formula. If the puppy still drink mother’s milk, it is necessary to feed him 3 times a day.

When the puppy reaches the age of 1.5 months it should be slow, for 2 weeks to leave their mother. This should happen gradually so baby is not experiencing stress. During this period, it needs to be fed 6 times a day every 3-4 hours.At night, the interval between feeding can be 8 hours.

Sample menu a 1.5 month old puppy:

  • Meat
  • Finely chopped beef
  • Children’s cottage cheese, thinned with milk
  • Cooked meat
  • Different types of porridge – oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, grind in a coffee grinder.

Every new product should be given gradually, so baby is used.

What to feed toy Terrier in 2 months?

Most often the baby is still in mother 2 months, and then take the new puppy owners. 2 months old Terrier already you can feed egg yolk in any form (not more than 1-2 times a week). The portions at this age should increase and the food intake reduced to 5 times a day.

Sample menu 2-month-old puppy:

  • Cheese, thinned with yogurt
  • Boiled meat
  • Porridge
  • Meat with yolk

What to feed a puppy toy Terrier in 3-4 months?

With 3 months the menu for the Terrier, you can add steamed vegetables, fruit, boiled fish without bones. food intake should be reduced to 4 times a day.

Sample menu:

  • Porridge
  • Porridge with meat
  • Steamed vegetables with fish
  • Fruit

What to feed toy Terrier at the age of 5-10 months?

During this period, the puppy’s diet gradually approach the diet of the adult dog. Strict necessity disappears in milk, but dairy products should still be in the dog food. In the period from 5 to 10 months amount of meals should be reduced to 3 times, and after 10 months and at up to 2 times a day.

Schedule and the portions of the feeding of the puppy

Day you need to properly withstand the intervals between feedings. In the evening the puppy is a little tighter fed. This will make it easier to move the 8-hour night break. To overfeed your puppy in any case impossible, since the pet will feel bad and can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. How to understand that you overfed your pet?

If he has bulging flanks – this is the first sign of overfeeding, it can also be accompanied by weight gain, fatigue and lethargy puppy. How to calculate the portion? Portion of pet is calculated as about 50-80 grams of food / kg of weight of the dog. You should also consider the age and activity of the dog. Pregnant and nursing bitch food, you need more.

We have to feed the pet?

Contraindicated to give your pet treats from the table! What is a normal diet for the animal may adversely affect his health.

Follow the diet prescribed for each individual age.

Contraindicated products smoked, sweets, pickles, pasta, fatty foods, pork, bread, sausage, fish with bones.

Do not increase the portion of meat, since the pet will razbaluetsya and will refuse other foods.

If you do not have time to give your pet the right diet, you can include dry food.

Home products VS Dry food

Observing all the rules of cooking a homemade diet is very useful. And what to speak about industrial products? It is important to know how to choose such products. They can harm your pet if you find bad quality or expired.

What about the food? Often in the composition of canned food include by-products of low quality, flavors, vegetable fats. This all adversely affects your pet. How can that be? A quality food should contain natural meat, animal fats (not vegetable), grains. You should not skimp on dry feed. The Terriers eat quite a bit, so you should buy a premium canned food, such as food company “Royal Canin”, “Pro Plan”.

As you noticed feed the Terrier is not of great complexity. Usually a breeder gives the right information about nutrition before transferring puppy. If not, you need to consult a veterinarian. The diet should be balanced and, in addition, the puppy should be given vitamins. To do this, consult your veterinarian. If you follow all the rules above in the article, the health of your small pet is at the highest level, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

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