What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier: food for York

What to feed a puppy York? Many prospective owners of this breed of dog ask yourself this question. It should be noted that depending on the age of the puppy and the dog will depend on its mode of supply.

For example, children at the age of two months, you should eat at least six times a day. And at the age of four months is recommended to feed four times a day. At the age of one year, York should have no less than three times a day. At that time, as an adult dog eats every day twice – morning and evening.

General information

Regardless of what to feed York, food must be served at the same time. An important principle of power breeds dogs is the calculation of the portions. The amount of food calculated from the weight of the dog. For half a kilo of weight of dog would need one teaspoon of food. It is worth noting that the food for York should always be fresh and at room temperature. If the dog eat the food, it is time to clean up.

Food for Yorkshire Terrier can be varied. Many experts breeders of this breed dog claim that it is necessary to feed only dry food. Others claim that you need natural food. And still others believe that it is better to give a balanced dietthat is 50 to 50. No matter what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier you are going every new product should be introduced gradually.

What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier at home: tips

As mentioned earlier, vets, and breeders of dogs involved in their breeding have different opinions about dog foods. But remember one rule – food should be complete, balanced and contain the necessary for the development of dog vitamins and minerals.

The advantages of the dry finished feed should include his hygiene. Eating this food, the dog will not get dirty and this option is convenient for travel. In that case, if you stop your choice exclusively on dry food, in a place where the dog will have to install the drinking bowl. It should always be fresh water.

You can choose canned food for dogs, but they contain a large amount of water. The composition of canned food usually includes meat, vegetables and even cereals. The manufacturer saturates the canned food with vitamins and microelements. This food can be called balanced, it does not require additional feeding. The disadvantages of this method of supply should include the retention period. In the clear feed can be stored for more than a day.

Before you start to feed a puppy York should ask the breeder before you buy that the dog ate. In that case, if the breeder opted to stern, is to ask what manufacturer and in what quantity. The same should be done with canned goods. In order to transfer the dog to a different food, do it gradually. Adding new food to the old will lead to the habit of eating a new food brand.

It is not recommended to mix dry food and canned food for dogs. But also, do not feed York natural food is ready. To choose the food best for decorative and small breeds. This food needs to be cheap otherwise, saving a dog, you will atrebates health problems.

What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier?

The majority of owners of toy breeds are feeding their Pets a natural diet.

The advantages of this method is attributed.

  • Frugality food. Because natural food is several times cheaper than ready-made premium food.
  • Naturalness. Food prepared at home, contains no additives and preservatives.

The disadvantages of this method include the fact that such a diet requires the feeding of dogs with vitamins and minerals. To know what is suitable for your animal from the veterinarian.

How to feed York’s natural food? It is worth noting that the food should be balanced. The diet should include meat, cereals and vegetables. Before you cook the portion you need to understand that protein products must be at least 50% of the portions. While cereals or vegetables by 25%. Dog breeds terribly so.

So feed her the best lean grade of meat. Such should include:

  • chicken;
  • Turkey;
  • veal;
  • crostini.

Quite often in the diet include by-products, for example, heart or liver. As for offal, they must be present in the diet no more than once a week. Meat for Yorkies served boiled or scalded with boiling water. Raw see to give not recommended. Offal should be well boiled, so they were not hard on the inside.

Cereals for a Yorkshire Terrier is essential. The ideal option can be called rice or buckwheat. Vegetables must be present in the diet of the city. Almost all vegetable crops, except cabbage, beans and radish. Vegetables can be given raw. Be sure to season the finished dish a couple of drop of vegetable oil. Cooking food is recommended for one time without spices.

Fruit may also be present in the diet of your pet. You can give Apple, pear or plum. But to feed fruits as a main dish is not worth it. You should teach the dog that fruit is a treat and the dog will get them only in the case that will perform the desired command.

Dairy products can be given to Yorkies. They should include cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk and yogurt. Milk to give the dog absolutely not. To treat you pet fish fillets lean or egg yolk, but not more than once in two weeks.

What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier is not

A small and delicate dog needs proper nutrition. Her tiny stomach is unable to digest large amounts of food.

So you should learn the rules that give a small breed dog, absolutely not!

  1. Nothing to give from his Desk. It can be savory foods with spices. Fatty or smoked so detrimental effect on York, that he might lose the scent. In addition, can become inflamed bowel, or have an allergic reaction.
  2. Fatty, freshwater fish with small bones are not allowed in food.
  3. Lamb or pork.
  4. Any sausages, including smoked.
  5. Any kind of confectionery and bread and pastries in any case impossible.
  6. Any bones, especially poultry.
  7. Broths or juices are not allowed in the diet.
  8. Cheese is impossible.
  9. Raw protein balls.
  10. Any legumes, radish or Kale.

Summing up, everything that was said before, it is worth noting what food is recommended to feed a Yorkshire Terrier.

First, the meat. It can be veal, beef, chicken, or any offal (liver, lungs, heart). Meat is necessary to give a scalded appearance. Or you can boil meat. Beef and veal it is recommended to cook at least two hours. Meat too hard can be harmful to dogs as it is too sensitive teeth.

Secondly, cereals. Such grains like rice or buckwheat Yorkie love. But this list is not enough, should give wheat and millet porridge. Boil grits need to sizeoregon state. To ensure that your dog is getting adequate nutrition, they can be mixed with each other.

Third, vegetables. Vegetable crops can be given three times a day, but not more than 25%. You can give cabbage, carrots, spinach, beets, zucchini, squash or pumpkin. The latter is especially useful in autumn when animals may be susceptible to deficiency. In any case it is impossible to give beans and radish.

Fourth, the fruit. The product is worth to introduce at an early age. To teach a dog to eat fruit is quite simple. During training, the fruit can serve as treats. You can give apples, bananas, melon, watermelon or persimmon. It should be noted that the interval of feed of fruit maybe once in two weeks.

Fifth, seafood. It is necessary to introduce at an early age, because adult dogs don’t like them. But the fish is required, as it is rich in almost all essential groups of vitamins. To seafood include herring, flounder or tuna.

Sixth, the greens. And is also rich in all groups of vitamins. This can be dill, parsley or green onions.

For a dog that ate everything that she served in a bowl, mix between each ingredient. don’t forget that food should be not only neatly cut, beautiful and small pieces. But to be at room temperature. In that case, if you don’t feed a Yorkshire Terrier all the products from the above list, it will need feeding. You can use a natural dietand as a Supplement several times a week to serve the rich in vitamins dry food. Before you enter into the diet of dry food should consult a veterinarian.

Food for Yorkies: how to feed a puppy?

Puppy is a small child, he needs a comprehensive and balanced nutrition. It is worth noting that to introduce a particular product, the puppy should gradually. You need one every three days to insert a new product and to watch the reaction of the dog. In that case, if the dog begins to itch or show any signs of allergies, the product is immediately canceled. This way you will be able to build a proper diet for your dog.

Do not immediately feed the puppy all kinds of fruits, or give huge portions. Have York puppy very tiny stomach and he doesn’t need too much food. Per day it costs to feed about five times a day, throughout the year, to gradually reduce the number of sets of food. In the end, the dog owner will be able to go to feeding twice – morning and evening.

Feed the puppy it is recommended that cereals, meat products and some vegetables. Each product should be cooked separately in a single number. To prepare the puppy pans with food not worth it. As a rule, small dogs are ready to eat only freshly prepared foods.

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