Wirehaired Dachshund: maintenance and care

In the 70-ies was bred wire-haired Dachshund breed by crossing the short-haired Dachshund, miniature Pinscher, and certain types of Terriers.

And in the 2000s, brought the miniature Wirehaired Dachshund – dwarf and rabbit. Weight of dog up to 3 kg. The small size of this breed is the advantage of an animal can hunt in narrow burrows.

The rabbit Dachshund is not considered a breed but just a variation. Wire-haired Dachshund is considered a rare breed variety, and is no different in intellectual and work plan from the smooth-haired and long-haired breeds.

Historical data

Wire-haired Dachshund is a new kind of breed of Dachshund. In our country this breed appeared in 1946.

This breed in Russia has not gained popularity among hunters, so workers graduate dogs we have very little, to adopt this breed should be exclusively in nurseries.

These dogs are of several types: rabbit, mini and standard.

They were bred in Germany by crossing the smooth-haired breed of Dachshund and the Terrier, such as the Fox Terrier, Scotch Terrier. The Germans in 1915 divided the breed’s type of coat and then each of them breed on their own.

The rabbit Dachshund is also names: German Dachshund, a German Basset, Dachshund, dackel.

Breed standard:

  • rough-rock – from 35 cm, weight up to 9 kg
  • Wirehaired dwarf Dachshund – 35 cm, weight 5 kg
  • wire-haired rabbit Dachshund is a rare variety of the breed, the weight does not exceed 3 kg, and lower than 30 cm

Standard of appearance:

  1. The head is elongated with angling to the black nose
  2. Brown eyes, oval
  3. Rounded ears, set high
  4. The trunk is robust with a short neck
  5. Strong legs, wide-set
  6. The tail is slightly curved
  7. Coat harsh and dense, evenly distributed throughout the body. Dwarf Wirehaired Dachshund bushy eyebrows and a distinctive beard. Color preference – rusty, and wild boar color.
  8. Allowed black hairs and a small white spot.

As well as wire-haired Dachshund can be:

  • Monochrome color – red, yellow, red. The breed is characterized by white spot on chest
  • Two-tone paint – red markings on a mostly black or brown. White spot on the chest is also acceptable
  • Brindle or Merle dog with this coat color is very rare, it is bred only by experienced breeders.
Characteristic of the breed

Wire-haired rabbit Dachshund very friendly towards strangers, and has a great hunting instinct and is developed guard skills.

The nature and training

Character the dog wakes up to six months. They are obstinate, prone to escape, as well as a very nice, intelligent, agile with a strong hunting instinct.

With good training, a six-month old puppy, are able to learn all the basic commands and they are developing hunting skills.

It is important

Since the breed is prone to escape, she needed to hang an address token. The rabbit Dachshund is very attached to his master and to all members of the family. Loves children and even small pranks, such as, groping for a tail or a big hug, the dog will take over the game and never bite the child, if the growth together.

To strangers the dog is extremely cautious. She becomes indifferent and friendly only after she sees that the owner does not feel discomfort.

Rabbit wire-haired Dachshund is very active and intelligent dog. The owner should be ready to different the antics of the pet, such as a loss of Slippers, clothes and many other personal accessories. But with the proper education it can be avoided.

Training the dog learns quickly and with ease. For the assimilation of a lesson, rabbit Dachshund quite a few classes. For good physical development wire-haired Dachshund required a daily walk in the fresh air and active play.

The dog does not make to yourself a rude attitude. The increased tone is considered as insult and disrespect. In the wrong education a pet grows selfish and willful.

Acquiring wire-haired Dachshund rabbit, do not forget about the rules of care for her:

  1. Wiping the beard after eating. Failure to comply with this rule, the wool can be a good home for various bacteria
  2. Grooming includes: trim, cut beards, eyebrows and the hair between fingers.
  3. Bathing dogs is produced using a special shampoo designed for wire-haired breeds of dogs
  4. Twice a year, during molting dog requires thorough combing.

Wire-haired rabbit breed has no health problems. But periodic inspection of the eyes, ears, nails and teeth must be carried out. Hair in ears removed as regrowth. Rubbed his eyes with a chamomile decoction or strong tea. Nails shortened with a nail clipper designed for small breeds. As well as the necessary control over the teeth, upon detection of Tartar will be removed in a veterinary clinic.

Pet of age 7 years and older must be tightly controlled loads, in the form of jumping, as it can badly affect the spine.

In the elderly host rabbit dachshunds may face diseases such as:

  • Joint dysplasia
  • Cataract
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney stones and other urinary tract diseases
  • Heart failure
  • Epilepsy

The dog is prone to obesity. With overeating the pet have problems with joints and is a violation of the exchange process.

A dog breed rabbit wire-haired Dachshund, may be contained on dry food and natural.

Dry food should correspond to the level of first-class or premium class.

When feeding a natural diet need to pay attention to products containing large amounts of calcium and the diet should be: meat, cheese, eggs, fish, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

  • Puppies up to 4 months – feed – fractional 5 times a day
  • From 4 months to 6 transferred to three times a day feeding
  • With six months old – the dog eats twice a day

If four-legged friend is sold for hunting or walking through the exhibitions, you must buy a puppy exclusively in nurseries. The nursery provides a guarantee of thoroughbred. The price depends on the pedigree, on average, ranges from 20 to 60 thousand.

Tips for the owner of the rabbit dachshunds

The owners of this dog should know a few important points about caring for the breed:

  1. Despite the fact that the dog is quickly accustomed to the tray, it should withdraw to fresh air and provide her with freedom of movement
  2. Dachshund in winter you must wear warm clothes
  3. In the menu it is necessary to include cottage cheese, meat (low fat), cereals, vitamin and mineral supplements. The dog should stand in a regular bowl with clean water
  4. Mowing or trimming is done every six months, this is often not recommended
  5. Bathing as pollution, then the dog is combed with a special comb
  6. Needs permanent care for eyes, ears, nails. Treatment eyes produce a chamomile decoction or strong tea. To hygienic procedures Dachshund socialized from puppyhood
  7. To form a plaque, it is necessary to periodically clean the teeth with a special brush and paste. When Tartar is to go to the vet for professional cleaning.

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