7600 Remington, pump-action shotgun, rifled gun

Among Russian hunters they, due to many factors, among which not the last duty stereotyping, have not obtained vast circulation.

Knowledge with pump carbine Remington 7600 could be a pleasurable shock.

The suggestion of utilizing the forearm as a bar for refilling was birthed in the U.S. as well as generated a whole household of so-called pump-action guns, consisting of rifles as well as shotguns.

Summary carbine Remington 7600

Pump action rifle with removable shelter shop situated under the receiver. You can say goodbye to the stereotype that you have of this type of weapon ammo stacked in television.

  • The construction is a semi– automatic carbine Remington 750 Woodsmaster. They are similar to the tiniest information. Till that trigger is present, the bar arm of the securing delay, although in this case it can be taken into consideration a vestigial body organ.
  • Instead of the gas engine– reduced the fore-end linked to the structure of the Adjuster, the like the Woodsmaster. Refilled shift lower arm back and also return to its initial placement. A bolt with three lugs and turning cyndrical tubes.
  • The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, the leading covered with blueing. Produced by cold building. Is the back view on a prismatic base with a remote line and also repaired metal front view. Possibility of installation of optical sights, which on the cover of the receiver made 4 openings.
  • Polupoltina bed, strong American walnut, fueled oil. At the front end of the lower arm, near the bottom, etched with a letter R logo of the brand Remington.

Picture 7600 Remington (Remington 7600) POLICE


Disadvantages and also benefits Great craftsmanship, indestructible and also robust building and construction. Lovely, «pricedata bed with cushion « Monte Carlo ». Extremely rapidly you can reload, at a specific skill even sidetracked from the line of view. Rate of fire shotgun transcends to the standard bortovoy rifle. Well, think the Americans to furnish a foregrip spring that it came back, the Remington 7600 carbine is not inferior to the Browning Maral, as well as are extremely near self-loading semi-automatic.

  • A movable fore-end rather restricts the scope of a shotgun. On the bipod it will certainly not set up, and also shoot the rest. somewhat problematic. This weapon is for shooting offhand, unforeseen experience with target actually nose to nose.
  • Shutoff with rotating cyndrical tubes, which firmly locks the barrel by 3 lugs.
  • Quality chamfer on the muzzle boosts the ballistic high qualities of the weapon, makes battle arms a lot.
  • Along with fuse a safety and security system that enables you to make tools offered for unchecked usage. For this objective, the security button has a groove designed key.
  • It is possible to mount any kind of optical views.

Naturally, he additionally had some layout defects.

  • As an example, the magazine launch is extremely tiny, and he himself have to take out of the receiver. In wet or cold climate, this step can be difficult.
  • Not much more bar lock forend in the locked setting, situated on the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard.
  • The trigger device is uncontrolled. When you require a strict balance in between all components of the trigger, it is typical for a semi-automatic tool. For hands-on recharge like insight are plainly extreme.
  • The slot of the back view is narrow, it is completely covered by the forecast of the flies, so is difficult to goal. It would be nice, think the designers to outfit these devices are fiber-optic filaments.
  • Recharge is come with by an instead loud clanging, which is not constantly proper for hunting.

For the arms utilized on sea and battue hunting, it’s difficult. This is a consequence of descent from a semi-automatic carbine.


Used for searching, consisting of large ungulates and killers, in addition to for protection.


The rifle is offered with wood or synthetic supply. With a caliber 30-06 Sprg can be shortened to 18.5 inch barrel.

Offered in ««» cops » variation with the index as well as the name of the 7615 Police. She has a short barrel as well as the back sight in the form of a rim-osprey, installed on the back plate of the receiver. Bed plastic.

.243 Win . 308 Win 30-06 Sprg 30-06 Sprg
Type Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding forend
Barrel size (mm) 559 470
The pitch of string (inches) 10
Store Box, detachable
Capacity 4 +1
Length (mm) 1082 993
Weight unloaded (kg) 3,4 3,2

A rifle with a longitudinally gliding forearm («« pump action »)

  • . Store the box, is removable, is located in the receiver. The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, blued, made by chilly building. On muzzle chamfer countersink.
  • Receiver is machined from solid blocks of steel, it is rectangle-shaped in cross-section, the cover is domed, dealt with.
  • The return device is a rectangular metal framework consisting of 2 rails, bolt, and also bushing, which is affixed straight to the lower arm. Cylinder rotatable shutter with 3 lugs. For taking care of the recoil and also the slide mechanism throughout transportation or changes supplies a bar located on the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard.
  • Store the box, removable. His lock located on the right side of the receiver above the trigger guard. The shop has springtimes, it must take out.
  • The trigger system is unregulated, without any still caution.
  • The safety and security button situated in the posterior branches of the trigger guard. She moved perpendicularly to the axis of the barrel. Position to the much ideal– « Fire»», the switch shows up red round marker. On the left side of the switch is shaped groove of a safety system that obstructs the trigger and does not enable to make use of weapons to random people.
  • Set the outer sighting tools include a back sight on a prismatic base with a remote line and dealt with metal front view. For installation of optical views on the cover of the receiver has four openings.
  • Bed polupoltina, timber American walnut or plastic. Butt with a pillow «« Monte Carlo»». The shock-absorbing recoil pad, repaired.
Packing and also selecting

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box with foam absorber. Supplied with one store, two shaped essential safety and security and guidebook.

The principle of procedure

Before bringing the tool into the shooting position it is required to press on a lever situated on the left side of the receiver over the trigger guard. It unlocks the forearm, after which it can be pushed back.

The shutter is run by a longitudinally moving forend to which it is connected by 2 metal overviews. While driving back, the larva shutter rotates and unlocks the barrel. Next is the interaction of the trigger estimate on the stem of the shutter and a squad of trigger. Returning to the initial placement, the cylinder screw picks up from the store cartridge, Doyle it into the chamber as well as reverses, catching lugs for the breech of the barrel.

Before loading the carabiner is placed on the fuse (the left change switch, the red pen is not visible). For the Department store is pushed the lever situated on the best side of the receiver over the trigger guard. At the same time with this activity it is needed to connected his fingers over the flange of the shop as well as draw it out. The cartridges are piled in a staggered style, the store is inserted on a regular location as well as locked.

Fifth, added, the cartridge is billed through the window of ejector sleeves that open at the shift of the lower arm in reverse. The reverse movement of the lower arm paddle delivers the cartridge into the chamber as well as locks the barrel network. If there is no demand to fire promptly trigger the lock forend.

System safety and security enables you to obstruct a tool, make it inaccessible for unauthorized use. To enable this, put the fuse in the «« Stop» » position (change to the left, the red marker is not visible), insert formed essential provided with the J-shaped groove on the left side of the switch guard and also transform it so the danger has actually coincided with a white dot. In this placement not just blocks the sear, yet the hammer.


The pins have a cone-shaped shape, it is necessary to knock them on the right side.

  1. Get rid of the publication from the receiver, unlock the fore-end as well as release the tool, gliding it back.
  2. Knock both pins affixing the trigger and eliminate it from the receiver.
  3. Get rid of the screw at the front of the forearm, an activity to muzzle the cut to clear it.
  4. Offer the frame the recoil mechanism onward. The tube opened under the clutch installing of the lower arm, discover the through-holes. Put them in a steel rod. Motion counterclockwise rotate television until it comes out of interaction with the screw receiver.
  5. Draw the barrel Assembly to the frame of the recoil mechanism of the receiver.
  6. Transform the frame the recoil mechanism around the axle shaft at 900 and also eliminate it.
  7. Knock the pin on the back plate of screw and also remove the firing pin springtime and cylinder lock.

Prices and reviews on the 7600 Remington carbine (Remington 7600) is given below.


Depending on caliber Remington 7600 is from 52 to 86 thousand rubles. On the web site of the supplier provided the starting cost of 918 $.


The carbine is a trusted and also secure procedure. It is practical in case when you have to fire quick as well as not especially thinking, for all of a sudden showing up as well as swiftly declining target or under direct risk of life. Longitudinal activity of the forearm allows you to fire with better rate of fire than the traditional screw rifles.

The accuracy and effective firing range is more than semi-auto. According to this indicator, fits Remington 7600 1.5 MOA. Manual reload enables you to make use of ammunition of any kind of high quality. The only limitation is that for a. 308 Win is better to utilize standard NATO ammunition, as the drilling chamber currently imported than residential.

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