Antonio Zoli 1900 (Antonio Zoli 1900), rifles

About the dynasty of gunsmiths Zoli between ages was understood from the moment of the early Italian Renaissance, according to some sources there is a link to 1490 — — 1495. Yet in the last century, in 1945, arised the Armory «« House of Zoli Antonio s. r. «L. «.

The initial manufactured samples of the brand-new generation— an adequately big array korovkevich designs AVI and Santa Barbara, a gun lock of the kind APOP, the model Ariete, Empire, silver Fox.

Today the firm uses a double-barreled weapon, a large assortment of screw rifles as well as combined weapons.

A pair of new Antonio Zoli 1900 (Antonio Zoli 1900)

Through using innovation rifled carabine AZ 1900 Bavarian today launched many adjustments of the company «« Antonio Zoli ». Despite the ins 2015 of the 1970-ies of the last century, the trade network has obtained several styles of searching tools. Today we understand that the base alternative was the rifle for searching greater than a century back by the Swedish firm «« Husqvarna ».

Many thanks to the hard work of Swedish engineers, gunsmiths as well as developers of the Italian business «« Antonio Zoli » was able to keep the initial system design Swedish carbine, with a radical change in technological mode of manufacture of the mechanism and its collection. That is why today the brand name is considered to be swedish and just as italian.

Disadvantages and benefits

The major advantages of the model array there is a design of the trigger. This is based upon using the bar on the back sides of the stem of the sealing component. Generating the shooting setting can be done by clicking as well as removed by a button, which lies in the region of the shutter.

Mostly, shortcomings is really tiny, because of ongoing deal with layout enhancement, the designers of the brand name of Antonio Zoli are regularly dealing with one of the most minor flaws.

Carabine Antonio Zoli AZ 1900 Bavarian.308 Win

Purpose The rifle is perfectly designed for hunting huge game, specifically deer, elk, bear. Many thanks to innovative innovations such tools in accordance with the Russian regulation is adapted for bench capturing at distant targets.


In the contemporary market of small hunting tools supplied several sorts of searching tools, among which the most extensively used are the following:

  1. . 243 Winchester.
  2. . 270 Winchester.
  3. 6, 50 x 57, 0 mm.
  4. 7 x 64 mm 0,
  5. 7 mm Remington Magnum.
  6. . 308 Winchester.
  7. . 30-06 Springfield,
  8. . 300 Winchester Magnum.
  9. 9, 3 x 62, 0 mm or. 338 Winchester Magnum.
Functions AZ AZ 1900 Bavarian Standard AZ 1900 Bavarian Stutzen
Caliber . 243 . 308
Cartridges 243 Winchester 308 Winchester
The size of the weapon 112, 00 mm 105, 00 mm
Barrel size 60, 00 53, 00
Reduced weight, 3, 300– 3, 4 00 3, 300– 3, 400

The designs consist of using totally free structural published of the system as well as barrel Antonio Zoli of premium quality steel chilly spreading. Carbines of all designs are equipped with release devices initial designs.

Picking and loading

The gun is available in a full Assembly with a detachable store, band for mounting the optical mechanism. Carbines and various other weapons supplied in specially dealt with cells.

The package consists of private technological ticket, certifications, and also guarantee card, binding Protocol of capturing as well as lugging help DTK 003.

The concept of operation

It is vital that one of the most ideal basis of the activity is the standard method of the common physics when making use of the auto mechanics of the recoil of the escapement that is in the procedure of re-chambering enables you to bring weapons to the all set for the following shot.


Solely when the power shaft from ammo and paragraphs of the guideline on taking apart.

Price and also reviews of the carbines Antonio Zoli 1900 (Antonio Zoli 1900) is given listed below.

Prices and reviews

Cost range from 1150, 00 bucks. USA to 1350, 00 bucks. USA on one item. The proprietors revealed favorably, all show the simplicity of upkeep, high technical as well as mechanical elements of the tool. Adverse reviews from fans of weapons that are not aware of this brand.

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