ATACR– 5-25 * 56 ZeroStop– MOAR PTL 250MOA (C553) optical view

Scopes ATACR various spectacular image through complete multi-coating lenses of low-dispersion ED glass with an impressive light transmission rate of 90%.

Reels modifications to fulfill the criteria of the system patented Nightforce Hi-Speed ZeroStop system(a quick return of the drum to the factor of zeroing )as well as is offered in 2 versions: with a step of 0.1 Mrad( 12 mils per revolution )as well as a step of 0.25 MOA (30 MOA per transformation). Big tube diameter of optical channel 34

mm allows you to get broadened boundaries of modifications. Complete variety of changes 120 MOA/Mil 35 (model 5-25 × 56)perfectly incorporated with a high appropriate proportion as well as a broad line of vision to give ultra-high effectiveness at severe ranges. Drums adjustment hidden under a protective cap that assists prevent unexpected adjustment of setups in the field. On the node, the improvement parallax denotes the

estimated suitable position of the drum the range. The eyepiece has an improved securing system for quick change diopter XtremeSpeed and incorporated bar quick change proportion PTL. All these features coupled with high-precision smart discovery webs Nightforce F1, situated in the first focal airplane (the 2nd airplane for the model 5-25 × 56 SFP), which allows for quick modification calculation when capturing as well as exact decision of the range to the target. All riflescopes collection is outfitted with electronic lit up reticle DigIllum. Tube scopes Nightforce is constructed from high quality aluminum. The wall surface density of the tubes Nightforce a couple of times thicker than other riflescopes. This brings about a reduced

mechanical stress on the within the view from outside in its entirety, greater thermal stability and immutability of the absolutely no factor. Power Throw Lever(PTL )— bar immediate modification of multiplicity PTL allows you to promptly transform the zoom variable, also if you use handwear covers. The views are supplied with a plug on the adjustment ring increase, which can be easily changed on the take care of with the threaded PTL

. This raises the speed — of rotation of the unit alters the

ratio and also makes it exceptionally easy to spot, even to the touch. ZeroStop — immediate return to zero Nightforce ZeroStop is the service to an old issue, which lies in the functional unfeasibility of discovering a no of the drum, changes of the aiming factor elevation after numerous extreme controls.

Particularly under tension or in reduced light. As well as this decision is good, so straightforward, how efficient. The system’s patented ZeroStop. After zeroing weapons enough to set up according to the directions ZeroStop, this will certainly produce a mechanical « stop » at the selected no factor. After that, regardless of the amount of modifications in elevation are made, turn of the deal with node of the modifications in elevation down to the ZeroStop returns settings to precisely the initial absolutely no position. This can be done completely by touch «, even in full darkness or with handwear covers on. No counting clicks, no requirement of aesthetic referral, say goodbye to. Functions scopes ATACR Lenses constructed from ED glass with totally multi-coated Light transmission of over 90%The diameter of the optical tube 34 mm Integrated system ZeroStop The nodes of the amendments with technology Hi-Speed Accuracy drums changes of 0.1 Mrad or 0.25 MOA 1 click Drum modification of the

parallax with the markings of distances

  • The reticle in the very first focal plane(omitting SFP)Digital lit up reticle DigIllum Integrated lever quick modification of multiplicity (PTL )Node
  • diopter correction modern technology XtremeSpeed High security as well as water immune Reticle MOAR. The distance
  • between the marks 1 MOA, the marks for the modifications in the wind.
  • Independent floating cross in the facility of the grid makes aiming fast as well as simple to use in the field. In designs 8-32x and also 5.5-22x range has a 20 MOA below the centerline(left)
  • models a 3.5-15x to scale included 10 MOA below facility. Made use of for a lot more
  • exact estimation of array and also putting changes on the elevation at huge ranges. Post C553 Increase 5-25

Lens diameter/lens size in mm 56 The variety of reticule 1 Populate size, MOA No The size of the area overlap aiming mark, cm per 100 m No The color of the aiming mark is Black with red illumination of a grid Variety of modification vertically m 100 m 3.6 The variety of adjustment straight m 100 m 1.8 The cost of division of the scale of input of changes, cm per 100 m 0.7 Range monitorings without parallactical distortion, m 41 Power supply CR2032 1 piece(3 In

  • )Water Resistant Yes
  • Mounting type
  • Under the ring 34 mm Length mm
  • 390 Weight g 1066

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