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Having outstanding technological abilities laid down by the supplier, the rifle Izhevsk manufacturing facility model bars-4-1 is of interest from both specialist seekers and also newbies of capturing firearms.

As well as this is not shocking given that it was this rifle planned for hunting huge game (deer, ROE deer), is currently offered in a variation with more advanced functions, allowing manufacturing of middle and tiny game. This has significantly improved its capabilities for use.

Modern style and appearance, using natural timber in the treatment of butt draw in the interest of purchasers, and also familiarity with the model bars-4-1 allows to estimate as a result of the possibility of shooting rates: rate, range of a bullet. Numerous proprietors react extremely favorable regarding this version because of ideal combination of its qualities, ensuring convenience of use as well as performance and also impact of each shot.

Summary of the rifle bars-4-1

Great location on the shoulder of the butt is because of the innovative shape of the rifle, functional designs of every detail. Modern polymeric products made use of in the development of the rifle, establish its toughness, resistance to external influences and also adverse influences of the setting — — sudden modifications in temperature level as well as humidity, the access of water to the body of the rifle. This is particularly crucial when using the model in field conditions, and it remains in the application of the rifle in searching.

KO-44, a rifle

Thanks to its density and fairly light weight carabiner is often made use of to teach capturing abilities as well as its fairly easy to transportation.

Benefits model bars-4-1 stands out to name a few comparable carbines that may have the exact same large usage. The advantages enable you to stop it your option for those that value the maximum use of the rifle, its capabilities due to the criteria set by the manufacturer, as well as beauty of appearance.

Disadvantages and benefits

If we think about the design of the rifle bars-4-1, in terms of imperfections and also benefits, according to various testimonials of the owners of the rifle to his major advantages are his qualities:

  • the possibility of utilizing both for searching, and to receive first skills of shooting from a weapon;
  • the charm of exterior design;
  • the ergonomics of each layout details as well as thoughtfulness of all specifications of the carabiner;
  • the possibility of very easy transport due to the fairly tiny dimension as well as low weight of the tool.

Numerous owners kept in mind the easy framework of the carbine model, the bars-4-1, which provides simplicity of disassembly when the demand for a little upkeep of the rifle. Smooth operating of the trigger does not cause pain when making a shot, and easy design of the shop and also the possibility of its substitute with more quantity provides you the possibility to enhance shooting.

The drawbacks, according to purchasers include the high price of this carbine. The price is a relative idea, as well as integrated with superb technological characteristics and also substantial attributes of the rifle of this design cost is quite sensible.

Images of the rifle bars-4-1


Purpose Make use of the model bars-4-1, might expert the quest for the removal of both medium and also small game, as well as to take part in

  • competitors in sport capturing. With its straightforward layout carabiner bars-4-1 can efficiently be applied in mentor newbies, the ergonomics of the butt allows the maximum convenience to learn accuracy to both women and men no matter their body and hand dimensions.

Today for hunters as well as followers of capturing from searching weapons sale initially produced by the maker variation of the carbine bars-4, as well as — — boosted design bars-4-1. Both varieties are adjusted chambered in caliber.223 Remington, which is striking in even a huge target at a significant distance.

Likewise available are designs bars-4-1 at the appearance of all-natural wood, which enhanced the butt of the rifle. This can be either a birch or walnut, which are coated with high quality varnish that protects the product from the unfavorable effect of atmosphere as well as mechanical influences, unavoidable during the procedure of the rifle in the field.

Technical characteristics of the rifle bars 4-1 223 is provided listed below.


Having exceptional technical features, the carbine version bars-4-1 has vast possibilities for usage. This enhances the level of need, describing the outstanding efficiency of fire even at a relocating and extremely far away from goal.

The adhering to are the primary technical specifications, which are laid in the production procedure as well as provide a chance to evaluate the capacities of the rifle.

Requirements Carbine Bars-4-1
Native land Russia design plant, Izhevsk
Consultation Searching, shooting, enjoyable, target method
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The overall size of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Modern as well as attractive due to its outside layout, carbine design bars-4-1 confirmed to be excellent in searching, in area problems as well as when made use of for training precision. Array and also accuracy are figured out by the integral technological features of the rifle bars 4 1.


The optimum design determines the convenience of usage.

  • The existing butt pad as well as cheek made of rubber, give convenience when capturing, and also the level of smoothness of the trigger ensures that dedicating exact shot.
  • The barrel is constructed from high quality steel, its size is ideal for this model. Varnished supply, made of wood (birch or walnut) that is enjoyable to make use of as well as preserves its charm as a result of high-grade therapy.
  • The shop affixed to the carbine in fundamental setup, entails the building in it 5 rounds, which are organized in a staggered fashion. If essential, the base store can quickly be replaced with a bigger one.
  • Can be additionally geared up with extra powerful optical view for carbine bars 4 1.
Packing as well as selecting

The base set is sufficiently large, as well as several proprietors identified as adequate for comfortable use of the rifle. It goes:

  • the carbine
  • 5-charger store
  • optical view
  • fly,
  • handguard and cleaning rod, is required for normal cleansing of the rifle.
The principle of procedure

Using the rifle is straightforward enough, which is figured out by the lack of intricacy in its style.

  1. Before application ought to be finished in the store ammo in the quantity of 5 items (in fundamental configuration), set up all hardware and also change it.
  2. Locating the target using the view, should, upon distortion of the gate to send the cartridge in the barrel as well as pull the trigger.

Smooth running of the trigger, the crucial advantages of this version, giving a great aimed fire.


Define a simple layout easy dismantling allows the quick replacement of part of the device of the rifle. Inserting the bolt from withdrawal from it is abstraction back, then the fuse is affixed to a vertical position, and also can then be eliminated from the stem box the shutter.

Removable 5-shot box magazine is also conveniently taken apart, which makes it possible for the filling up or replacement with an extra capacious design of the shop.

Next off, we think about the tuning of the rifle bars-4-1.


Adjustments in the carabiner can be created due to the setup of a lot more reliable parts. Using an optical sight, 4 times estimating the objective, ensures a lengthy capturing range and capturing efficiency from the rifle.

Also may be replaced by the store, which in the standard arrangement features a capability of 5 rounds.

The rate and the testimonials concerning this searching rifle bars-4-1 223 rapid eye movement given listed below.

The item price

The cost version bars-4-1 already at the beginning of production was reasonably high, however today with the introduction of improvements in its design the price was very little reduced. Design bars-4-1 recommended different sellers at a cost of 9 to 12 800 540 rubles.

Proprietor examines on the carbine bars-4-1 223 REM offered below.

Proprietor reviews

The majority of the buyers and also the owners of the model bars-4-1 mention it as a powerful and also practical weapon, which is very easy to disassembly and improvement. Eye-catching look, great technical ability — — the primary advantages of the version, which identify the degree of need for the carbine.

Excellent shooting rates with optimum ease of procedure permit to utilize it for various functions. A compact size and easy transport as a result of lightweight provide the opportunity to speak about the convenience when utilizing it also Teens and also women with delicate skin tone.

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