Bernardelli Mega, rifle, shotgun

Italian arms business Bernardelli produces an entire collection of semi-automatic shotguns under the brand Mega.

Structurally they are really comparable and vary only in layout and tools is as elegant instances supplied in the tough satchels with additional bullet weapons, and also rather utilitarian, which can be used as a forwarding weapons.

Description of shotguns Bernardelli Mega

Semi-automatic shotguns 12 and 20 scale, with the automation which makes use of the principle of gas engine. Shop grenade, tubular, bed polupoltina. The weapon is to high price course.

Advantages and also negative aspects
  • Very high quality workmanship, perfectly crafted trunks. Consider whether the benefit or drawback of the layer chamber and chrome networks– a private issue of hunter, due to the unity on this issue is still there. The producer places the trunks are as suitable for firing steel shot.
  • The original layout of the gas engine, which can be controlled under the cartridges with various powder cost. There is no need to raise or decrease the airing vent hole in the trunk, we just need to swap the pistons, which are marked to avoid obscurity. Simpleness of style– it only has 2 piston sealing ring and return spring to guarantee high reliability of tools in all operating problems.
  • The control established trigger mechanism supplemented by a bar perehvatyvaet of cartridges in the shop. This enables you to rapidly alter the kind of equipment or to discharge the tool for transportation not emptying at the very same shop.
  • Quality craftsmanship is matched with a polished surface, this weapon is an enjoyment to take in hand, it’s cosmetically pleasing and beautiful.
  • Making use of a fiber-optic front sight as opposed to the traditional bronze a person will certainly such as, it really assists to develop a line of vision with much less mistakes.
  • Sorry, yet this is a General policy producers disregarded 16-gauge. Readily available in 20-th as well as 12-th. One is too large and also appropriates mostly for shooting duck or goose in trip, the various other too shallow as well as much more matched for hunting overload game.
  • The ergonomics of the lodges can be considered excellent. Furthermore, the package provides a collection of shims that enables you to adjust the tilt of the butt to the axis of the trunk at the desired angle for the shooter.

Contrasted to other semi-automatic tools firms, Bernardelli Mega much approximately a pound– lighter.

Bernardelli Mega Silver

Purpose This is a searching and also sporting weapons, used for the production of generally game birds. With bullet barrel 12 gauge it is feasible to fill a tool dimension boar.


Designs are divided right into 2 groups: 12 Gauge as well as 20 Gauge, inside each of them 5 or 6 designs.

Team 12 Gauge designs:

  • Mega. The standard variation of the weapon. The receiver is blued, no fuss, blued barrel, with chrome network and also the chamber. Crafted of drilling. Polupoltina bed, made of pick walnut timber, varnished. The butt plate is plastic. Brush directly, with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. Trigger as well as switch box fuse covered with gold. Sights– vented placket and also front sight– fiber-optic white «« the»stump ». Provided with extra slug barrel. Mega
  • Silver. From the previous model has a Nickel-plated receiver.
  • Mega Sporting. The metal components are covered with a carbon mesh. The front sight is made from red fiber-optic strands. Bed polupoltina, nutty, with a ridge butt the flexible height and also shock-absorbing butt pad.
  • Huge Synthetic. A gun with a plastic supply, the butt of the shock-absorbing recoil pad. There are swivels for the band install. The receiver is covered with a carbon mesh. The barrel is blued, the front view– white fiber-optic «« stub ». Supplied slug barrel with rifling.
  • Huge Levriero. Shotgun with charming surface: Nickel plated receiver is inscribed with a gold notch, polupoltina bed crafted from dark walnut of the highest trigger, button and high quality box fuse gold layered.
  • Huge Camo. A weapon with a plastic stock with a camouflage shade. The exact same finish on the barrel. The rest of the model resembles Synthetic.
  • Mega Anniversary and also Anniversary Ceramica. Rifle with Nickel receiver having a luxury surface inscribed with a Golden cross differ only by the motif of decoration. Created for the 60th anniversary of the release of the first semi-automatic model of the firm.

A group of 20 Gauge sent by:

  • Mega. A standard version of a group vary from 12-gauge just type of fly is made in the type of cut red fiber-optic hairs. Supplied with a brief rifled barrel a bullet of the kind «« Paradox.
  • » Mega Silver. You’ll be Nickel-plated receiver. The fly in the kind of a fiber-optic «« hemp ». Mega
  • Sporting. Complete analogue of the model of the twelfth quality with the same designation.
  • Mega Synthetic. Bed synthetic supply with supported recoil pad. The metal parts are covered with a carbon mesh. There are swivels for the band place.
  • Mega Camo.
  • Huge Anniversary as well as Anniversary Ceramica.

Specs Team 12 Gauge

Type Semi-automatic with a gas engine Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm

Fire the barrel Threaded for compatible barrel restrictions, channel chrome
Slug barrel With rifling a bullet of the kind «« Paradox
» Length shotgun barrels (mm) 610, 660, 710
, 760 Bullet length barrel(mm) 610 Capacity 4 +1

Length of butt(mm)
362 Total length (mm) 1130(stem 760) Weight(kg) 3,1 A Group Of

20 Gauge Kind Semi-automatic with a gas engine

Caliber 20 the chamber 76 mm Fire the barrel Threaded for compatible barrel constraint channel chrome Slug barrel With gunning a bullet of the kind « Paradox» Length shotgun barrels( mm)610 , 660, 710, 760 Bullet length barrel (mm)610 Capability 5 +1 Size of butt(mm)362 Total length(mm) 1130 Weight (kg)2,67 Design Semi-automatic rifle with a gas engine. Shot the barrel is made to shoot steel shot, channel, and chamber chrome on the muzzle string is arranged for a substitute of the contractions. Slug barrel with wide superficial rifling a bullet of the kind « Paradox.» In both cases, the sights contain a ventilated strap as well as a fiber-optic front sight. The receiver is constructed from steel, crushed

  • from a strong billet. The release liners on the right. Filling cartridges via the home window of the bunker under. Ejector cartridges found on its inner
  • side. Store tubular underbarrel, is the basis for the gas engine as well as the recoil springtime. For protection versus gases it is made of stainless-steel. Gas engine has 2 pistons installed coaxially
  • . They have different sizes of the skirt as well as are created for use cartridges with various sets of powder. Modification requires disassembly and transform their position. To omit obscurity for them marked.
  • The bolt carrier is rigidly connected by a drive with a gas engine. The larva is round, with a level mirror as well as a tooth extractor. Made use of
  • for locking the turning arm, will the tooth of the lump the receiver. When firing last bullet slide is to postpone. To eliminate a button located on the right side of the receiver above the shelter shop. The trigger system is hammer type, change of the stroke of the trigger and also the efforts it is not provided. For intercepting the rounds in the publication, a lever installed between the front branch of the trigger guard and also the bin shop. It blocks the motion of the Elevator,
  • the cartridges to the line loading is not offered. The fuse is mechanical, the check box is located on the posterior branches of
  • the trigger guard. To bring weapons in fight setting it ought to be changed to the left, then it will certainly be a red ring mark. Polupoltina bed, with a large manage. Buttstock with straight comb, sports models its elevation is flexible. The lower arm acts as a shroud gas engine. Packing and also picking Models with wood stock are provided in a tough lugging case. The barrel is removed. Provided with shot as well as slug barrel, 5 compatible nozzles muzzle of the contractions, the key for the installment. Version with a plastic supply, and also are delivered in a cardboard
  • box. Added, bullet, barrel provided no. The concept of operation Automatic rifle makes use of the energy of component of the powder gases touched from the barrel.
Throughout the shot they go
  • to the gas piston and move it towards the butt, at the same time pressing the return springtime and also relocating the screw. Pivot arm larvae falls in and out of involvement with the groove in the receiver. When relocating the screw back lining is removed from the chamber and ejectives, after that the feeding of the cartridge into the hopper shop as well as a platoon drummer. During the return activity of the feed Elevator grabs the ammo and takes it to the line

loading, where it understands the larva shutter. Prior to packing the shotgun, put the safety and security on, by gliding the button to the. The handgun is fed sequentially muzzle of a cartridge instance onward, and also fixed in the shop. If you require to charge an extra cartridge, press down on the lock lever located between the front branch of the trigger guard and also the bin shop. Then pull the screw back and place the ammunition to the supply line through the window of ejector sleeves. Release the screw. If you want to quickly change the sort of equipment of the cartridge, after that

turn the lock bar, pull the bolt back as well as expel the cartridge from the chamber, then placed the ideal ammo in the receiver as well as launch the screw. Disassembly You require to alter the sample of powder in the cartridge in the up or down to transform the setting of the gas piston. Discharge the tool numerous times twitching screw service provider and having it put on hold. Remove the molded nut on the shank as well as remove it by gliding ahead.

Eliminate the spring store as well as the applicant cartridges. Publish the barrel out of involvement with the receiver. On the pistons there is a noting: Magnum Heavy and also Light STD, complemented by arrowheads. When you change the setting

must be the very first piston, corresponding to the type of sample. Shooters need to consider each other. If required, additional disassembly, do the following
  1. : Remove the shutter hold-up(hold the handle with your finger, staying clear of unexpected motion ahead
  2. ). Eliminate from the information store gas engine to the pusher ring of the sealing frame. Pull out the shutter arm, eliminate it from the receiver by drawing
  3. on a pole, placed on the shop. Remove from store weighting

as well as a return springtime. Knock out the two pins holding the trigger Assembly and remove it from the receiver. Price Depending on the caliber, the gun is from 80 to 120 thousand rubles. For comparison, note that in this money you can

buy a semi-automatic Remington 1100 Trap (1334$), bokflint Mossberg Silver Reserve II (60-100 T. R.), rifle Remington R-25(90-100 T. p. )and various other intriguing designs. Proprietor examines The gun operates perfectly with both imported and also residential ammunition.

  • The lot and sharp fight, the influence is moderate.


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