BI-7-2-KO, rifles

A small-caliber rifle BI-7-2-KO is sporting upgraded tools that can be taken into consideration a transitional design to a carbine «« Sobol «, which is searching. In the thick-walled conserved a suit barrel and butt-orthopedic surgeon as well as arm guard with rounded Cup, located under the trigger guard.

Summary BI-7-2-TO

Small-caliber semi-automatic rifle with the crank securing mechanism of the shutter. Quality.22 LR.

Advantages and also disadvantages
  • The thick-walled rifle match barrel cantilever design. Its the muzzle is arranged a funnel-shaped chamfer. These functions provide good ballistic qualities of the weapon, it is fairly possible to abide by the policies of the sport figures to CCM comprehensive.
  • The crank locking device of the shutter allows you to fire with a high rate, while not detracting from the line of sight, which is really vital during a biathlon competition. Just how is this quality suitable on the hunt– tough to claim, all of it relies on the personality of the seeker as well as the extent of the situation. In concept, the firing price of such tools is nearly equal to semi-automatic.
  • At the exact same time, it deserves noting that the expression of the bars crank mechanism calls for the proprietor of weapons are attentive care, lubrication.
  • It is possible to set up optical views, yet the undercut on the leading side of the receiver ensure the dependability of the hook brackets.
  • The comfort designs of the lodges closer to the requirements of sports, it can not be considered suitable for searching.
  • The trigger device can be adjusted and also the stroke length as well as pressure on the trigger.

Rifle weight is also large: 3.5 pounds for a small-caliber rifle is something great.


The discovery variety from 25 to 75 meters, the arms can be made use of for sporting activity competitions, as well as production of little fur-bearing animals or upland game.

BI-7-2КО K. 22 WMR Basic beech

Varieties In the fundamental version of the rifle has a wood box with butt-orthopedist: the take care of is increased almost up and down, the blade is wide, the top ridge with the ridge, there is uncontrolled shock-absorbing recoil pad. The circuit box is obtained from the BI-7-2 without exemptions: a lever with a round Cup that covers the trigger.

  • Model ««» usage 07 » differs a height flexible comb butt and also moving butt pad.
  • Model 02 Basic Spanish to the greatest degree comparable to the hunting carbine «« Sobol ». Her traditional polupoltina bed, and examine the fuse installed in the slot of the front branch of the trigger guard. Trunk thick-walled, match. No exterior sights– rear view and also front view. This rifle it would be classified as varmint.
Function The worth
Type A duplicating rifle with the crank locking mechanism
Caliber .22 LR
The rifling 6 keystone, appropriate turning in increments of 420 mm
Barrel length (mm) 450
Capacity 5
Overall length (mm) 985
Weight (kg) 3,6
  • Semi-automatic rifle chambered for the ring of ignition with a crank locking device of the shutter.
  • Trunk thick-walled, cantilever, on the muzzle is prepared a funnel-shaped chamfer. The trapezoidal grooves, with a pitch of 420 mm of six pieces.
  • Securing barrel by using a crank mechanism. Focus is accomplished when you install two levers dead center. The reloading bar is huge, in the type of harsh metal strips, is reduced down.
  • Receiver from solid blocks of steel, it’s hexagonal, open– window, launch linings available from either side and also from above. On the top are prepared two recess for placing optical views. Models are equipped with entirely with 2 vertical guidelines– by 25 or 75 meters and a fixed front sight in the cylindrical housing.
  • Trigger device is flexible and also the stroke size and also force on the trigger. In the fundamental models, the circuit box is under the trigger guard and has a round Cup that covers the trigger. In the standard model it is mounted in the slot of the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • Shop solitary row, detachable, with a capacity of five rounds.
  • Lodge with sporting butt-orthopedist, in which the right side is arranged a dental caries for keeping extra publications. In the base case recoil pad as well as comb of the stock is unregulated.
Packing and also selecting

The rifle is available in a cardboard box. Provided with two stores, key, handbook.

The concept of operation

Release the shutter by movement of the manage on the best side of the box. While there, she steps back and a little sideways by folding the two-lever crank mechanism. At the exact same time there is a squadron drummer. The reliability of the securing is accomplished at installation of levers right into placement in the dead factor, when the resultant force of the impact are guided along their axes.

The rifle can charge a single cartridge via the window in the receiver. The store has to be vacant. To be risk-free, the ammunition can to hand into the chamber with your finger. Store is removed by pressing the button situated at the front edge of the shelter. The cartridges suit one row, to ensure that the flanges of the casings later on were ahead of the previous one.

The fuse has two settings: back– Stop, onward– Fire.


To fetch the paddle, click on the pin situated at the base of the crank device, and also essence it. After that, the shutter is output from the receiver.


Carbine costs 27 713 thousand rubles. About the same cash will certainly cost you, as an example, MP-27M with the ejector, TOZ-106, MP-43 and MP-135 in the optimum setup.


The carbine is plain as well as trusted in operation. Finest firing results are acquired when utilizing ammo with a muzzle speed of 390 m/s.

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