Browning Bar.30-06 Light Long Trac Executive rifled gun

Hunting self-loading carbine Executive arms business Browning– a gorgeous sonobouy (quality 30-06 SPFLD), receiver with engraving, depicting pets and also searching scenes, and bed made of dark timber worthy Turkish walnut.

Description of the carbine Browning Bar.30-06 Light Long Trac Executive

Self-loading carbine, working on the principle of the gas piston. Produced Browning arms company— directly in the historical homeland, in Belgium and in the United States. Now ceased, yet is still located in the list of tips gun shops (it is not left out that currently in the Chinese variation).

An intriguing information of the layout is that the piston as well as return device situated under the barrel.

That it is feasible to read from it a version index:

  • BAR— Browning Automatic Rifles, automatic rifles Browning.
  • 30-06 SPFLD cartridge 7.62 with a covering length of 63 mm.
  • Light— light (Nickel layered) receiver.
  • Trac Long— long-stroke chamber (chambered in long sleeve).
  • Executive— artistic efficiency (typically in the version the index is contributed to Ltd Edition).
Disadvantages and benefits
  • If it is actually Browning, the tool no question, has superb shooting efficiency. It is trusted (possibly not killed), well-balanced and also extremely gorgeous, but to the receiver, inscribed, and also can be considered a masterpiece.
  • The breech of the rifle has 4 lugs, in the locking the barrel he turns, consequently, on small high quality– the precision of the battle, variety– comparable to a searching weapon with screw stoppers and premium models, which have he totally free or percussively.
  • The trigger device uncontrolled, without cautioning and shneller. The plant is equipped with a pressing force equivalent to 1.8 kg, and in the operating instructions pointed out that to transform this setup is not suggested. The trigger is gold layered, the bracket is made of polymer.
  • The safety and security button is located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard, it is comfortable, yet this position of this aspect USM you need to adapt.
  • The maker supplies a model for shooters with basic left hand of the receiver and also connect them incompatible with carbines, developed for right-handers.
  • In this elegant variation, the carbine is only available chambered in 30-06 SPFLD. This quality is not global, it is preferable for African searching elephants and also rhinocerouses. They can contend distances of greater than 3 hundred meters, which needs the seeker instead skill than the capacity to outwit the monster.

Beauty model Executive Ltd Edition makes it hard to reach for most seekers– the rate starts from 5 hundred thousand roubles.

  • Classy bed dark wood walnut is extremely convenient, it is feasible to get used to the shooter’s hand making use of a collection of replacement stulnikov butt, and also spacers between it and the receiver, enabling to transform the tilt angle.
  • There is a collection of external discovery devices, including column as well as flies, the use of which is proper for driven hunts and also capturing at relocating targets, when a huge angle of sight (frame optics it lowers). The back view unregulated, with used white red stripe along the line of view and also the front sight includes a red fiber-optic string.

Because of the intricacy of the layout the carbine is much better not to type individually, customers masters-gunsmiths. Clean it really difficult. The barrel cleansing is done with the breech, pulling the brush on the cord with the channel. A device lots of seekers do not clean, minimal to the technological lubrication fluid of kind WD.

30-06 Browning Bar Light Long Trac Executive (image)

Purpose Made use of for hunting hoofed pets and big predators, if the anticipated series of more than three hundred meters. Selections Carabiners BAR Long Trac (to model index has actually included Oil Finish due to the fact that they get on a shutter delay after shooting the last bullet) are created not in such classy style, and chambered in a versatile quality.270 Win made use of for searching little ungulates in the distance of firing approximately 400 meters.

Feature The value
Kind Self-loading carbine
Quality 30-06 SPFLD (cartridge 7,62 х63)
Barrel length (mm) 559
The pitch of thread (inches) 10
Ability 4 rounds
The supply product Turkish walnut
The trigger mechanism Unregulated
Seats for bands and optics There
Total length (mm) 1067
Weight without magazine and also optical (kg) 3,14
  • Self-loading carbine of acting gas piston. The return mechanism is unusual– under the barrel.
  • The breech with 2 pairs of lugs, in the locking the barrel it is rotated, supplying a seal, like rifles, bolt-on, shutter.
  • Relocate the trigger the trigger is not flexible, mounted by the supplier the force is 1.8 kg. Package of the fuse– switch– situated on the posterior branches of the trigger guard to bring tools in combat placement it is required to press from right to left. The trigger is gold plated.
  • There are a number of exterior discovery tools. The rear sight unregulated, fly open, with a red fiber-optic thread.
  • Receiver is made by grating from solid product, outside it is covered with Nickel and also is embellished with engraving. The bar of removal from the slide stop gets on the right, near the wooden forend.

A hopper of the shop is made from aluminium, and also a polymer. To access the bunker you need to open the lid by pushing the lever in front of trigger guard. Publication ability 4 rounds, style allows you to drive the 5th cartridge in the chamber.

Bed polupoltina, butt with detachable manage, rubber recoil pad, its elevation can be transformed making use of one of the 3 in the plan.

Packing and selecting

The rifle is available in a cardboard product packaging.

Supplied with 3 interchangeable butt plate as well as six spacers to change the angle of the supply about the receiver.

Affixed the handbook and certificate. The concept of operation The carbine mechanism operates making use of the concept of the gas piston. To bill the rifle,
  • press the bar on the front branch of the trigger guard. Separate the shop from the lid. Install it four rounds in a staggered fashion.
  • Rack it. The tool prepares to fire. If necessary, it can be placed on the fuse, gliding the box-the switch on the trigger guard from delegated right.
  • After shooting the last bullet and in the existence of the store in the bunker he gets to shutter delay, which is raised by the bar on the best side of the receiver.

The design of the recoil device contains numerous little parts, so self-disassembly of the rifle can be carried out only in cases of severe requirement.

  1. Unscrew the screws attaching the swivels on the shank as well as remove it by opening up the gas piston mechanism. To eliminate the forearm, draw the bolt back.
  2. Get rid of the butt plate as well as separate it from the receiver by loosening up the screw (groove his head extremely deep).
  3. Loosen the bolt plug on the front end of the chamber gas piston.
  4. Till the launch of the split coupling of the concentration camp, which draw back the block– weighting of the recoil device, and also after pristuknite butt pad of the receiver on the desktop computer, holding the trunk up.
  5. Remove the keeping pin split couplings, gas piston, and then press her out of the cell gas piston forward.
  6. Press the lever cap hopper shop and open it.
  7. Get rid of the overview of the recoil system, located on both sides of the receptacle.
  8. Disassemble the recoil system removing the unit-weighting, the springtime and overview.
  9. Knock two preserving pins of the trigger, then pull it towards the back plate and also get rid of the receiver.
  10. Get rid of the handle, remove it from the receiver.

On the carbine you can set up bands or brackets under the optics utilizing the hole with statistics string right into the receiver. If you want you can eliminate the front view and the back sight are attached with tiny screws.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Browning Bar.30-06 Light Long Trac Executive is provided listed below.


The Executive model is among the most pricey. Its cost begins with 500 thousand rubles. Costs of the model range Bar Long Trac begin with 110 thousand, although on the supplier’s site they request for no greater than 1300 $.

Clearance Browning Bar Light Long Trac 30-06 Executive

Reviews The carbine has exceptional capturing buildings, the worth of the MOA is less than one. He has a mild recoil, that enables you to shoot Magnum cartridges even literally not really prepared people. The mechanism of the carbine is able as well as exceptionally trustworthy to operate in the most damaging conditions. Unusually enough, however to maintain it running smoothly sufficient to fill in the receiver technical fluid WD.

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