Browning BAR Mark II Safari rifle weapon

Model caliber.308 Win business cartridge 7,62×× 51 is a commonly offered and produced in all nations of the globe universal showing off and also searching ammunition has the best efficiency in precision and also variety combat.

System ballistic maximizing capturing (BOSS), created by the developers of the arms firm Browning about 12 years earlier, utilized on self-loading carbines of the 2nd generation BAR Mark II Safari collection.

Description series BAR Mark II Safari

A series of semi-automatic rifles Browning series Mark II Safari differs from the previous generation, with version indexes Long or Short Trac, both on the surface and constructively. They are much more fragile, do not look so huge, butt in stock kind has nearly no disposition about the receiver, which is always covered with blueing, as well as the left and best plane has an engraved SAFARI. Conserved a proprietary function of carabiners BAR– gold plated trigger.

The structural functions are a lot more substantial.

  • Preserving the timeless Browning a layout in which the venting system lies under the barrel and forend closed, collection Safari uses seekers the ability to manage the quantity of exhaust gases to adjust the weapon under the cartridges with various kind and also weight bullets.
  • On top of that, the gas piston refilling device and the chamber to have them layered. This has actually increased the overall integrity of the mechanism and also decreased the chance that a spent cartridge situation stays in the chamber.

The most fascinating style choice was making use of the system BOSS ballistic optimizing (it is set to optional), dramatically raises the precision of fire. It is a muzzle brake, the length of which can be readjusted, due to which the bullet leaves the barrel at the moment when the amplitude of resonance is minimal.

Disadvantages and advantages
  • The tool is extremely trusted and plain in procedure. Rifles caliber.308 Win you can utilize to hunt whatever from game birds to large ungulates and predators, for this objective it is just essential to choose a cartridge with a particular bullet: light, hefty, hollow-points… … System for controlled gas piston allows to set weapon.
  • Although that the descent of a carbine unregulated, alerts and also has no shneller on the manufacturing facility installed fixed force on the trigger is 4 extra pounds (1,700 grams)– comfort designs USM well thought out. Button box the fuse lies at the base of the posterior branches of the trigger guard, he has an extremely basic algorithm. The lever of removal from the slide quit lies between the receiver and forend. To blend these controls in the warm of passion hunting is difficult.
  • The variety of lugs of the shutter is increased to seven (carbines of the initial generation of four), the reliability of the securing was higher, which also impacts shooting performance.
  • The Browning business produces rifles, is developed for right-handers and left-handers, they vary just by the celebration installing the shutter bar.
  • The eject bar is in front of the trigger guard, when pressed a leans cover, on which there is taken care of capability for cartridges. At wish it is feasible to equip the shop, without eliminating it from the cover. This design is very practical, since the removed shop will not drop in the snow or mud, it don’t need to search and also tidy.
  • Provided with extra stelnicki butt as well as strips to change the angle of its installment about the receiver. The bed is well crafted, the location of the notches is terrific– they almost totally cover the take care of and fifty percent of the surface of the forearm, which ensures reliability of grip in all scenarios. Made use of for the manufacture of a dark timber of noble walnut. It is skeptical that any aesthete will certainly locate something to whine around.
  • The setup of straps as well as braces for optics with the pair of external sights– flexible or fixed system (father) is entirely shut as well as flexible sights. If required they can be conveniently eliminated, they are placed on the trunk of a little statistics screws.

System ballistic optimization is a plus and minus.

  • It allows to achieve really high precision of the fight by simple controls, raising or reducing the size of the muzzle brake about the point specified in the adjusting table.
  • The value of the MOA might not surpass a tenth. For its appropriate procedure it is necessary to utilize cartridges of the greatest quality power within the celebration not differ from each various other by hundredths of a Joule.
  • Furthermore, the regular muzzle brake with holes dramatically increases the power of shot noise (impact it lowers). There is another kind of tool is a Conventional Recoil (CR), which has no holes. It raises not just the precision but also the power of providing. The seeker will have to choose what is far better.

Curb weight of the rifle greater than 3,5 kg. For suspension of searching it is fairly heavy.

Rifle Browning Bar.308 Boss

The objective of Browning BAR 308 BOSS Efficient series of rifle quality.308 Win up to 400 meters.

With it you can quest all sorts of game from
grouch to bears. At optimum tuning BOSS he can be a sniper rifle. Specs Function The value Type
Self-loading rifle with gas piston Caliber.308 Win (cartridge 7,62 ×
51)Barrel length( mm)559 The pitch of string (inches)12 “The×layer of
the barrel Sleek blueing Capacity
4+1 in the chamber Bed Polupoltina, Turkish walnut Complete size(mm)1092
Weight(kg)3,58 Design Self-loading carbine, operating the concept of the gas piston. The return mechanism situated under the barrel and forearm shut. There is the possibility of its control– in channel of the concentration camp set screw with a metric thread. The gas piston is chromed. Barrel made by cool building, the connection to the receiver all-in-one. Receiver machined from strong blocks of steel by milling. It

is closed, there is only a groove for the deal with of the shutter and also the window, extractor. The chamber is covered with a chromium outer finish– burnishing. The shutter when locking turns, he has seven lugs. The trigger device unregulated, the force on the trigger 1.7 kg. Box-the security switch lies on

  • the posterior branches of the trigger guard. He moved perpendicularly to the axis of the barrel. Much right– Fire, left– « Stop. » The lever of removal from the slide stop is on the right side of the receiver, in between it and the forend. Eliminating the magazine by continuing the
  • lever situated at the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • It is mounted on the flip cover, it can be removed totally. Buttstock with pistol grip placed on the receiver screw. It is straight without any ridges as well as pillows. Utilized in its manufacture, the wood is Turkish walnut. The fore-end from wood, it is removable. The fastening screw is located under the front sling swivel. On the receiver there are openings with metric string for placing bands and also brackets under the extents. There is an adjustable rear sight and also hooded front sight. The back sight can be additionally flexible(slider with remote line)and also
  • chosen a lengthy prismatic base system( father ). Picking and also loading The rifle comes in a hard case with a foam damper inside. Supplied with three detachable butt plate, collection of gaskets to install angle table adjustment system BOSS, manual. The concept of procedure of the system BOSS The ballistic system of stablizing consists of the muzzle brake, the length of which can be adjusted, as well as lock nuts. It is based on the reality that the wavelength of the vibrational oscillations of the barrel for cartridges of one caliber and also bullet kind are the same. Decreasing the length or enhancing of the muzzle brake, you can guarantee that the bullet will exit the barrel at the moment when the sine wave oscillation goes across the zero conditional. Connected to the carabiner setup table based on empirical( experimental) results gotten by firing a couple of hundred
    rounds of one caliber on the bench. The shooter,
    • recognizing the kind of ammo, wind on the threaded component of the barrel locknut until an integer worth measuring array that is defined for them in the table. After that screw onto the muzzle brake. If the table of worths decimal, the tenths are exposed rotary ring dial installed under face of the muzzle brake. Adjusting BOSS is consistently shooting 3 rounds, determining the range between the factors of contact with the
    • target as well as change the placement(and also or minus )of the muzzle brake about the empirically calculated point, which is specified in the setup table. Normally, the maximum configuration is three-four collection of three shots. It is not advised to transform the change dial greater than 0.5 division each time. Disassembly of the rifle Is done if needed, clean the gas piston device as well as USM. The design is so durable that in normal cases it is just feasible to get rid of the fore-end hold-up weighting down the recoil mechanism and

    surface processing technological liquid of kind WD-40. Complete disassembly is accomplished in a number of phases. Released the carbine, eliminating the store to misshape the shutter, remove the shutter delay makes control descent. Unscrew the front sling swivel and also screw under it, remove the lower arm by drawing it towards the muzzle. Loosen the nut of the gas chamber from the muzzle. To postpone the weighting of the

    recoil system, whereupon the movement

    from the receiver to the muzzle slice to push the piston out of the chamber using a flat screwdriver with a slim suggestion. Open the hopper cover of the shop to fetch two overviews. Among them might not be eliminated, so emboss the shaft of the slide quit bar as well as remove it. Pull the screw back, retreat from the gas chambers guide of the recoil system and also remove it all with weighting, springs and pole. knock out 2 pins of the trigger Assembly on

  • the receiver and also remove it. Eliminate the screw handle, why draw it back and somewhat to in between her and the larva created a gap. To place a screwdriver as well as tear the lock lever
  • . After that, the shutter is eliminated from the receiver with no issues. On the stem of the paddle to knock senseless the pin, get rid of the firing pin, the springtime as well as the larva with the lugs. Tuning You can change the gas device if the spent cartridge situation removed from the chamber vigorously sufficient. To do this, follow the
  • first two paragraphs from the section over. Place the carabiner manage of the paddle up. On the channel linking the barrel and the gas chamber, find the screw with a straight slot. Transform it counterclockwise a
  • quarter turn. Construct the rifle, do a control shoot 2-3 rounds. If needed, decrease the cross section of the gas channels, tightening up the screw 1/16 or 1/8 turn. Next, consider the evaluations as well as rate rifle Browning BAR Mark II Safari.308 Win Boss
  • . Price On the Browning website States that the price of the rifle is a. 308 Win 1229.99$.
  • In on-line shops it is

    from 138 to 150 thousand rubles. Testimonials The proprietors claim that the carbine is very dependable. It is possible to search at ranges approximately 400 meters. The system permits BOSS to achieve a discrepancy from the ordinary point of effect no above0.5 centimeters, However, with the typical muzzle brake the noise of the shot is amplified

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