Carabiner Tiger

The result is that the Ministry of support of the USSR was a competitors among layout bureaus for the very best sample of the brand-new sniper rifle. As a result, in the final competition showcased a few examples as well as the results of the tests, the Commission has actually embraced the example sent by the designer Eugene Dragunov.

After the war, the island became a concern on creation for the army’s new sniper rifle. The good old three-line, despite its dependability irrevocably obsoleted, particularly compared to the current models of sniper rifles in the NATO nations.

This self-loading sniper rifle was designated the SVD, by the name of its Creator, and also remains in solution of our army considering that 1963. In enhancement, the Dragunov was and remains in solution with the militaries of dozens of nations around the globe. Amongst the style features of the new rifle was a shop on basic 10 bullets from the rifle Mosin-Nagant (7.62 x 54). Charging is done using gas piston when terminated. When it comes to its dependability and also resistance to unfavorable ecological elements (moisture, dirt, dirt, temperature extremes), the Dragunov is far above similar Western designs based on a par with the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The first «« Tiger »: the cons and also pros.

Immediately after embracing his rifle, the Dragunov, the developer began to develop a hunting version of SVD. And also at the end of the 60’s existed the very first model on the basis of army rifles. And also after ten years at the arms manufacturing facility in Izhevsk in the manufacturing was launched on the carbine «« Tiger »

. Developed « Tiger» » was for hunting medium-sized and also big pets — — traditional bullet from trehlineyki 7.62 x 54 made in the hunting jacketed hollow-point variation, had terrific stopping power. Reliability, simpleness in taking care of as well as treatment was additionally above and also beyond. The very first carbine «« Tiger » had superb accuracy and also rate of fire. Nevertheless, like any type of «« conversion », a carbine «« the» Tiger » had a variety of shortages in the style.

Amongst the primary issues from seekers was:

  • Army optics PSO-1 poorly suited to hunting demands.
  • Orthopedic butt convenient when firing from prone was unpleasant when shooting on the step, at driven hunt.
  • Plastic handguard, though, as well as assisted in the overall building and construction, however the winter months search were uneasy — — had frostbite on your fingers.
  • The absence of a fire arrester with an adequately powerful fee were blinded by the hunter when fired even throughout the day, as well as twilight.
«« — Tiger — 1

». In the 90-ies of the searching adjustment started to be supplied in Western countries. To boost the competition of the rifle as in a foreign market, as well as domestic anywhere have begun to proactively penetrate foreign designs of hunting tools, Izhmash developers started service boosting the style of the carbine «« Tiger ». The outcome was sent to new, modern version under the name «« Tiger-1 ».

Among the design developments were: * Universal side place is compatible with many hunting optics. * Muzzle brake — — compensator, which considerably minimized the recoil as well as permitted to stay clear of the glow of the hunter when fired.

* Changed the shape of the stock — — included deal with kind handgun hold for simplicity of hold.

* Extended cost-free play fly for very easy zeroing of the rifle.

The carbine «« Tiger » with a folding supply.

Has actually also been increased variety of cartridges. In the brand-new «« tiger », produced in different versions, ammunition has been increased to four kinds:

  • The timeless «« Tiger »: a three-cartridge 7.62 x 54.
  • Version 308: chambered for 308 Winchester (7.62 x 51).
  • Version 30 — — 06: chambered for the 30 06 Springfield (7.62 x 63).
  • ««»Tigr-9 »: chambered for 9.3 x 64.

Each of these adjustments has a few versions, all greater than 10 — — with plywood and also plastic butts of various forms (orthopedic, folding). The primary distinction can be called the length of the barrel — — the «» Tigers » are performed on both the lengthy and short barrel.

Reviews from seekers on the carbine «« Tiger »

. Several hunters who have actually taken care of the «« Tiger » kept in mind to its superb carcass quality compared with various other residential carbine utilizing a weaker cartridge the SKS or Vepr’. As noted, the carbine «« Tiger » virtually does not leave wounded video game, also when hunting large ungulates. Jacketed hollow-point bullet 7.62 x 54 give a reputable destruction of the beast, also at extreme capturing ranges as well as wonderful precision and also rate of fire permit you to strike also a rapid moving, reasonably little target, the wolves, little wild boars, foxes. Misfires and also delays of the shot when firing from a carbine «« the» Tiger » is not seen. Its favorable duty is played by the trusted automated acquired from Dragunov rifles. Desirable perception it leaves as well as the smooth simple trigger pull.

Among the small disadvantages of the carbine «« Tiger » seasoned seekers claim that when removing the tool from the guard can listen to a silent click. When hunting with «« labaz » (tower) this is a small click can be informed, if not to alarm the beast. It is recommended to utilize the lever guard plastic ring from the cartridges 12-gauge — — it deadens the sound of effect.

For Russian problems, it is recommended to acquire a carbine «« the» Tiger » chambered in 7.62 x 54. It is extremely economical and shows superb ballistic top quality when shooting at distances approximately 200 m. As technique programs, when making use of heavy bullets when terminated from a carbine «« the» Tiger » challenging intending, due to the fact that they fly at a steeper trajectory. The very best option — — 13-gram jacketed hollow-point bullets Novosibirsk or Barnaul plants. Such a cartridge takes a terrific elk with a range of 200 — — 250 m.

As to the efficiency of the rifle better — — a short-barreled and long-barreled variation, we can state that accuracy and efficient variety of fire from this does not rely on. A minimum of not nearly enough to be somehow a crucial consider the option. And also right here is a variation with a short barrel is far more comfortable when shooting «« on the relocation » — — in this case, the extra hundred grams of weight or a loads centimeters can hold the option of tools to those hundredths of a 2nd, adequate for the monster disappeared.

As a result of the reality that the carbine «« Tiger » is made in a multitude of options, before purchasing you need to seriously consider the selection to attempt the mod on your own. After which it will be feasible to remain at some certain variation, one of the most ideal specifically for you. Based upon the foregoing, we can conclude that the carbine «« Tiger» » is presently one of the most viable choice for searching huge beast of all the Russian hunting carbines. As for its integrity and also simpleness, he has no equal, maybe also amongst foreign tools of this class.

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