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Hunting rifle SM-2КО was based on basic sporting rifles CM-2 and gotten from her «« inheritance » thick match barrel with muzzle chamfer in the type of a funnel having a great ballistic high qualities.

It is a durable and also trustworthy weapons takes pleasure in well-deserved popularity amongst followers of tiny caliber.

Description of carabiner SM-2КО

Carbine chambered ring ignition of calibre.22 LR. The longitudinally-sliding. Trunk thick-walled, match, on the muzzle chamfer is prepared in a channel.

The transition from the classification of showing off arms in searching come with by the device of the mine shop, alter the functional designs of the Lodge as well as the tool on the top edge of the receiver two longitudinal recesses developing the similarity of the strap dovetail.

Advantages as well as negative aspects

Very straightforward design, in which just absolutely nothing to damage.

  • Trunk with good interior ballistics, allowing confidently struck targets at distances up to 100 meters. Nonetheless, it is worth keeping in mind that the bullet cartridge quality.22 LR has reduced initial speed, creating the trajectory of its trip is close to ballistic. It is substantially impacted by wind. So this weapon is more suitable for sport or target technique at a shooting array. In the field a range of 50 meters can be thought about minimal.
  • The shutter has no lugs. This simplifies the style and also makes the recycling procedure simpler– one less point to jamming in the slots. Nevertheless, amongst followers of tiny quality, there is no consensus concerning the competence of the locking handles are simply laying in the groove of the receiver. As an example, the closures rifles CZ-452 has 3 lugs, which is clearly extreme. It seems that the disdain for «« plaything » ammo is not the appropriate mind-set.
  • The shutter is eliminated from the receiver after pushing the trigger, about the same as the Mosin rifle. Therefore, it is feasible his loss at long transitions. A high possibility of such an event confirmed useful situations with the red military, one of the most skilled of which this component of the rifle kept in his pocket.
  • The pressure on the trigger is not flexible, it is always the same, about a kilogram. Consider whether this is a downside or benefit– an exclusive affair of each arrowhead. However it is possible to adjust the stroke size in the array from 2 to 4 mm, which enables the operator to readjust the arms according to his character or personality hunting.
  • Undercut, creating bench of the «« dovetail » is not the best remedy for placing optical devices. If the extent is also enormous, after that it will remain without correct reliability.
  • Shop carabiner made of plastic, which is a contemporary style pattern, however is not sustained by a lot of adherents of classic style tools of steel as well as timber. Besides, he socializes in the mine as well as for the removal of this incident have to podmahivat tape. The magazine capacity to 10 rounds is plainly unneeded, he’s also outside the box that hunting can be a reason for loss, damage and various other difficulties.
  • In all-time low of the butt is arranged in the tooth cavity for saving spare publications. It’s an excellent concept, although much heavier weapon, the weight of which is quite huge: 3 pounds for «« no huge point » is too much.

The butt of the rifle is outfitted with an extending ridge, which makes aiming through the optics more comfortable. This choice is located only on models of efficiency 07– bed plastic, brown or black.

Picture melkashki CM2-KO

Purpose This angling tool for the production of little fur-bearing pets.

You may additionally hunt upland game. Varieties The carbine was

generated only in caliber.22 LR, with a cartridge.22 WMR it is incompatible. The lodges are made from wood of two species: beech or birch. These weapons open front view and also butt without the step on the crest. Additionally readily available in a « performance 07 » box is plastic, the «butt with the cushion « Monte Carlo », fly in a circular casing. Specifications Attribute The worth Type Gunned carbine

bolt-on shutter
Quality .22 LR Trunk Thick-walled
, with a funnel at the muzzle. The grooves are small, light bullets
with a small first speed. Barrel length( mm)500 Store Removable

, with a capability of 10 rounds Overall size(mm )950 Weight( kg) 3 Layout Duplicating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gateway. Trunk thick-walled, with small sloping grooves for light lead bullet quality.22 LR. On the muzzle is organized a channel
that boost ballistic high qualities. In the last third of
the size of the dealt with

barrel clamp with

sling swivel for shoulder belt. Mate the barrel to

the receiver

  • rubbing, thickness is achieved due to the surface area. Taking care of one pin. Receiver is machined from a solitary item, the window to eject covering housings shut on the left side, closer to the recoil pad made the cutout for the lock handle bolt. On the top are arranged 2 undercut for the development of planks of the kind « dovetail ». Shutter without fighting projections, a handle with a ball on completion
  • is an essential component of the stem. 2 tooth extractor, a larva with a flat mirror. Trigger device with one sear, controlled just move the trigger. The safety secures the sear, it functions only when the cocked firing pin, suggests the shank of the shooting»pin, peek-a-Boo at 3 mm from the stem. The circuit box is on the appropriate side of the receiver. A lever with a knurled head, which slides back(Stop position)or forward (« Fire »)
  • . The hopper store lies in front of the trigger guard. Lock located on the shank. Store plastic, single row, with an ability of 10 rounds. It can be changed with the same ability of 5 rounds, which is outfitted with a carbine « Sobol ». Pillar with 2 fixed elevation positions: distance in 25 or 50 meters. Flat it does stagnate. Dealt with front view, steel,
  • open. Optional(in the design of « efficiency 07 )it’s closed round housing. Bed poliestireno layout, the handle is noticable. The butt plate is plastic. On the bottom of the butt is prepared in the recess for storage space of spare
  • magazines. It gathers a spring-loaded plate. Packing as well as selecting The rifle comes in a cardboard box. Provided with two publications, manual and passport. The concept «of procedure Army projectile occurs during
  • the motion of the shutter forward as well as decreasing the manage right into the groove on the receiver. The shank of the shooting pin appears to 3 mm from the body of the bolt. Carbine can charge solitary cartridges via
    the window of the receiver.

    The store must be vacant. The algorithm of activities of the requirement for all bolt rifles: lift screw take care of, draw the stalk back, put the

    • ammunition feeder shop it as well as chamber the next round into the chamber manually. Close the shutter as well as shoot. The fuse is included just with the cocked shooting pin. When you open up the shutter it needs to
    • be turned off, otherwise you can harm the sear. For packing the publication it is eliminated from the receptacle, for which it is needed to press the switch on the handguard. The cartridges fit into one row, to make sure that the flange of the sleeve following is not hooked on the flange of the previous one. To shut the shutter without cocking the firing pin, keep the trigger pushed. Disassembly Eject from the hopper. To open the shutter and also take the stem back until it quits.
    • Pull the trigger, get rid of the shutter from the receiver. Hold the manage with the fingers of the right hand, the left turn cylinder stopper clockwise to eliminate it, get rid of the spring as well as shooting pin shooting pin. Cost A carbine with a plastic supply, price from 12 thousand rubles. For models with birch or beech please to 24 thousand rubles. Testimonials The handiwork of the rifle elevates no objections.
    • Quite reliable in procedure, strong springtime drummer starts any type of ammunition, consisting of proflavine numerous years. The most effective outcomes reveals the precision when utilizing ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 350 m/s.

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