CZ 550 standard.30-06 LPA, rifled weapon

Today we consider among one of the most popular guns from the business Ceská Zbrojovka (CZ), which began its marvelous background in the town of Strakonice before the second world war.

The time was fairly tense, political situation in Europe rapidly escalated. The concern of the stipulation of the Czech military stood really seriously. The very first set of weapons in the beginning of the far-off 1937 was the military-style service guns, small caliber rifles as well as gatling gun for airplane.

The post-war variety was greatly broadened with the production of the Czech version of the AKM, in addition to sporting activities capturing and also hunting tool. Today power in Uhersky Brod produced the adhering to designs of: air guns, Sporting and hunting rifles and rifles, Hunting shotguns, Firearms for the armed forces.

Review of carbine CZ 550 standard.30-06 LPA

The serial variation of the CZ 550 requirement is a precursor to the subsequent high-end version. The whole array has an excellent cut, and also is utilized for the manufacture of the finest walnut. The Czech version of civilian tools is sophisticated and also ergonometrically engineering solutions.

The effect of precision and raise the length of time making use of weapons is attained with making use of worldwide known techniques of cool built steel for the most in charge of the shooting parts. A wide range of features and also visual appearance precisely fulfill one of the most strict international criteria.

Advantages as well as downsides

The primary benefits of professionals consider durable as well as light-weight trunk, graceful as well as at the exact same time special geometry of the butt satisfies the greatest indications of aerodynamics of the shot. Design CZ-550, collection 30-06 hassle-free because it dealt with the shop, optics from Leupold kind VX 1 2-7 × 33. Along with superb technical properties, a substantial consider the popularity is fairly low for this level of weapon expense, basic disassembly and also call for unique abilities cleansing and lubrication. Carbine differs from several analogues. What?

  • A wide variety of calibers.
  • Easy installation of optics of the discovery gadget.
  • Easy to make use of.
  • USM perfectly regulated.
  • The indication of a platoon USM.
  • Easy upkeep.
  • Shutter type Mauser.
  • Strong created barrel
  • High accuracy.

On the shortcomings we can state the following.When discharged, open the shutter has a substantial play that does not permit novices to quickly and also effectively close the shutter. Gradually, this process is addicting.

Not enough placing optics design that calls for independent exploration holes for mounting screws, conventional holes do not exist.

CZ 550 basic K. 30-06 LPA (photo)

Purpose The rifle is designed for enjoyable actual guys searching and walking in the wild, in the woodland or in the mountains. Not less reliable this variation of the carbine can dawn in regards to sport capturing and also numerous competitors.


The product series of this group of private weapons can be referred to as actually extreme. Supplier from the Czech Republic to provide today the complying with versions:

  • The CZ 550 LUX rifle quality 308W with detachable 4 shop fee.
  • Carbine CZ 550 criterion, 308W, repaired store, a collection of LPA.
  • Model CZ 550 Synthetic 30-06 sprg, with braces.
p/p Call Number
1 Producer CESKA ZBROJOVKA, Czech Republic
2 Design group CZ 550 requirement
3 The dimension of the caliber 30/06
4 Weight 3, 30 kg
5 Size: the barrel 60, 00 centimeters
Product length overall 113, 50 cm
6 Twist 1: 10″
″ 7 The capacity of the shop 5 rounds
8 Recoil pad 8, 00 cm
9 The device of the view contains a back sight and also front view

Design option is quite simple and also is completely consistent with the carbines in this classification. Certain interest must be given to such attributes as car bed belt installing hardware.

The rifle can be outfitted with open views and also no for placing optics. The receiver is outfitted at the top of supposed dovetail.

Packing and also picking

In a common complete rifle supplied unassembled in oiled paper. The packaging is a cardboard box. The collection included a passport devices, certification, and also direction for maintenance.

The concept of operation

Action easy to of primary. Used action not cartridge power cocking the shutter, when making a shot, the shutter relocates away as well as the cartridge is ejected.

Disassembly is carried out according to the common plan and in accordance with the instructions points.


Weapons vary a moderate timeless aesthetics, the major topic of coating is the supply, made from the noble varieties of nuts. Currently, developers are functioning to use fashion aspects of private tools.

Concerning the rate as well as the reviews on the rifle CZ 550 Varmint, Standart (Standard), Lux 30-06, 308 Win, FS are described below.


Cost category as well as gives adequate latitude. The price of various versions can start from 575, 00 bucks. U.S.A. and also to 738, 00 dollars. USA.

Proprietor evaluates

Judging by the diverse info types in social media networks, the substantial bulk of they clarify particular favorable facets of the rifle, its benefit as well as ease of handling. Specialist seekers state that several of the attributes need getting made use of to as well as in the solution of the weapon.

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