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The mix of attractive exterior layout and also excellent technical attributes made carbine Elk-10 among the most interesting in the line of searching rifles this producer.

Timeless layout with small modifications of previous versions, the absence of sidetracking details, the positive responses of proprietors, all made this model fascinating in the eyes of seekers as well as fans of shooting weapons.

Outstanding technical qualities allow to fully examine the opportunities for vast use the rifle of the model. Also, the owners speak well of the ability of the rifle to strike a far target, which supplies a broadband of a bullet when fired. In this post, we will certainly review the features, rate and evaluations of the new carbine Elk-10, and additionally shows images and video of this tool.

Introduction of carbine Elk-10

Fashionable look is not the only advantage of this design Elk-10. Fantastic opportunities have actually opened carbine many thanks to the technological parameters given by the producer. The evaluation of the favorable and also adverse top qualities of this model, as well as client testimonials will certainly permit you to obtain an in-depth picture about this design.

The idea form carabiner clip gives ease of use and also comfort designs of the butt, which ensures comfortable addiction on the shoulder throughout the shooting and also the absence of tangible outcomes. The small dimension because of the decreased barrel size and lightweight of the whole structure make it feasible to easily transfer the carabiner and utilize it for training newbies: the ergonomic form of the stock enables you to not feel discomfort when using this model, even females with little dimension hands.

Carbine Elk-10 (pictures)

Disadvantages as well as benefits When comparing it to similar designs from other manufacturers, benefits model Elk-10 offers a few points. Negative aspects, according to the majority of the customers and also owners of this carbine, version Elk-10 has not. Some as a negative aspect is the relatively high price, nonetheless, offered the large number of benefits of the price can be considered sensible as well as warranted.

Vital favorable attributes modalias-10 include:

  • the simplicity of the layout of the design Elk-10 permits disassembly of the carbine, it might be necessary to conduct its present repair service or throughout cleansing;
  • the optimal form of the barrel as well as the butt, ensuring convenience of use and outstanding efficiency capturing;
  • a simple device that does not need facility tools or special abilities to execute the disassembly of tools;
  • the availability of price design bookkeeping for her excellent technological features.

Varying from other versions of the line «« Elk»», take into consideration a light-weight rifle verified itself effectively during the area examinations, representing superb efficiency capturing usability, as well as chances to carry out renovations of the model.

  • Make use of the carbine Elk-10 can efficiently for hunting, as well as for trainings of precision and competition target capturing.
  • Many thanks to its great design as well as simplicity of the device it can be utilized for abilities capturing: fairly light and also small, it is quickly utilized by men and women, and teens.

A model can have a number of variations depending on both types of timber used in the decor of the bed of the butt, and depending upon the caliber of the cartridge.

  • In the selling are variants of this rifle with wood walnut or birch, which are varnished and flawlessly machined: it shields the tree from mechanical damages.
  • The quality of ammo that can be made use of for shooting of the rifle, varies: basic 7,62×× 51 created to assault animals of tool dimension, and also an extra effective.308 Win.

Technical features of the rifle Elk-10 you will certainly discover listed below.


Having an excellent credibility as a hunting rifle and made use of for fun, technique capturing and training, model Elk-10 has such technological capabilities that permit you to believe in the most effective shooting. With the help of technical criteria laid down by the manufacturer, you can get the most full photo about the capabilities of the rifle. Presented in tabular kind, they enable you to see one of the most important parameters of the model.

Specifications Carbine Elk 10
Country of origin Russia engineering plant, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target technique
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Ability cartridges From 5 to 9
The overall length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide finishing

In the decor of various alterations of this design made use of an all-natural material — — various selections of wood (birch, walnut, maple), which, when covering them with varnish to preserve its appealing appearance. It contributes to the surface of the rifle much more attractive.


The system of the carbine is easy that offers simplicity of accomplishing disassembly. The barrel is constructed from premium quality steel, its length is ideal for the model. Cold creating enables to produce a covering of the barrel with an one-of-a-kind degree of stamina. Varnished supply, made of timber (birch or walnut) that is pleasant to use as well as retains its allure because of high-quality therapy.

Packing and also selecting
  • The fundamental set to model Elk 10 includes an optical sight, the store capacity of 5 rounds, which can be changed with an even more three-dimensional front view and also cleansing rod to clean up the barrel. There is a belt.
  • Carabiner in the sale is gone along with by a certificate of top quality as well as an individual passport.
  • Loaded the rifle in a cardboard box with the necessary info on the side component of the name of the product and the company-seller.
The principle of procedure

A straightforward mechanism enables you not to have problems with its operation. When you press the trigger is tripping hook screw, corrected the spring creates a sharp pressure on the firing pin, causing a shot.


To understand the carbine can when cleaning the barrel from the accumulated residue as well as dirt but also for its improvement.

Longitudinal-a sliding shutter kind as straightforward as possible during disassembly. Putting the screw from withdrawal from it is abstraction back, after that the fuse is affixed to an upright position, as well as can then be eliminated from the stem box the shutter.


Tuning can be done through the setup of extra powerful optical views, substitute of the basic flies and also lower arm.

The product cost

Price for Elk-10 from different sellers may vary insignificantly and it is about 28 200-33 250 rubles.

Owner examines
  • Many owners have an extremely positive opinion about this version because it combines convenience of usage, outstanding technical capacities, attractive appearance and cost, validated its capacities.

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