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Many expert hunters noted the distinct mix of excellent technological characteristics that identify possibilities for usage, and also eye-catching appearance of the rifles supplied in the marketplace today.

And the line of light rifles Elk with good possibilities for usage in the area, both for sporting activity shooting and for participation in competitions.

The most recognized amongst the designs variation of the rifle for searching Elk-4, which immediately attracts attention because of the traditional look without unnecessary information, high quality materials used to produce the constructive components of this rifle. The ergonomic form, the opportunity of renovation as well as easy partial disassembly is just one of the most fundamental positive top qualities of the rifle Elk-4, we keep in mind both buyers and owners.

Summary of carbine Elk-4

The technical features of this design allow to evaluate the abilities of the rifle, maker taken into consideration all the nuances of its usage for different objectives: short barrel, simple system, great fundamental — — is everything about a balance of all criteria of this rifle. The price allows you to call the carbine Elk 4. attractive for those trying to find the most effective combination of appealing look and high quality of shooting at cost effective cost. Multiple favorable feedback helps evaluate the interest of the design Moose 4 even in comparison with the types of rifles for searching, having similar specifications.

After assessing the readily available benefits, you will observe the control of them over the drawbacks of the producer: according to most owners of the model, appealing exterior style, excellent performance of fire (these consist of rate of fire, accuracy and also efficiency of fire) made a carbine Elk 4 one of the most preferred today. The rate of interest of the model occurs not only newbies, however likewise professionals that appreciate the reliability of the makers, convenience of operation as well as capturing efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern external layout, designed in classic design, the ideal change of all systems, the frustrating variety of great testimonials from proprietors and customers has actually led to a high degree of rate of interest in a design of the Elk-4.

To establishing the benefits of the rifle ought to include the adhering to features:

  • reasonably lightweight with compact size gives simplicity of movement of the carabiner, and the opportunity most practical for its usage in capturing and also for guys of any type of develop, as well as for females;
  • the functional designs of the butt, which ensures comfortable addiction on the shoulder during the capturing and the lack of concrete effect;
  • the accessibility, alteration, equipped with a mechanical sight, which provides the capability to strike a target situated as for possible — — up to 300 meters; the capacity to adjust the effort to press the trigger, this alters the nature of the carried out shot;
  • smoothness of trigger is likewise an important element comfy use any version of a searching rifle: it offers the most effective opportunity of striking the target, the expense of much less initiative for shooting;
  • the existence of an optical sight with great characteristics in the fundamental configuration that enables you to make capturing with high precision and also discovery;
  • polymer products applied in the style of the buttstock for the carbine Elk-4 as well as the trunk, have a high rate of toughness and preserve their appealing appearance also when impacts of various kinds — — when changing temperature levels, wetness, shocks, which are inevitable with the regular use of the rifle.

In the decor of numerous adjustments of this model used a natural product — — various varieties of timber (birch, walnut, maple), which, when layer them with varnish to preserve its eye-catching look. It includes in the coating of the rifle a lot more attractive.

Carbine Elk-4 (photos)

Purpose The line of rifles Moose intended for the removal of the center of the monster. Today, many thanks to a variety of renovations to the rifles of this brand name is made use of for hunting, and for training precision.

  • When tested by the index of fire, carbine Elk-4 well-proven. Its characteristics allow to hit a far away target.

In readily available models with coatings of various wood types. Adjustments can likewise differ their shooting prices as a result of the possibility of installment of additional tools — — an optical sight, front view, lower arm.

The most prominent quality rounds for the carbine Elk 4 is considered to be 7.62 mm. Nonetheless, you can apply more effective cartridges, which are best for searching huge game.

Technical qualities of the rifle Elk-4 explained below.


With the help of technological parameters put down by the producer, you can obtain the most full image about the abilities of the rifle. Offered in tabular kind, they permit you to see one of the most crucial specifications of the model.

Specifications Carbine Elk 4
Native land Russia engineering plant, Izhevsk
Appointment Searching, shooting, enjoyable, target practice
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The complete size of the body 1 120 mm
The size of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide finishing

Possessing all the favorable top qualities budget-friendly rate, the carbine Elk 4 can be considered as one of the most often bought designs.


Maker offers a simple disassembly, which is established by a fairly straightforward mechanism. The simplicity of the layout of the version Moose 4 enables the disassembly of the carbine, it might be needed to conduct its current repair work or throughout cleansing.

The barrel of this version made from top quality steel, its length is optimal for the model. Cold forging enables to develop a finish of the barrel with an one-of-a-kind degree of strength, this product is exempt to corrosion also in high moisture. Varnished stock, made of wood (birch or walnut) that is positive to make use of and retains its appeal as a result of high-grade therapy.

Packing and choosing

There are a number of variations of the basic specification designs that are used instantly after its purchase to start its procedure.

  • The standard set for rifle Elk 4 consists of an optical view which can be changed with a more three-dimensional front sight and also cleansing pole to clean the barrel.
  • Attached strap that assists in moving tools.
  • Carabiner in the sale is come with by a certificate of quality and a specific key.
  • Loaded the rifle in a cardboard box with the necessary information on the side component of the name of the company-seller and also the item.
  • Carabiner packaged in plastic product: it enables to keep its attractive look during transport and to stay clear of damage to relatively soft timber, which is embellished butt.
  • The store attached to the carbine in standard setup, entails the building in it 5 rounds, which are prepared in a staggered way. If needed, the base store can conveniently be replaced with a larger one.
The principle of procedure

Making use of the carbine version of the Elk-4, it is feasible to notice that the entire operation process is not made complex. This the producer had the ability to attain because of the simplicity of the mechanism. Actuation of the rifle is basic. The usage starts with the area to store ammunition.

When you push the trigger is stumbling hook bolt, aligned the springtime produces a sharp stress on the firing pin, causing a shot.


Modern as well as do not require unique skills in running a carbine design of the Elk-4 can quickly comprehend that it may be necessary for the renovation and repair of weapons.

Longitudinal rolling shutter is very easy to disassemble. For a partial disassembly of the rifle does not call for special tools, and also it can be executed even in field problems. Putting the screw from withdrawal from it is abstraction ago, then the fuse is affixed to an upright position, and can after that be removed from the stem box the shutter.


Using the optical sight or the exact same 3rd party, which enhances the targeting as a result of its qualities. May additionally be changed by a native fly, butt, increasing convenience during operation.

The cost and also the testimonials on the carbine Elk-4 is given below.

The item cost

The value indicator design Elk-4 is relatively reduced, which identifies the high level of need for the carbine. The cost for this version in different business may vary insignificantly as well as it is about 12 200-13 250 rubles. Purchasers mention the opportunity of acquiring versions of Elk and 4 with a restricted budget purchase.

Proprietor assesses

Many proprietors first noted the appealing as well as ideal look, which ensures attention to the carabiner at the time of purchase. The lack of superfluous details, traditional design as well as top quality products — — all this is among the most vital favorable qualities of the carbine Elk-4.

Excellent technological features allow to fully evaluate the possibilities for wide use of the rifle of the model. The owners speak well of the ability of the rifle to strike a much away target, which provides a high rate of a bullet when terminated.

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