Heckler & Koch SLB 2000, rifles

Hunting rifle Heckler&& Koch SLB 2000 is an instance of an utilitarian European semi-automated weapons.

Not having a sophisticated coating, it nonetheless differs from the mass North American guns remarkable handiwork and also exceptional comfort designs, corresponding to all the canons of tiny art.

Description of the carbine Heckler&& Koch SLB 2000

Semi-automatic carbine with a removable box-type store. The mechanism of reloading work with the principle of gas engine, choice from a birthed a part of the propellant gases. Shutoff with turning cylinders. Bed polupoltina, awesome set, well-marked take care of.

Establish the external discovery devices include straps daddy or folding rear sight and also open front sight metal high brace. Feasible to set up a bracket weaver or Picatinny rail, which on the cover of the receiver has openings with statistics string.

Advantages and also downsides

Almost legendary high quality craftsmanship, attribute of all examples of the brand name Heckler&& Koch

  • . Great shooting high quality, acquired not only through high-precision production high quality trunk, as well as use the shutter with revolving cylinders on which 2 rows of lugs, three in each. Many thanks to this style solution, the thickness of the lock barrel from Heckler&& Koch SLB 2000 is not even worse than screw rifles.
  • Design a gas engine includes four parts: piston, return springs as well as two poles of the screw. For that reason, this maker is a lot more reliable and also Browning Bar, Benelli Argo.
  • However, SLB 2000, you can not call forwarding weapon that can dependably run for months without seeing a typical cleaning. Evaluating by the evaluations online, the only ammo with which the rifle functions perfectly cartridges are brand Dynamite Nobel.
  • The comfort designs of the tool is well considered, really helpful for shooting from any one of the provisions of the bed, all controls are accessible without additional initiative. It is compact and also fairly lightweight.
  • The circuit box is located on the back plate of the receiver, they can run without being sidetracked from the line of sight. The pressure on the trigger is adjustable. Its worth for the classic hunting tools– from 1.5 to 1.8 extra pounds.
  • Capability store five rounds, which is uncommon for the European semi-automatic weapons. It can optionally be equipped with a ten as well as a detachable hopper. The cartridges are piled in 2 rows, which speeds up the procedure of loading.

Complete set of exterior sighting gadgets as well as the ability to install the slabs under the optical view makes this weapon universal suitable for all kinds of hunting. The same can be said about a set of qualities used by the producer. Variety from.308 Win to 300 WM enables you to choose a pattern that is ideal to stroll and also deer as well as big bear.

Carabine HK SLB 2000 (photo)

< img loading ="careless" course="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-34183"

src=”https://2man.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/heckler-koch-slb-2000-rifles-2.jpg”alt=””width=”150″height=”32″/ > Purpose It is a weapon that can be used for

  • framework as well as driven pursues,
  • as well as
  • shooting from ambush as well as Labazov. Ranges The supplier supplies a collection of qualities: 7 X 64,.308

Win, 30-06 Sprg, 9.3 × 62, and also 300 WM. Three versions: 2000 L, and 2000 K 2000 L Magnum. Latest various design– it is made of black plastic, which are mounted bipod. The butt of the Magnum model has a height-adjustable comb on the muzzle brake installed-compensator.

H&K 2000 L H&K 2000 K H&K 2000 L Magnum
Kind Self-loading carbine with a gas engine
Shutter With rotating cylinders having six lugs
Scales 7 X 64.308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 9.3 × 62 .300 WM
Barrel length (mm) 550 500 600
Complete length (mm) 1100 1050 1150
Weight without cartridges 3.7 V 3,6 3,9
  • Self-loading repeating rifle, which functions making use of the principle of gas engine.
  • The barrel is stainless-steel, blued, grooves obtained by chilly building. Models Magnum set up muzzle brake-compensator.
  • The receiver of thick-walled light weight aluminum, made by milling. Connection with the barrel threaded. On the top side of the cover made the opening for securing the strap under scopes.
  • Valve with turning cyndrical tubes having 6 lugs– 2 rows of 3 each.
  • The trigger system with the possibility of modification efforts descent from 1.5 to 1.8 pounds. The fuse box is located on the back plate of the receiver, it has 2 settings: Fire– all the way up, a red dot shows up; the Stop right down, visible white dot.
  • Store the box, removable, dual row. The lock is on the ideal side of the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • After shooting the last cartridge, the shutter becomes in the hold-up. For its withdrawal on the left side of the receiver is a bar with a grooved prismatic switch.
  • The collection of sighting tools contains a pillar (can be in the type of bars daddy and a flap with a slot), in addition to dealt with outdoor steel flies at a high bracket. Model Magnum they are not furnished with, there is just a Picatinny rail.
  • Bed base models polupoltina, wood Bavarian walnut. The buttplate uncontrolled, with cushioning pad. Magnum versions are furnished with a box of black plastic, the comb of the supply which has a flexible elevation as well as the butt pad can move vertically. On her forearm are dealt with bipod.
Packing and choosing

The tool is available in a difficult lugging situation. Supplied can be a 10-round publication, tools for cleaning optical view. Applied handbook and also passport.

The concept of operation
  • The reloading of weapons results from the option of a part of the propellant gases from the barrel. They act upon the piston, which using rods presses the screw back, compeling the larva to reverse as well as bring the lugs out of interaction with the breech of the barrel. When the movement is removed the percussion as well as the sleeve system is cocked. Heading back, the screw provider gets a round from the publication and also accommodating it into the chamber. After the magazine runs out of ammunition the framework of the shutter comes to be in the delay in the rearward placement.
  • For loading the magazine lower the lock bar receptacle located at the front branch of the trigger guard. The cartridges are piled in two rows. The shop is set to the first bunker on the front edge, and afterwards back, and then drawn in up until it clicks.
  • To feed the cartridge in the chamber, draw the screw back, holding her pen. Let her go so she went back under the action of the springtime return mechanism. If you do not want to fire quickly, involve the safety by relocating the slider on the back plate of the receiver down, before the look of white dots.
  • If the screw provider is on delay, it can be gone back to the forward setting in two ways: to essence; to leave out the lever situated on the left side of the receiver, in front of the bunker store.
  1. Discharge the weapon, which eliminate the magazine from the hopper as well as distort the bolt.
  2. Remove Allen wrench both screws under of the lower arm, eliminate it.
  3. Remove the two (ports on both sides of the receiver) Allen key-two screws that hold the halves of the receiver.
  4. Peel the leading fifty percent of the receiver Assembly with the barrel and bolt provider.
  5. Remove both lock washing machines safeguarding the drive screw to the piston.
  6. Making use of a flat-blade screwdriver, press the lock manage bolt as well as eliminate it forwards.
  7. Remove the bolt along with the poles from the receiver, remove the drive.
  8. Eliminate both screws fastening the keeping spring, eliminate it and remove the piston from the gas chamber.
  9. On the back plate of the bolt press the latch, get rid of the pin, remove the firing pin.
  10. Get rid of the cover screw.
  11. Eliminate the larva.

Reviews and also price of the rifle Heckler&& Koch SLB 2000 is provided listed below.


The carbine is from 120 to 140 thousand rubles. In this cash, by the way, will certainly cost you such rifles like the Browning Bar.243 W, Mauser M12 Extreme.


Owners state tiny high quality tools. With optical sight it is feasible to beat targets at ranges up to 150 meters. The return is sharp and also solid. Prefer cartridges of Dynamite Nobel. With proper cleaning as well as upkeep is rather trustworthy.

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