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This is because the rifle version of the HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )combines an attractive stylish design, excellent performance and excellent capturing capability to defeat. The various positive proprietor testimonials suggest the reliability of this rifle, the refinement of its design and totally safe with appropriate maintenance.

For outfitting of the existing military units of the firm Heckler&& Koch has developed an unique in its abilities automated rifle HK-417, which revealed exceptional information of the capturing, located a lot of followers around the world.

A couple of hostile look exceptional killability can amaze also the specialists, as well as reasonably light weight with compact size makes sure the greatest simplicity of procedure of the rifle. The opportunity of fast partial disassembly as well as executing adjusting provide fringe benefits of this model. Evaluation of the advantages and also disadvantages of the rifle permits you to acquire the most total image of the qualities and also to contrast it with analogues available on the market today.

Surf rifle HK-417

Based in modular layout take into consideration a design in many ways appears like the German assault rifle the M16, however it is to a greater degree well-thought-out automation, offering far better exhaust-gas when making a shot. This can help to produce armed forces actions and also to show strike of the adversary, and to strike the target when making use of rifles in searching. The presence of an optical view in the base enables you to conveniently strike fixed and moving targets, which is important for a rifle of this course.

As a result of the existing positive features as well as its imperfections provide one of the most full understanding of the abilities of the rifle, the analysis of these top qualities will aid to more totally assess the model.

Advantages as well as negative aspects

The most important positive features of the model include:

  • unique range and penetration of the rifle, supplied technological specifications of the design;
  • utilized to produce architectural parts (supply as well as receiver) only high-quality advanced polymer products which ensure longevity of the entire framework as well as its reliability;
  • greater rigidity of the trunk, which is made from light-weight aluminum alloy by cold creating;
  • simpleness of design enabling fast partial disassembly of the rifle, which might be required in its repair, substitute of components or tuning;
  • a hassle-free form of supply, guaranteeing maximum comfort during extended use rifles, and also when showing novices;
  • detachable publication, which is essential for the opportunity of firing without a break for the filling (the rate has a high index);
  • a fast as well as thoughtful extraction of gases;
  • fairly light weight, which gives the opportunity to conveniently deliver the rifle is crucial in cases where when utilizing the rifle you want to take a trip on foot for significant ranges.

Modern as well as effective rifle design of the HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )has a great deal of positive evaluations from proprietors, and also buyers: promptly attracting attention for its ««» harsh » appearance, it has exceptional performance shooting as well as very easy to operate.

The drawbacks, according to a lot of customers, this design has not.

Photo rifles of the most recent generation HK-417

Purpose The primary customer of this model — — the militaries used rifle for fight operations. In free sale this model is not offered.

This rifle can be used for searching: its characteristics permit successful hit also much away relocating targets, which is especially appreciated by professionals-hunters.


Used today rifle HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )in several various types, which differ rather from each other in look and also features of fire:

  • HK417 12″ «″ « Assaulter » Model– variation with typical barrel length of 305 mm.
  • HK417 16″ «″ « Recce » Model– variation with basic barrel length of 406 mm.
  • HK 417 16″ «″ « Recce » Model– variation with boosted handling barrel length of 406 mm.
  • HK 417 20″ «″ «» Sniper » Model– variant with boosted taking care of barrel size of 508 mm.

These selections are suitable for use in a battle zone, when hunting tool and also big animals.


Having a high vitality of the supply is made by chilly forging, the model is well-proven when made use of in unfavorable ambient conditions. And the technical capacity to supply constant rate of interest from both specialists and also beginners.Having the ability to strike far away targets that might remain in activity, rifle HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )is also easy to utilize: the reasonableness of its layout, the balance of stock and also barrel — — all makes this model specifically popular.


The style of the design was fairly easy. The major structural part of the model HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )is the butt as well as the barrel. On the barrel is a flash suppressor that is also an install for a removable silencer.

Transferred on the receiver string, which is necessary for fast setup of silencer: the shooting sound of this version audible that requires the use of a silencer. On the receiver, you’ll quickly removable brace, which is utilized for fastening the optical sight.

Packing as well as selecting

The basic set to the rifle of the version consisted of: high quality optical sight mount for a silencer and also front view, one of the most reasonable set handguard make the process of utilizing the rifle comfortable, and the capturing is most efficient. Design HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )marketed in cardboard product packaging, which presents info as design name, launch day and maker.

When offering a rifle Packed in with enhanced strength of the case for convenience of transport.

The principle of procedure

Semi-automatic sniper rifle HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )begins its activity given that the intro of cartridges in the store with their more sending to the barrel with a trigger device. Restraining the cartridge, the springtime brings out a sharp impact to the demonstrator’s shot.

Optical sight for precise shots, a silencer, additionally provided to the rifle ensures quiet operation making the rounds.


The peculiarity of this model must be taken into consideration the opportunity of fast disassembly and also altering of barrels. The removal of the optical sight with fast launch brace, ensuring the benefit as well as reliability of installing the view is important with the overview, which is located on the top of the receiver. The muffler is easily removed with a fire arrester, which is likewise on the barrel.


According to a lot of users, assault rifle design of the HK-417 (Heckler&& Koch )does not call for extra style modifications. Instead of the base of the optical view can be installed different, with better efficiency.

Maker rate and also testimonials of the rifle HK-417 (producer Heckler&& Koch )is offered listed below.

The item cost

The cost of this model can range from 192 200 rubles to 215 000. The rate might differ from various sellers. In this money, incidentally, you can acquire Sako 85 Brown Bear.338, Bavarian Carbine.30-06, Kodiak.375 H&H; Browning Bar.300 WM Zenit Prestige Wood HC or, for example, Maral 9.3 × 62 HC.

Owner examines

Buyers noted a attractive and trendy outside design of the design. These numbers flashing of it, as price, which may rise when you replace the «« indigenous» » shop with a small amount of even more sizable, the most important advantages that in their evaluations indicate the proprietors of the model. Also excellent average received price of this design.

Modern materials make certain a long conservation of the eye-catching look of the rifle even when operating it in area problems. A few of the owners as the kept in mind advantage of transport convenience: portable dimension, well thought-out types make the rifle comfortable wearing, which is specifically vital when you move during procedure of the weapon over long distances.

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