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On the marketplace today design smoothbore carbines vary reasonableness of its design and performance capturing: variety a high rate bullet, intended to ensure the performance of each shot, and precision have actually made such rifles are especially popular today.

Thanks to its high qualities, they have a great deal of fans, as well as a lot of their proprietors have noted the predominance of the advantages of this tool over the defects of the producer.

Maximum innovative and modern weapons for searching design HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon), well established as an expert searching and for home entertainment (training accuracy, participation in competitors in sport shooting), it additionally scored well in self-defence.

Convenience when shooting is offered by the comfort designs of each style details and also the opportunity of replacing the traditional butt on the handgun grip makes it possible for the most practical to run the carbine — — and it’s vital for women and guys with various palm size.

The review of the version VPO-209 from Hammer Weapons

Combining advantages of the previous designs of the supplier Molot, design HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) is the most changed rifle with a minimum quantity of disadvantages. Via the evaluation of existing favorable qualities of the model, one can fully obtain a suggestion regarding its functions, weaknesses and strengths.

Essential appearance: application in the finishing of the stock of natural timber enhances the attractiveness of the carbine, and approaches of making the barrel approach (cold creating) allows us to mention the assured safety and security of its perfect straight shape as well as strength, which is particularly important when constant mechanical impacts on the trunk, which is unpreventable throughout energetic operation of the rifle. Polymer products utilized in the manufacture of the main body portion carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon), have one-of-a-kind degrees of resistance to external mechanical influences, not worried of the changes in temperature level and moisture.

Modern trendy appearance instantly attracted the attention of buyers, design HPE-209 (Hammer Arms) are prominent as a result of style and due to its opportunities, which are laid by the manufacturer. The dependability of the entire structure, the opportunity of quick partial disassembly and also adjusting makes sure that the need for the model.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

If we take into consideration a comparison of the qualities of the model VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon) as well as its shortcomings, it is necessary to dwell individually on the adhering to attributes of this carabiner:

  • ergonomics information as well as thinking of the whole structure is an essential part of the successful application of the design;
  • the possibility of adjusting the style of the rifle for a particular customer provides you the opportunity to increase the degree of comfort;
  • great range permits you to hit targets not only close, yet in the much distance;
  • the targeting, as well as its precision, as well as additionally determine the performance of each shot;
  • the family member price supplies excellent signs of need as well as bestselling, as well as the performance of this rifle must be taken into consideration as one of the most effective lines VPO;
  • the density and also fairly reduced weight enable very easy transport of the rifle — — this top quality is particularly essential in energetic operation.

Many thanks to lots of favorable evaluations from proprietors of the carbine design of the HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon) attracts attention from analogues because of how the shooting prices, as well as due to their external layout: made in a traditional style, this carabiner is very easy to make use of as well as easy to disassembly.

The downsides, according to proprietor reviews, this model almost does not matter.

Smoothbore carbine VPO-209 and also saiga 12S with the folding supply


Purpose Used rifles model HPE-209 (Hammer Weapon)for searching, as it was originally developed by the maker), as well as for amusement, protection, training as well as marksmanship. Ranges On sale at a searching store uses a version of carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon) for shooting ammunition quality.366.336 TKM as well as TCM, which are developed for searching tool and large animals, as well as smaller sized video game. Cutting the barrel has six grooves, the size is from 125 to 135 mm and lies in the muzzle part.

Specs of AKM HPE 209 defined later.


Their technical features and based upon their abilities considering the carbine has the ability to shock, since technological specifications greatly determine the efficiency of fire, simplicity of filling and reloading of the carbine, as well as the comfort of its use.

Specs Carbine VPO-209 (Hammer Arms)
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant «« Molot » Appointment Hunting, sport capturing Sight Pump-action smooth-bore carbine Capability cartridges 10 The overall length of the body 1 120 mm The size of the barrel 625 mm The height of the version 202 mm Weight 4,89 kg Width 57 mm View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide layer Modern and also focus to the tiniest details is the carbine version of the HPE-209(Hammer Weapon )ensures comfort being used, simple to dismantle and has a lot of favorable feedback from proprietors. Layout The family member simplicity of the style of the design

VPO-209 (Hammer Weapon )gives the optimum comfort to make operation of the rifle. The fuse on the trigger mechanism makes certain maximum protection when utilizing the rifle, repaired the trigger system is hammer kind enables you to make solitary shots with the further arming of the fuse.

The body(the butt and also the barrel, which is the primary architectural parts of the rifle)are not terrified of such factors as adjustments in temperature level and moisture: throughout operation of the rifle under field conditions applied to all its production materials are not scared of mechanical influences, and this enables them to maintain an appealing appearance both when the temperature level adjustments and high moisture (that’s what the signs have the best effect when hunting).

Packing and picking Depending on the dreams of the consumer rifle HPE-209(Hammer Weapon) might be equipped with an optical sight, forearm, front view. « Native » the stock is tubular, with an ability of 10 rounds. Sights — front view and rear view. Loaded carbine at the time of its sale in plastic product packaging and cardboard box. On package there is info regarding the model name, producer. The concept of operation The principle of procedure of the model VPO-209(Hammer Arms)is fairly simple: the gate structure along with the shutter progressed with a — chambering of the cartridge in

the breech by the activity of the return springtime. Continue the trigger provokes a sharp strike of the hammer under the action of the mainspring on the firing pin, the trigger skewers primer-igniter as well as

the capturing. Recoil is relatively tiny. Native look for VPO-209 has an ability of 10 rounds, which provides the possibility of even more fast implementation of constant shots as well as collection. Disassembly For the partial disassembly of pre-separated shop, obtain ammo from the receiver as well as the store. The abstraction rear of the bolt enables disassembly of the rifle.

  • Disassembly can be produced repair work, when cleaning the barrel. Mount the stem to the body of package is a screw which easily Unscrew. Price, owner, as well as tuning testimonials of the HPE-209 are offered below.

Tuning The enhancement of the rifle might by re-installing the optical view, as well as replacement butt. As noted by lots of owners, version HPE-209(Hammer Weapon )does not need to be boosted. The product rate The cost of this carbine can vary from 30 to 180 33 850 rubles. Proprietor assesses When selecting a model a consumer initial focus is drawn to the look of the model. Because these indicators establish the degree of rate of interest in the carbine

. Proprietors, as well as customers,

notes the appealing look of the rifle. Making use of natural timber, appropriately dealt with for the preservation of its types, raises the passion to this kind of butt. Comfortable as well as advanced layout, integrated with exceptional firing prices give a constant passion from the

customers, as well as the

budget-friendly price makes the version VPO-209(Sickle Weapon) one of the most prominent.

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