KO-44, a rifle

Modern rifles, equipped with the necessary accessories for enhanced precision and also firing variety, successfully incorporate eye-catching external look as well as unique technical parameters.

And also is recognized to many followers of capturing from weapons and professional hunters Izhevsk supplier pleases its followers with an enhanced and also revised variation of the self-loading rifle Tokarev rifle KO-44, which has actually enhanced functions and thanks to them can be used as a professional hunting and also competition target capturing.

Considering this version, you can conveniently discover that the great need among professionals and also among Amateurs is linked not just with a budget friendly expense. Its possibilities fundamental to the supplier, enable you to hit also larger targets in the search, as the elk is medium in dimension and also bears (assuming making use of a specific caliber of ammunition).

Important advantage of this model is its ease of usage due to advanced ergonomic form — — like a barrel, and also butt. As well as the relatively small size of the body of the carabiner as well as light weight permit it to be used for learning the preliminary abilities of capturing from weapons beginners — — even women as well as adolescents.

Summary of the rifle KO-44

Modern style, good aesthetic data and reasonableness of the gadget made the carbine version is suitable for regular capturing and also usage in the field by dealing with one of the most vulnerable parts of the body with special remedies. This puts on natural wood, which under regular problems based on the unfavorable impact of moisture airborne.

Likewise accentuates the opportunity of setup of additional equipment on the barrel of the rifle. For instance, numerous proprietors think about the rifle to observe the raising convenience of use when mounted on the muzzle flash suppressor and telescopic sight — — it significantly enhances the effectiveness of the shots.

Disadvantages as well as advantages

Because the evaluation of benefits of the model as well as its drawbacks to assess the possibility for use the version as well as its convenience of usage, the list of advantages will certainly permit you to get an initial analysis of this weapon. Also of excellent support in this will have testimonials of the proprietors that have actually taken care of to utilize the rifle and also see its strengths as well as weaknesses.

The following benefits in contrast with comparable designs of carbines third party will certainly help you to obtain one of the most thorough image concerning the version of the rifle. The owners will certainly provide full details regarding existing imperfections.

Benefits of the version KO-44 are the following parameters:

  • ergonomic body shape carabiners makes it possible to easily position it in the hand, despite hand size hand: the tool is just as comfy in the hand, both men and women.
  • the use of excellent quality steel for the manufacture of the barrel makes sure the safety even in unfavourable ambient conditions: high moisture as well as rising and fall temperatures that usually occur in the field, on the trunk, is not even a trace of rust;
  • natural timber on the body of the carabiner makes it extra appearances;
  • the possibility of utilizing 2 sorts of ammunition dramatically increases the possibilities for the use of this carbine.

The capability to conduct tuning should additionally call the benefit of this version.

The downsides, according to the proprietors, the design of the rifle KO-44, has. Nonetheless, the propensity to buildup of residue and also dust in the barrel throughout energetic as well as regular use of the rifle requires attention to his condition.

To prevent the formation of rust on the inner surface area of the barrel is typically required to clean up the barrel. This is achieved by using a base structure and also a cleansing pole, after which the barrel is cleaned dry with dustcloths.

Photos of the rifle KO-44

Purpose Carbine model KO-44 are planned for usage in hunting, while its technological qualities permits you to hunt as for tool and also huge animals. Lose far are targets, even relocating targets, is accomplished through the considered variety tools. The carabiner can be made use of for competitions in accuracy in target shooting.

Ranges When it comes to firing the carbine version KO-44 can be used cartridges of 2 kinds, firing prices in these cases are somewhat various.

    1. Cartridges of quality 7,62 х53 intended for common capturing. Bullet covering. The first speed of a bullet high sufficient to strike a target at a distance of 150-200 m.
    2. Cartridges of caliber 7,62×× 39 for searching, they can easily strike the medium and huge pets. Jacketed hollow-point bullet.
  • Further hitting of the lock is obtained of the shop. Disassembly
  • may be required to repair the
  • rifle and
  • its renovations. Reconstruct in reverse order. Tuning the rifle KO-44 are described listed below. Tuning For this version, you can establish a scope from another manufacturer that improves the discovery of the made shots. Might be changed by a « native » store more large.

The cost of the product and also the reviews from seekers about hunting rifle KO-44 are given listed below. Reviews as well as rates The cost of the rifle KO-44 can be from 5 to 6 260 580 rubles. Owners model is not just attractive appearance of the rifle however also its technological parameters. The possibility of using it for both hunting and also sport shooting somewhat in sporting activities shooting. Obtained positive reviews as well criteria such as rate of fire and precision. This permits the best efficiency to strike the target.

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