KO-91/ 30 carbine, rifled weapon

The Russian military, in the late nineteenth century armed with weapons single-shot weapons experienced heavy losses throughout the armed disputes of the moment. The competitive variant in 1890 there were just two– item firms Nagant as well as Mosin vintar.

Completion outcome was the victory of the Russian developer, as well as his system has been substantially improved via making use of the principle of supply cartridges from the Belgian masters.

Recognized reality is that high quality does not get old, totally applies to this tiny arms. High demand carbine KO-91/ 30 has more than a century. Fabulous reliable friend as well as partner of many generations of defenders of the Fatherland– rifle Russian developer basic police officer captain Mosin for many decades came to be an example of Russian top quality, integrity, quality. The suggestion of producing repeating weapons was absolutely essential.

Summary of carbine KO-91/ 30

The renowned «« Masyanya » hand-in-hand with the soldiers was the First as well as the Second world battle, fighting the fight of the Russo-Japanese as well as the Finnish wars. After 1945 in our country, the forefather of the carbine became preferred amongst spectators, followers of Russian background, field workers, employees of protection and also governing companies.

The liberalization of the gain access to of the population to the civil tool at the end of the last century caused the truth that the carbine KO-91/ 30, customized on ITS «« Hammer» » variation of the fight rifle Mosin was lawfully permitted and one of the most popular tool for followers of searching home entertainment.

Advantages and negative aspects

The primary advantage of this tiny arms that permitted him to be one of the most preferred for lots of decades, is simpleness of device, convenience of upkeep. Draws in an enormous butt, and particularly the saved path handbook or automated forging, which gives a specific aging ruthless as well as gray route background. Comfortable geometry of the barrel and the butt permits you to promptly and also aiming to shoot.

The primary downsides is the substantial weight of the rifle, the absence of security of the trunk in numerous shots. In the process of being finalised trigger mechanism, with locking system fuse as well as need to replace the pitch when dealing with a telescopic sight.

A hunting rifle KO-91/ 30

Purpose Carbine KO-91/ 30 is developed to solve a purely private tasks– hunting, taking a trip, sporting activities, views, as well as shotgun. Excellent precision and also array fight enables you to make use of the carbine for Amateur and industrial searching and also fishing of huge predatory beast.


Today, the firm Hammer produces a number of kinds of typical carbine with various discharge gauges. Mosin rifle became the basis for the list below kinds of hunting weapons:

  1. Carbine without mounting optics KO-91/ 30 -12900.
  2. — —// — with fixed bracket KO-91/ 30 — 12900. Carbine– prestolok without optics KO-91/ 30M — — 22950. —// — — with braces KO-91/ 30M is 22900.

In regards to technical characteristics, we can state that this is among the most easy and also solid examples from the Russian gunsmiths.

No. Number Information
1 Quality size 7. 62 x 54 R
2 The layout of the butt Straight
3 Re charging mechanism Manual
4 Movement type Bolt
5 The variety of trunks 1
6 Capacity of shop, cartridges 5
7 The size of the barrel 61, 00 centimeters
8 The length of the sample 111, 50 centimeters
9 Max. the reliable variety of fire 200, 00 m

Based on the style of the rifle is the concept of using a repaired needle system for chambering of the cartridge. The system carbine KO-91/ 30 contains:

  • the barrel and receiver
  • store boxes,
  • cutoff– reflector,
  • the trigger system,
  • shutter
  • Lodge,
  • barrel cellular lining
  • as well as sights.
Packing and selecting

Basic is the need for tools technical passport, notarized certification of certificate to issue rifles in this collection, instructions for maintenance and also operation.

Choice trading packaging a dismantled carbine wrapped in waxed fabric metallic elements, Packed in a cardboard box with trademark name and logo design of the firm Hammer.

The principle of procedure

The action of the rifle is based on the power of the recoil mechanism hands-on reloading and manageable cartridge with a needle tool to feed right into the barrel.


Maintenance of the rifle is made only after confirmation of lack of ammunition in the barrel and also the chamber. Disassembly, technical or hands-on cleansing, lubrication, and also even more the constructing of the arms is made exclusively according to the guidelines.

Tuning in currently for this collection of carbines maker takes into consideration relevant.

The rate as well as the reviews on the carbine KO-91/ 30 is offered below.


Prices rate is as near budget plan. Least expensive fundamental is not greater than 280, 00 USD. United States, snap hook with brackets on the net can be bought for 310, 00– 325, 00 bucks. USA.

Proprietor assesses

Testimonial proprietors you can make a certain viewpoint about the carbine. In the visibility of certain deficiencies in the design and the reasonably huge mass of a lot of fans of the simpleness and also reliability of the motion noted its many positive qualities, including affordable as well as convenience of usage.

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