Konuspro F-30 6-24 * 52 optical sight

Konus KonusPro rifle scope F-30 6-24 × 52 telescopic sight etched glass reticle situated in the initial focal airplane. High-grade riflescope has the ability to change the focus the large range from 6x to 24x. The view is furnished with a very convenient side system for otstrojki a parallax.

Enhanced 52-mm size lens accumulates extra light, which supplies an extra sharp and also brilliant images with enhanced information. Premium quality totally multicoated optical system substantially boosts the coefficient of light transmission of view, to ensure that also in low-light conditions, You get bright, high-contrast image.

This view is perfect for mounting as a powerful weapon, as well as a spring-piston air rifle. The device can be utilized in all climate condition as it is water-proof, sotoserena, 30 mm impact-resistant metal real estate. The sight is geared up with easy-to-grip hand drums entering changes elevation as well as horizontal.

The location of the reticle in the first focal aircraft First Focal Plain you can scale the reticle in addition to the increase, specifically the Mil-Dot is right throughout the variety of zooms that will enable seasoned shooters to make modifications in Milam, no matter zoom. Engraved reticle is really thin and does not cover the target.

The illuminated reticle has 5 strength degrees of blue or red. The view has a built-in bubble degree.

Fully multi-coated optics provides a really brilliant and contrast picture also in reduced light problems.

Features of a riflescope KonusPro F-30 6-24 × 52:

  • Guaranteed to stay out any dimension hole (each sight is checked on a pneumatic stand.375 H&H)
  • Guaranteed to keep out any kind of powerful spring-piston Pneumatics (direct/reverse return)
  • Fully sotoserena case
  • Protection from wetness as well as fogging
  • Full mnogosloinoi multicoated all lenses
  • Tube diameter — — 30mm Complete the quick hinged caps on eyepiece and also lens
  • Tactical lockable drums with quick change by hand without tools
  • Changed illuminated mildot with two modes of illumination of the intending mark — — blue and also red
  • The reticle in the initial focal airplane
  • The view tube is made from a solitary monolithic workpiece
  • Has a ring otstrojki a parallax
  • The backlight component is displaced at 45 degrees for convenience of operation with controls sight
  • Included quick-release lens hood
  • Integrated liquid level in the field of sight

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