KSO 9 Krechet carbine, rifled gun

Self-loading carbine KSO-9 «« Krechet » is generated in the Zlatoust equipment- structure plant, based upon its design submachine weapon PP-91 « KEDR »(Design Eugene Dragunov). Description of the carbine KSO 9 Krechet Self-loading carbine blowback, receiver, pistol grasp and also USM «taken from a submachine weapon « CEDAR ». Left the same and also the sort of ammo– pistol cartridge «Luger » 9 × 19. That he fell right into the category of civilian weapons, back to the receiver connected pipeline(threaded joint)on which is

installed a moving butt. Raised barrel length (360 mm )as well as for entry right into the requirement on the muzzle arranged

  • openwork brake-compensator. Publication size reduced from 30 to 10 rounds, yet if you desire you can put the fight option. Changed USM left one firing setting– solitary. The design of the carbine is only used steel as well as plastic. The whole « kit » taken from the Israeli arms business CAA Industries. Handguard affixes to the barrel with clamps and is actually only the trim on the trunk not bearing architectural tons.

It is square, it consists of 3 bands weaver for the cover deal with, tactical «flashlights and various other things. Cover the receiver obtained support in

  • the type of a brace weaver high bracket. There is an exterior views– folding back view and front sight. In the end, the upgrade, the designers rather than PP « CEDAR » was something looking like the American assault rifle M4.
  • Disadvantages as well as advantages The carbine resembles it was drawn from the flick « starship troopers » or digital truth RPG like Mass Effect.

Somebody that can warm up the soul, but additionally the « great » kind as well as other Ponte, self-respect KSO-9 « Krechet » it ends. The deadly and also major defect is the effort to make the carbine pistol cartridge.

Can’t the nine-millimeter bullet with a spherical end to have the exact same ballistic characteristics of the rifle. This contrasts the «laws» of physics, so « Merlin » is to shed all the tiny signs, accuracy, precision as well as stopping power of any kind of carbine with a rifle bullet. « the Saiga of MK » in the performance of the 03, also though its much shorter(336 mm )barrel. : the rifle ORSIS-120 when shooting at a distance of 100 meters offers the variance from the aiming factor is not more than 2.9 centimeters, which is equivalent to 1 MOA and that is why he gets into the basic «sniper rifles. The « Cedar » dispersion at the same range of 15 centimeters, which serves for a machine gun however, for a searching rifle is undesirable. The carbine is all harsh, angular, many protrusions. For searching– this is simply undesirable. Handguard with 3 bands weaver– different « track ». This is only for followers of the « Zombie Apocalypse » might appear like a really useful gadget. For the hunter is more important than the ease of grip as well as sturdiness, as well as massive panel hanging on the trunk, has no practical value. Incidentally, the American attack rifle M4, which is so similar to « Merlin », has the very best ergonomics. The handle is on the «. This is a fantastic» concept for a submachine gun, due to the fact that if the right hand grasped the handle and finger on the trigger after cocking, you can instantly open up fire. The carbine KSO 9 Krechet, which is placed as hunting, this function is not required «, it is instead dangerous.

Separately want to state the traditional Russian arms tight to relocate all of the components. The circuit box is shifted with terrific initiative, intensified by its little size and also angularity. By the way, the bolt handle is angular and also likewise tiny, to operate it very uneasy. For a partial disassembly of the rifle needed tools that adds ease in its usage. With all these negative aspects, its price exceeds 50 thousand rubles. Currently compare « CEDAR » and « the Huntsman »(by the way, they have the very same weight– 3.2 kg ), standing the exact same as well as it will end up being clear how

warranted the acquisition of the product from Chrysostom.

Carbine KSO 9 Krechet(pictures) Purpose This is a civil rifles, procurement and property of which it is feasible for the permit after five years of constant solution in the standing of hunting gladkostvol. According to the supplier, the carbine Krechet hassle-free for searching in the timbers as well as in the mountains, when we could see pets « nose to nose », he is thought about suitable for self-defense. It stays to Express a dissenting opinion, that neither that, nor another it is much better not to utilize. Searching will certainly generate injured, and also for the defense would’ve been far better KEDR unmodified. Requirements Feature The value Kind Self-loading carbine «Size (mm )9 Ammunition Gun cartridge « Luger 9 × 19 » Barrel


length(mm) 360 Spotting array(m)150 Capability 10 Size with folded up supply( mm)830 Weight( kg)3,2 Design Self-loading carbine blowback– securing only at the expenditure of the masses, which prevails to submachine weapons. The receiver is made from sheet steel

, it goes to an angle 80
0 dealt with pistol grip plastic, with 3 anatomical clinical depressions for the fingers as well as bent « back ». A receptacle to keep the rifle KSO 9 Krechet
10 rounds of 9 × 19 is in front of the trigger×guard, his latch
is a round metal button located to the. On the cover of the
receiver is repaired high bracket with band weaver. The back of
the receiver tube is taken care of with a moving butt. The
butt pad is uncontrolled, plastic, in the base
situation on the left side of the butt has a container
for storage of accessories
  • . Handguard attached to the barrel with clamps, it’s large, square, 3 sides fixed brace weaver to set up the take care of, tactical flashlight, and also other body package. On the muzzle fishnet brake-compensator. USM uncontrolled, the handle of the shutter is to the left «, examine the fuse on the exactly on the receiver. Fuse obstructs all×USM. Strap in addition to weaver, there is an exterior views– unwinding is the rear sight on the high bracket with groove for placing on Weaver rail as well as
  • front sight( flip ), the brace which lies on the front face of the forearm as well as is linked to the barrel. Picking as well as loading The rifle is available in a cardboard box with a print of gray and the engraving KSO-9 « Krechet ». Covered in waxed paper. In the plan: Two 10-round magazine. The cleansing pole. A set of secrets and materials for disassembly and cleansing. Instruction manual.
  • Certification. The principle of procedure The carbine operates on the principle of totally free slide. The reload occurs when
  • a shot. Bullet knocks right into the rifling of the shutter as well as the barrel, since of its massiveness, moves back a little later. Advancement of the powder gases does not occur as a result of the distinction in between the speed of movement of the bullet along the birthed and bolt on rails of the receiver.

For a shot of the KSO-9 « Krechet » it is essential to increase the box «of the fuse till it stops, then twisting the handle of

  1. the paddle to relax the butt plate in the shoulder
  2. as well as shoot. Supply of the adhering to round from
  3. the publication into the
  4. chamber instantly. Disassembly The essential provided to the press pin

on the back plate of the receiver, raise the cover up. To launch the clutch return mechanism out of the groove, by sending it ahead, eliminate the spring from the guide rail. To relocate the screw back and eliminate it. An unique key( the head with a lamb )get rid of the screw fixing the shaft guard(left on the receiver), eliminate the fuse from the box Assembly. Eliminate

from the receiver the trigger Assembly. Tuning Possible substitute of basic buttstock installing foregrip for any kind of tactical suspension: handles, flashlights, laser sights. Scopes( optical, reflex)you can install those that are compatible with band weaver. The price and the testimonials on self-loading

carbine KSO 9
  1. Krechet is offered below. Price and reviews The ordinary cost for carabiner KSO 9 Krechet — 52 thousand
  2. rubles. Responses is inconsistent. Nevertheless, the majority of those that are major about searching, I believe that « Merlin » for her inappropriate. In awe of the futuristic look and also abilities of weapons only followers of « heroes ».

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