Leupold VX-R 3-9 * 40 CDS Firedot Duplex 112194 rifle range optical

Leupold VX-R 3-9 × 40 is best for hunting at moderate and also close array as a result of the large zoom range. The latest fiber optic LED lighting system is the Central point of the Ballistic Fire Dot with 8 degrees of illumination.

Optical sights can be similarly effectively make use of both in daylight and also at sundown. System Motion Sensor Technology instantly shuts down lighting after 5 minutes of lack of exercise and quickly activates with the initial movement.

Optical system Index Matched Lens supplies top quality image and superb light transmission. Multilayer wear resistant layer DiamondCoat2 dependably safeguards the optics from dust and also scrapes. The instance is well safeguarded from mechanical damage. Technology Absolute Waterproof Integrity warranties full water resistance.

The filling is a mix of argon and also krypton removes fogging in high moisture problems and a sudden change of temperature. Features: LED illumination system. Target mesh Ballistic Fire Dot. System Motion Sensor Technology to automatically shut off the backlight. Optical system Index Matched Lens. The size of the Central tube 30mm.

Wear-resistant coating DiamondCoat2. Technology Absolute Waterproof

  • Integrity. No fogging of lenses.
  • Totally water-proof. Boost(Krat) 3-9 (8.6(3.3))The diameter of the lens, mm And also 45.72
  • Weight, 434 Size, mm 322,58 Adjustment range in
  • m per 100 m 4.1 (10.2)The coverage of the situation Matt The diameter for the brace, mm 30

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