Leupold VX-R 3-9х40 Ballistic FireDot rifle scope optical

Sight Leupold VX-R are generated using the brand-new innovation of waterproof Absolute Waterproof Integrity (system integrity second generation), in which as opposed to the typical nitrogen using the gas blend of argon as well as krypton (Argon/Krypton).

Because of the buildings of the gas (a particle is a lot greater than that of nitrogen) substantially reduces diffusion of gases and also, therefore, Leopold riflescopes VX-R have higher integrity than any other nitrogen-filled scopes, as well as offer a high resistance to «« thermal shock» »( unexpected temperature level adjustments).

New development of firm Leupold — — scopes with the lighting of grid Leupold VX-R riflescopes In this series utilized the most effective innovation currently recognized to the customers of their various other series Leupold, in addition to new growths of the firm.

The main advantage of all the sights Leupold VX-R is the brand-new fiber optic LED illumination system is the Central point of the reticle Fire Dot. The distinguishing characteristic of this lighting is Motion Sensor Technology — — with integrated activity sensing unit reticle lighting shuts off instantly if the sight is stationary for greater than 5 mins, as well as also automatically turns on back movement is discovered, which allows to extend the operating time of the battery.

Another brand-new Fire Dot is the capacity to transform the backlight illumination (8 levels) by simply pressing the switch on the «« drum » (where generally is located the drum detuning from parallax), which is extremely convenient to use.


  • Features: Optical system Index Matched Lens System makes certain optimum light transmission and enables to get high brightness, contrast as well as photo resolution in all conditions, including in low light problems.
  • On the outer surface area of the lens is outlined multilayer finishing DiamondCoat2, which for strength as well as toughness exceeds also military requirements and also protects the optics from scratches and any external atmosphere.
  • The price of department (click) drums getting in amendments is 1/4 MOA. You can spin the wheels by hand without the use of «« coin»».
  • Key tube size 30mm high tensile toughness.
  • System of water leakage (tightness) of the 2nd generation.
  • Lifetime producer warranty.
  • Lens coating: Index Matched and also Edge Blackened
  • Field of view (m at 100m): 10.2– 4.1
  • Going into of modifications: Adjustable finger drums, the rate gap 1/4 MOA or 1 cm (FireDot 4)
  • Exit pupil (mm): 9.8– 4.2
  • Diameter of primary tube: 30 mm
  • Weight (grams): 433.7
  • Distinctive features: one-touch illumination; movement sensing unit; the tube is 30 mm; lens coating Index Matched; lead-free glass modern technology with Edge Blackened.
  • Size (cm): 32.0
  • Landing length (centimeters): 13.7
  • Lens size (mm): 40
  • Protection from direct exposure to the atmosphere: Protection II generation from dampness as well as fogging
  • The removal of a pupil (mm): 106.0– 95.0
  • Eyepiece: Fast emphasis 1 turnover
  • Actual magnification: 3.3– 8.6
  • A series of changes to the upright (MOA): 60
  • A variety of changes throughout (MOA): 60

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