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Large-caliber sniper rifle M82 from the business Barrett Firearms

The success of the gun firm Barrett Firearms is an example of that in our days it is feasible to start a company in the garage, like Henry Ford. It was founded by a retired law enforcement officer Ronnie Barrett. In 1982, he, actually on his knees, developed a large-caliber semi-automatic rifle, which subsequently got the name of Barrett M82 as well as was taken on by the Swedish army, and also ultimately by United States unique forces. It comes from the category of sniper, but the fact is the reality that during the Second globe battle was called the anti-tank gun.

It is used to beat light armored targets, radar antennas, and also even threatening the min. Now the Barrett Firearms business generates several similar versions with various packing mechanism, and a modernized version of the Barrett M82 is rifle М107 received for your caliber casual name Light Fifty.

The description of the rifle M82 Barrett Firearms

Semi-automatic sniper rifle significant– 12.7 mm– caliber. Complete size 1450 mm, weight: 14,75 kg publication Capacity 10 rounds. In her look there is absolutely nothing from the normal Armory of visual appeals, it is an utilitarian gun to send out a bullet over fars away. For simplicity of bring it is provided with 2 hinged handles.

, Cold built barrel is furnished with muzzle brake that lowers recoil by 30 percent. He is thick-walled, fluted (longitudinal ribs). Butt it would be proper to call the shoulder remainder. The breech is confined in a perforated steel casing, which houses 2 springtime recoil device. From its leading edge to the back plate of the packing box is mounted Picatinny rail, which permits you to change the telescopic sight within the 27 MOA. Rifle staged on a triangular bipod from a M60 gatling gun.

The mechanism of reloading is that rifle a movable barrel that at the time of the shot curtailing back with the paddle, after which they reteplase. The supposed brief course of the trunk to help with as well as simplify the style of the rifle.

Advantages and also drawbacks
  • Big capacity and array– the defeat of gently armored targets at ranges as much as a mile, vulnerable– up to 6 kilometers.
  • The return device with a brief return stroke of the barrel is enabled to boost the integrity and simplicity of style, to enhance the rate.
  • Completely missing the typical gun aesthetics, it is an utilitarian device for sending out bullets to the target.
  • Can be used only for military objectives.
  • The worth of MOA 2 to 3 units, for a traditional sniper tools is justified as well as undesirable just by large caliber.

A huge weight and also measurements, which lowers the flexibility of the sniper group. Extremely solid influence as well as the noise of the shot, which brings about demaskirovanii arrow.

Rifle Barrett M82 (image)

Purpose Lose at ranges up to a mile of technical things– cars, armored workers carriers, antennas locators or breaching minefields. Ranges of models from BF

М107– a modernized variation of the M82 layout which utilizes titanium, where the weight is decreased by 5 kgs, as well as the toughness and reliability of a style is increased. Looks different muzzle brake different form, as well as additionally moving vertical represent the end of the shoulder remainder that allows you to keep the butt on the weight.

M95– rifle with a longitudinally gliding gate. Made in the kind element of the bullpup the take care of and the trigger remain in front of the shop. The 12.7 mm quality, barrel length with three-chamber muzzle brake compensator 73,6 cm, the total length of 114.3 cm, weight 10.7 kg.

M99 is single shot rifle with a longitudinally moving gate. As executed in the form variable of a bullpup. The trunk is smooth, without flute, three-chamber muzzle brake. Shutter with fifteen lugs. The 12.7 mm barrel length 73,7 or 81.3 mm. Overall size 119 or 127 centimeters 10.4 or 11.4 kilos.

Attribute The value
Type Self-loading rifle with brief barrel
Quality .50 BMG,.416 Barrett
Barrel length (mm) 508 (.50 BMG just), 73,7
Trunk , Cold forged, with grooves as well as muzzle brake
The pitch of thread (inches) 15 for.50 BMG and also.416 Barrett to 12
Capacity 10
Total length (mm) 1220 or 1450 (depending on barrel length)
Weight (kg) 14 or 14.8

A semi-automatic rifle with a reloading system, which is based on brief recoil. A paddle with a triangular larva, completely entering the breech of the barrel.

Barrel, cool created, thick-walled, with grooves and also muzzle brake/ compensator.

The breech is confined in a perforated steel casing, which is located inside both springtimes recoil device.
The trigger system uncontrolled, gun manage of impact-resistant plastic, removable shop, his latch is in between it and the trigger guard.
The fuse box is on the bottom of the trigger guard on the. In the «« Fire» » he raised up and down to obstruct drops flat.

On the top of the receiver is fixed a lengthy Picatinny rail that permits you to configure a range within the 27 MOA.

The shoulder rest is provided with a shock soaking up butt pad. The rifle is provided with a metal bipod, similar to those on the M60 gatling gun, and also a folding lugging manage.

Picking and also loading

The rifle is available in a hard plastic Pelican instances TM disassembled. The trunk with the cover is separated from the receiver with shoulder supply, pistol return as well as take care of system of the shutter. The store likewise eliminated and placed right into a separate cell. Gone along with by a certification, manual as well as guarantee card (warranty).

The concept of procedure

Automatic rifle uses the energy of recoil which relocates the barrel. Use the supposed system of a brief stroke of the barrel. Prior to shot of the triangular cylinder stopper is involved with the breech. After this drawback makes brief move back, then disengaged, the barrel go back to its original setting, and also the shutter remains to return as well as cocking a projectile release system.

Feed cartridge right into the chamber happens according to the common scheme: the paddle returns, selects it out of the shelter, Doyle right into the breech and locks. The rifle is once more all set to fire.


The rifle is kept and carried in disassembled form. Her taking down of standard aspects does not create difficulties.

  1. Eliminate the placing pins are offered with rings for ease of running them. One gets on all-time low of the forend before the bin store, the other before the buttplate shoulder remainder.
  2. Raise back of the receiver cover of the receiver and barrel, after that eliminate it entirely.
  3. Somewhat retract the bolt and also get rid of the pin of the return mechanism of the shutter, and after that remove it from the receiver, remove the derive from the body of the shutter.
  4. Get rid of the pins securing the recoil system of the barrel, to separate it from the casing, get rid of the springs.
  5. To get rid of the bipod.

The cost and also the testimonials on the rifle Barrett M82 as well as various other are given listed below.


In the free enterprise is the only rifle Barrett model M99 is solitary shot. It cost 400 thousand rubles. Other versions like the Barrett M82 are only supplied in airsoft and also pneumatic alternatives or as toys.


Rifle Barrett M82 is capable of hitting armored targets at ranges as much as six kilometers. Armored employees carriers as well as infantry fighting vehicles with armor made from alloyed light weight aluminum alloys at distances of 1.5 kilometers. The value of the MOA does not go beyond 3 systems. Very strong effect and the sound of the shot.

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