Magnum Research MLR Ultra rifles

Semi-automatic carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra.22 LR is an enhanced variation of the Barracuda design, which is based upon the design of small-caliber carbine Ruger 10/22.

Its main difference is the modular weapon that permits you to switch over from.22 LR to. 22 WMR.

Summary carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra

Small-caliber semi-automatic carbine chambered for the ring of ignition of the.22 LR as well as.22 WMR. Functions on the principle of free slide. A distinguishing characteristic is the thick-walled tube, containing a steel tube with rifling and a carbon shell that raises resilience as well as offers reliable cooling. Version name Barracuda developed as a result of the similarity of the type pointed with lower arm hanging over her trunk and face of this aggressive fish.

Advantages and also negative aspects

Light-weight, small, undemanding and also dependable in operation.

  • Not nearly enough tight securing of the barrel like every weapon, countered by the design of the barrel with a graphite covering. As a whole shooting performance of the rifle is very good, the biggest MOA he comes close to sniper rifles.
  • The capability to promptly transform the barrel to make use of the.22 WMR cartridge permits you to effectively utilize this carabiner is not only for sports as well as entertainment capturing, however, for hunting. Questionable, the use of tools of this caliber for such objectives has actually not been chosen.
  • Picatinny rail is a structural part of the receiver milled together with her one-piece, the arrowhead is not essential to show locksmith professional skills. The external sighting devices are not offered, and for tools under the cartridge ring of ignition, they would have been useful, since the common shooting range does not surpass 50 metres.

Capacious store, containing ten cartridges, within the Lodge, which is fairly sensible– not to be connected. He has a drum layout that is not very convenient for loading. Besides, rifles of the Mannlicher system are not particularly dependable since these shops. Rarely Ruger something substantially various from them.

  • Rifle stock is clearly adjusted for participation in sporting activities. Her type– broad «« orthopedic» » butt-cut with pistol manage, slim fore-end, far away from classical forms. According to some professionals, it enables to prevent mistakes in applying and achieve the best outcomes when shooting. For newbies this alternative can trigger succeeding fatal failings. Since they will not be able to create the right skills.

Photo carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra

Purpose This weapon is for firing sporting activities(optics,

lack of the typical rear sight and also front sight make it

too costly plaything)as well as searching. Varieties Readily available in the caliber.22 LR and.22 WMR. In the fundamental version of the bed constructed from black high impact plastic. It can be camouflage shade (Camo)– from the exact same plastic or wooden laminate.

Attribute The value
Kind Self-loading carbine blowback
Quality .22 LR or.22 WMR
Action rifling 1:6
Barrel size (mm) 483
Store Rotary, removable
Capacity 10
Complete size (mm) 95,4
Weight (kg) 2,02

Self-loading semi-automatic rifle operating on the concept of complimentary slide (kinematic diagram of the weapon Walls, PCA).

The trunk of a cantilever, including an internal steel pipe with string and casing made of carbon with aluminum inserts on completions. Optional is possible to install a silencer, muzzle brake. In the design Ultra the trunk is made modular, it can be changed, relocating from cartridge.22 LR to.22 WMR.

The receiver is plated light weight aluminum, it is gotten by grating from strong product. Picatinny rail on its top face is an integral part, a continuation. Completely and flies there.

Store rotating, ten. Recessed in the box entirely. The lock is located between the bin shop and also the trigger guard.

The trigger system is solitary activity, the force on the trigger is not adjustable. The safety and security button is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. To deactivate a security or trigger device it is necessary to transfer to the right (Fire position) or left (setting Safe).

Lodge sports, awesome collection with manage and also hole for thumb between her butt. The forend is slim, in between it as well as the barrel shadow left a significant gap.

Picking as well as loading

Is available in a difficult lugging situation. Supplied with 2 publications, safety and security lock (trigger guard), cleansing kit. Connected the manual as well as a key with a warranty card.

The principle of operation

Semi-automatic weapon with a free gateway. Locking is performed because of the weight of the screw as well as recoil springtime. After a shot the shutter openly returns, prompted by the recoil momentum. Along the road he extracts the cartridge instance, cocks the shooting pin as well as presses the return spring. On the return stroke of the shutter extracts the round from the publication and feeds it into the chamber.

For loading the publication it should be removed from the receptacle by pressing the lock before trigger guard. He falls out rather freely. The cartridges are stacked as in a conventional single-row shop– continually utaplivaja the previous cartridge, as well as setting up the adhering to from front to back.

Prior to shooting it is needed to eliminate weapons from the fuse and also misshape the bolt, understand its handle. Move the gate is short, the length of the cartridge is 35 mm. If you do not need to fire promptly, turn the fuse by moving the switch on the front branch of the trigger guard to the left.

After shooting the breech go back to its forward setting, hold-up no.

  1. To pacify the weapons, which expel as well as distort the shutter.
  2. Remove the screw on the shank in front of the bunker store.
  3. To divide the barrel from the stock.
  4. Knock senseless the two pins protecting the trigger mechanism to the receiver.
  5. Eliminate the handle screw.
  6. To move the screw back, eliminate her from the pairing with the overviews of the receiver.
  7. Get rid of the bolt service provider Assembly with the return spring.

The barrel taken care of to the receiver by two pins.

Cost and also reviews concerning Magnum Research MLR Ultra (Magnum Ultra) is offered below.


Weapons are not supplied to Russia, on the producer’s internet site, it sets you back 890 $. In the Network there are propositions for the sale commision Magnum Research MLR Ultra for 200 thousand rubles.

At manufacturing facility cost Magnum Research MLR Ultra can be acquired and various other versions of rifles, for instance, Browning Bar.30-06 Light Long Trac Executive, Sabatti ROVER 870.300,.308 Win Orsis 120.


Excellent shooting performance when firing at distances approximately 50 meters. You can place the bullet in the bullet. The impact is insignificant. The carbine is light, useful, rather dependable.

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