Marlin 336, rifle, shotgun

A Marlin 336 carbine is a modern-day adaptation of the model 1892 Winchester with a movable trigger guard, which plays the function of lever for reloading. This system has two comparable names: support Henry named developer, and also Lever activity.

The majority of the citizens of the earth Earth he is known for the movies-westerns of the experiences in the Wild West. In the US, regardless of some drawbacks, this layout belongs to the group of «« every little thing » as well as is proactively made use of.

Description Marlin 336

Carbine with a rifled barrel, tubular underbarrel shop as well as the supposed brace Henry, made use of as a bar to relocate the shutter when refilling. The layout of the locking and set off device practically without exemption replicated from the Winchester model 1892, just a window of ejector sleeves is relocated to the best side of the receiver, which gave the possibility to install the optical view.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

Its reliability and also usefulness it is feasible to depend on if any of the kinematic scheme is used over a hundred years. Its major disadvantage– sound. The clank of the system Marlin model 336 exceeds even the Mossberg 500, nicknamed the ««»rattle »

  • . Clip Henry permits you to refill with a rate equivalent to the system semi-automatic rifle. However, because of the screw body, which is almost 10 cm out of the back of the receiver, hold the weapon in the line of sight impossible.
  • Because of the home window offset extractor shell cases on the ideal side of the receiver, the reduced dependence on contamination with dust as well as sand, the tool has come to be more trusted.
  • Outside trigger recently got a 2nd acknowledgment among shooters, as the design remedy which makes certain better safety and security in the handling of weapons.
  • As ammo cartridges are utilized with a blunt bullet with a diameter of 9 mm. They are filled with reasonably slow-moving burning gunpowder. Due to this, the trajectory of the bullet, ballistic, which decreases the efficient series of the shot. Its quiting power is extremely high. Because of this, the Marlin Lever activity carbines in the U.S. are identified as the most effective «« reneboy ». Useless year and also a wounded pet on the search with him does not happen.
  • A slow-burning gunpowder generates, as well as another nice «« attribute »: this carbine is no such harsh recoil as various other tools of similar caliber, so the version number is instances that are in the hands of teens.
  • Tools store rifle ammunition with bullets, also candid, some danger: while hits and drops there is an opportunity nacola of the surge as well as the cap. Part of the recommended ammo is bullets in a soft polymer covering.
  • To release the weapon via the window, ejector sleeves, a consistent distortion of the brace Henry, which can not be thought about as comfy.

To boost the ballistic top qualities of the barrel it is threaded four or six deep grooves, and a loads smaller sized ones. They also allow you to utilize a bullet with a soft shell or totally lead.

The visibility of an outside sighting tools, also archaic in style, making the weapon functional.

Rifle Marlin 336

Purpose This is a searching weapon developed to victim of bears, swines, deer, and elk. Reliable capturing distance is less than 150 meters. Versions with a short barrel can be applied for protection. Ranges Version 336C 35 Rem. Taken into consideration the flagship in the family «« three hundred and thirty-six»». Quality 35 Rem– obtuse nine-millimeter bullet cartridge 48,8 mm. the Barrel length of 50.8 centimeters Metal parts blued, the Lodge polupoltina, wood dark American walnut.

  • Design 336SS in 35 Rem, is noteworthy for its use of stainless steel.
  • The version 336 BL. Caliber 30-30 Win cartridge 7,62×× 51, the sleeve with the side. The barrel length 47 cm Metal components are blued. Bed polupoltina, laminated, brownish.
  • Design 336C 30-30 Win. Quality 30-30 Win. The barrel length 50.8 centimeters, blued. Receiver with anti-glare light grey covered with Stone Wash. Polupoltina bed, dark timber American walnut.
  • Version 336W. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel and also receiver blued, barrel length of 50.8 centimeters of the Bed polupoltina, nutty, brilliant. On the cover of the receiver 2 groove type «« dovetail » with a size of 11 mm at optics.
  • Design 336W/Scope. Comparable to the previous one, but on the cover of the receiver placed Picatinny rail, in the bundle rifle scope 3-9х32.
  • Design 336XLR. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel as well as receiver is Nickel layered, barrel length 61 centimeters, shop chopped, as opposed to the standard six it holds five rounds. Bed laminated, gray.
  • Model 336Y. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel is blued, with a length of 41.3 cm Shop on 5 cartridges. Bed polupoltina, light-wood American walnut. The maker is placed as a tool for teenagers, can be made use of in self-defence.
336C 35 Rem 336 BL W336C 336 30-30Win 336XLR 336Y
Kind of reloading Lever activity– secure Henry
Quality 35 Rem 30-30 Win
The gunning 12 Micro — — Groove ® gunning barrel 6 keystone 12 Micro — — Groove ® gunning barrel
Action rifling 1:16 1:10 1:10 1:12 1:10
Barrel length (mm) 508 470 508 610 413
Ability 6 6 6 5 5
Total size (mm) 978 940 978 1080 845
Weight (kg) 3,18 3,4 3,18 3,4 2,95

Rifled carbine, rechargeable clip Henry (Lever activity). Shop tubular underbarrel.

  • The barrel is stainless-steel, cold built, with a dozen little cuttings (Micro — — Groove ® gunning barrel), permitting the usage of soft, shell-less, as well as covering a polymer film by a bullet.
  • Shutter longitudinal moving, locking takes place by engagement of 2 vertical pins for the undercut on the stem. The tooth extractor one larva shutter without points.
  • The receiver is constructed from steel, marked. The window of ejector sleeves is located on the ideal side. Under it is a closed spring-loaded shutter the window of the shelter shop.
  • On the top of the receiver is optional, 4 threaded holes 2 or undercut, forming a form of a lath of the kind «« sync»». They are made use of for installment of optical views.
  • Clip Henry steel, continues practically throughout of the bottom side of the gun manage stock.
  • The trigger mechanism has an outside cocking bar of the firing pin, so it is not furnished with the usual check of the fuse. The tool is shut down as follows: a little press with the thumb on the shank of the trigger downwards, thus freeing the springtime fight of the hook whispered, and then offer him an opportunity to return onward while holding a sharp strike to the firing pin.
  • Establish the outer sighting devices consist of a basic back view, flexible up and down, and also still fly, shut round housing.
  • Polupoltina bed, with a mild grip. On it and forend have a strong corrugations, improving the reliability of the hold. The butt pillow butt pad. The comb is directly, with a slight inclination to the axis of the barrel.
Picking and also packing
  • Carabiner Packed in a cardboard box.
  • Plan can get in riflescope 3-9х32.
  • Affixed ticket, manual, guarantee card.
The concept of procedure

When the clip Henry is fed down two vertical pins in the ports of the receiver are changed in and out of coupling with a cyndrical tube lock. Upon additional activity of the lever, the shutter is moved back, the invested cartridge situation or cartridge is removed from the chamber and discarded the reflector with the home window of the receiver. The back plate of the shutter goes from the receiver to the outside, captures on the cocking lever, and places it back, triggering the firing system in the shooting setting.

  • At the exact same minute the cartridge is fed from the store into the bunker. On the line loading it climbs in the Elevator when moving the bolt when the clip Henry go back to the place. After entering the cyndrical tube chamber right into the breech, the securing pins rise and also hold it.
  • To charge the rifle, transform the window of the bunker accumulate. The cartridges fit the bullet ahead, getting rid of the resistance of the spring the shutter of the hopper for the ease of the procedure has a semicircular notch.

Before shooting the clip Henry goes down, and intensely so vigorously back into area. The bolt out of the receiver almost the entire size, so Lodge it is much better to maintain the butt down on the weight.

  • The shutter will certainly relocate the bar trigger and also placed it horizontally. If you do not require to quickly fire your thumb to push down on the bar, snapping it out of interaction with the sear, after which, keeping it from sharp strike by the firing pin, return to the upright position.

To cleanse the tool sufficient to secure the shutter. Further disassembly outside the tools store is not advised.

  1. To discharge the weapon several times, dropping and raising the brace Henry. See to it the chamber is clean, and also the shop does not– in recessed curtain store see the red pusher cartridges.
  2. Reduced the clip to open up the shutter. Eliminate the screw attaching the bracket of the hinge on the receiver.
  3. To get rid of the brace.
  4. Press the bar trigger and also eliminate the bolt.
  5. To get rid of from the receiver the springtime of the reflector cartridges. It is better to make use of tweezers.
  • The Marlin design 336 BL maker has established a minimum preferred price of $ 667. The very same money will certainly cost you, as an example rifled Vepr-hunter, 1B, saiga MK 03 Spanish.
  • Version 336Y, in his point of view, might not be less expensive 548 (like Mr-155), and also the 336XLR– 969 bucks (as Sabatti Rover, Zastava m70).
  • Carabiner easily fits the hand, completely well balanced.
  • Best use– shooting in the brief– to one hundred meters distance. Extent hunting limited to medium dimension ungulates and also killers of small video game over the nine-millimeter bullet makes the meat.
  • Expensive and uncommon ammo.
  • A lot of sound when charging.
  • Impact toughness comparable to that have smooth-bore guns of the 16th calibre.

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