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Rifles of.22 LR under the cartridge ring of ignition are ruled out to be a serious tool. It is extremely prominent for convenience of taking care of as well as low cost of ammo. It is generally made use of for enjoyment (plinking) or sporting activity shooting in the dash.

North American company Marlin (supplier X7) released a collection of such rifles under the version index CT-22. They are amongst the most inexpensive in the class of small-caliber tools.

Description of the rifle XT-22

Carbine bolt-on shutter under the cartridge ring of ignition. A feature of the design is the trunk with sixteen shallow grooves, which do not warp the lead bullet shell-less and give excellent inner ballistics.

The store may be not only box-shaped, but tubular, under-barrel. Outfitted with a collection of exterior sighting gadgets– entirely as well as fly, there is additionally the possibility of installing rails for mounting optical sights of different styles.

Advantages and also disadvantages

Great workmanship, simple and trustworthy to utilize design.

  • Excellent inner ballistics of the barrel as well as shooting an excellent quality and supply a 16 mikroneesia in the network as well as channel (crown) muzzle chamfer. The wall surface of the barrel is reasonably thick, so intense shooting without the danger of getting too hot.
  • The shutter has no combat tabs on the larvae, the density of the locking is made certain only by the precision machining of surface areas and also the stop arm in the projection receiver. It is possible that for the cartridge ring of ignition, in which the momentum of the shot is small sufficient. Some reject developers to «« not serious » quality startling. «« melkashek » brand CZ the old launch has 3 locking lug on the cylinder bolt (which is clearly excessive), and later 2.
  • The shutter is separated right into 2 components– the stem and also the larva. These details are extremely personalized to every various other and also might not be exchanged not just amongst themselves however additionally will not fit to an additional receiver, which lowers the maintainability of the rifle in your home.
  • The layout of the receiver is such that it is twice the length of the munition. In proportions it is twice as lengthy as similar components in the «« adult » screw rifles. It is not permitted the developers to raise the length of the barrel, which might raise the series of weapons.
  • The trigger mechanism of the rifle has 2 degrees of interlock. The trigger is a bar, without pressing on which it is difficult to shoot. This makes the tool much safer to make use of and also enables unskilled shooters to better prepare for the shot because of the prolonged responsive call. However, when shooting at fast moving targets such design might trigger a fatal failing.
  • Army of the drummer aesthetically underlined by the look on the back plate of the device of the red ring mark. So there is no obscurity in establishing the readiness of the weapon to fire.
  • The outer sighting tools simple. The rear view remains in the type of a spring-loaded flap on home plate. The front sight is steel, no lights change. The receivers all versions, there are holes with statistics string for mounting optics. Cartridges of caliber 22 LR this equipment may be outdated, considering that the bullet has a reduced first rate and is influenced by wind. Reliable variety of this ammunition does not exceed fifty meters.
  • Butt the item of timber has a high ridge that prevents the aiming without optics– the fly is challenging to place under the side of the pillar. Generally the comfort designs of the lodges can be considered adequate, although the substantial lower arm of the kind «« beaver tail» » is preferable for firing with bipod as well as other kinds of supports.

Light and small weapon, it is very easy to lug and also practical for transportation.

Marlin Xt 22 Mag

Purpose Rifles XT-22 are made use of for entertainment( plinking )and sport capturing at a shooting array and also for hunting tiny rats, including hares and also bunnies, fur-bearing pets as well as killers. Varieties

Rifles can be found in quality.22 LR as well as.22 WMR. With wooden as well as plastic stock, removable box-shaped as well as tubular under-barrel systems.

  • XT-22. The base model quality.22 LR. Bed polupoltina, hazelnut wood. Butt with a pillow «« Monte Carlo»». Store the box, detachable XT-22M. The design is similar to the previous one, yet the.22 WMR.
  • Model XT-22R and also XT-22MR. Bed plastic, polupoltina. Gauges, respectively,.22 LR as well as.22 WMR. Store the box, removable.
  • XT-22VR. Thick-walled (varmint rifle) barrel quality.22 LR. The bed the plastic, store the box, removable. The external discovery gadgets are not readily available.
  • Design XT-22MTR and 22TR. .22 WMR as well as.22 LR. Shop tubular underbarrel. Bed polupoltina, plastic. Letter S implies stainless-steel.
  • XT-22YR. Shortened «« teen version»».22 LR. Store package, detachable bed polupoltina, plastic.

Now find out what is, and what is shop for Marlin XT-22.

22, 22R, 22 VIRTUAL REALITY 22M, 22MR 22MTR 22YR
Kind The rifle with a longitudinally sliding entrance
Caliber .22 LR .22 WMR .22 WMR .22 LR
Trunk Console
The gunning 16 keystone microkeratom (Micro-Groove ® gunning)
Step gunning 1:16 1:16 1:16 1:16
Barrel length (mm) 559 559 559 413
Store Box, removable Tubular, under-barrel Box
Ability 7 12 7
Overall size (mm) 1041 1041 1041 851
Weight (kg) Of 2.72 Of 2.72 Of 2.72 2,04
  • Carbine bolt-on paddle as well as removable box-type store. Optional shop tubular underbarrel.
  • The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, the external finishing– burnishing. Sixteen keystone microkeratom (Micro-Groove ® gunning), on the muzzle chamfer in the kind of a shallow channel (crown). The link to the receiver friction– the chamber is included in the receiver in the clutch, taking care of one pin.
  • Receiver is a cylindrical, open, crushed from a strong steel billet. On the upper face two holes with metric string for installation of the strap under the ranges.
  • The shutter substance, from the stem with the deal with, in which lies the shooting pin, and demonstrator with extractor and also ejector. The larva of the stalk is fitted in the manufacturing facility independently. The Assembly is suitable only to the receiver, the last three digits that match those noted on the shutter.
  • The trigger mechanism has 2 levels of interlock. The initial– mechanical security that obstructs the sear of the trigger. His box is on the best side of the receiver as well as has two settings: Fire and Stop. The second bar on the trigger, blocking its motion.
  • Shop in the base instance, box, detachable, his latch lies between the trigger as well as the hopper guard. Offered with a tubular underbarrel shop which is charging through a window in television.
  • The set of discovery gadgets includes a spring-loaded plate with a shield-all metal fixed open fly.
  • Polupoltina bed, made from strong walnut or plastic. The butt without the shock-absorbing recoil pad, forearm massive, rectangle-shaped, ideal for placing bipod.
Packing and picking

Can be found in a cardboard product packaging. Supplied with one shop as well as a security lock. Attached handbook (instruction book), key, examination capturing Marlin XT 22.

Next will be the benefit for making use of Marlin XT 22.

The principle of procedure
  • When decreasing the manage of the paddle into the groove of the receiver, the drummer of the rifle platoon. That the tool is ready to fire is signaled by a red ring noting on the back plate of the drummer.
  • For packing a box magazine it is removed from the receptacle, for which it is necessary to push the latch in between him as well as the trigger guard. The cartridges are stacked straight under the flanges of the store. To make room for the next, previous recessed down. Flange sleeve top cartridge must not surpass the lower flange. Loading single cartridge only possible with a vacant shop.
  • To outfit the tubular store, transform the blank on its side counterclockwise. Glide the feeder forward and also open the window on the tube. The cartridges are piled sequentially, a pill towards the shutter. Release the feeder, transform the cover clockwise.
  • Before shooting, switch off the fuse, slide package completely forward. Increase the bolt handle and draw the stalk back, triggering the bullet from the magazine will be submitted on the line loading. Bring the shutter right into area, lower the deal with. The trigger rasplachivaetsya just after clicking extra take advantage of.

Exactly how to dismantle a Marlin xt 22, see listed below.

  • Before disassembly get rid of the store, placed the rifle, open the breech and see to it the chamber is clean.
  • Switch off the fuse, pull the screw back up until it stops, and pull the trigger. The output gate of the receiver.
  • To separate the barrel from the box remove the two screws: one at the front branch of the trigger guard, the other on the shank before the shelter shop.

The carbine is from 23 to 34 thousand rubles. In the same money, as an example, you can get a Saiga-12, Mr-155, Snipe, HPE-202, HPE-208, Saiga-MK, boar-hunter, etc.


The carbine is light and also convenient to make use of. Dependable enough. The worth of the MOA does not exceed two units. The impact is insignificant.

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