MC 20-01, rifle, shotgun

Tula hunting rifle MC 20-01 has a special style used in the so-called frolovka– the Mosin-Nagant rifles and also Berdan with bored chambered for.32 caliber or 28 barrel. It is taken into consideration a business weapon.

Currently, carbine is ceased, however is still located in a thrift sale. This tool is really ambiguous. When it comes to ergonomic, and also light qualities.

Summary shotgun MC 20-01

The smooth-bore hunting carbine bolt-on paddle and also a box store.The trunk has a constant decrease « pauchok », the basic design is manufactured in 20-gauge, as there are versions of quality 28 and also 32. Sights– rifle rear view and front sight. Advantages as well as downsides The tools are largely developed to

  • discharge bullet cartridges, as equipped with the rifle entirely and also fly. It is hard to comply with the video game, moving swiftly and unevenly. Rifle style with 2 docking lugs offers a safe and secure locking
  • barrel, which triggers seekers gear cartridges enhanced charge. This leads to cracks in the bed, which is too light-weight and ineffective wets the power of the shot. Recoil for tools of this quality simply harsh. The style of the fuse is not really reputable, possible disturbances in blow with the butt
  • on the ground. The shop has 2 latches on the sides, it is most likely that when
  • it is installed it will warp and lock only one of them. The store typically drops when fired because of this. The whole idea designer with Frolov Tula arms factory concerning the change of armed forces weapons in a
  • smoothbore is a technical inquisitiveness, though really effective. For the reason that possible to get with minimal costs hunting tools from low-grade weapons. It was proactively made use of in the area of the previous Russian Empire with the 20-ies of the last century, when the defective or damaged trehlineek or Berdan rifle was what is called a dime a dozen, however the concern of searching shotguns, no person idea. Not up to it. From MC 20-01 difficult to shoot « doublet » that are typically exercised on the quest. Obtuse cartridge frequently stick in the breech, stopping the loading. If the shutter retract efficiently, the situation is not discarded, yet stays in the receiver. To remove the refilling necessary to make essentially jerk, which is come with by grinding, because the surface area therapy of the shutter leaves much to be wanted. The popularity of such tools is due, more than likely, subjective feelings. Well, like part of the target market Fusiliers movement of the shutter back and forth like a «

actual rifle ». Picture shotgun MC 20-01

Purpose Field guns for the extraction of small ungulates and also carnivores. Can be used for self-defense.


At the Tula arms factory (understood to us such models as Argali, CO-44, CO-98, TOZ-134-20, TOZ-BM, and so on) till 2006, produced six selections of Frolovo:

  1. MC 20-01— the base design 20-gauge with poliestireno beech Lodge.
  2. MTS 20-02— dimension 28.
  3. MTS 20-03— dimension 32.
  4. MTS 24-04 (domestic title «« fatality of a President»»)is reduced to 295 mm barrel 20-gauge, folding metal supply.
  5. MTS 20-08— one more shotgun, however the 550 mm barrel, butt stock replaced by a pistol grip.
  6. MTS 20-08— short (550 mm) barrel as well as full buttstock, as on the model 01.
Function The worth
Kind Carabiner
Shutter Bolt, a longitudinally gliding
Trunk Smooth, channel as well as chamber chrome
Quality 20, 28, 32. The chamber 70 mm
The muzzle tightness Long-term, polochak.
Barrel size (mm) 635
Store Box, removable solitary row
Capability 2 +1
Size (mm) 1150
Weight (kg) 2,8

A hunting rifle with a smooth barrel, a longitudinally moving bolt and also a detachable box store.

  • The birthed and chamber are chromed. The link to the receiver– the rubbing with the repairing pin. To take in influence utilized tide (axle) of the barrel, relaxes in a steel secure going through the forearm. To enhance the can be put one behind the trigger guard, at the neck of the butt.
  • The cylinder valve has 2 lugs. Mirror without rim flanges, spring filled shooting pin. Two tooth extractor– one movable, the other not. When decreasing the manage of the shutter, the firing pin is cocked. The shank of the firing pin comes out to 3 mm from the body of the shutter.
  • The trigger device is unregulated. A mechanical fuse that obstructs the sear of the trigger. The checkbox is located on the neck butt, made in the type of a slider. The shift– up placement «« Fire»».
  • Sights exterior– rifle back view and open front sight metal.
  • Bed polupoltina, buttstock with a straight comb as well as plastic butt pad. Handguard is its continuation. It is rectangle-shaped, it is for that reason feasible to mount the supporting bipod.

Bracket for MC 20-01 rings with a size of 30 mm and a strap for 20 MTS

Packing and choosing

The weapon was shipped in a cardboard box, in the package was only it as well as a ticket.

The principle of operation

The weapon functions as a tool with a bolt-on shutter: loading is done by raising the handle as well as tap the screw back. Have MC 20-01 the manage surges to 90 degrees. Squadron projectile occurs at the toe of projection of the striker for the sear of the trigger on the last millimeters of the screw travel forward and also transform the manage down. Regarding placed on fight squad suggests the shank of a demonstrator watching out of the backplate of the paddle 3 mm. Spring drummer tight, so securing the barrel connected with the application of a rather large effort.

Loading can be made with the home window of the receiver and to the store, to eliminate which to push 2 locks on its sides. The cartridges suit one row, the additional flange of the sleeve must be in front of the previous one. If you need to include ammunition right into the chamber, this is made with the gotten rid of or extended half store.

It is necessary to shut the breech without cocking the striker (at the end of the hunt, prior to storage), ensuring the chamber is clean as well as the shop is removed, press the trigger and also push the slide ahead till it stops. When well-fitted surfaces of the receiver as well as the stem, the take care of will certainly drop in the fight slot of the receiver itself. Or else she needs assistance.

To activate the fuse, relocate the slider on the neck of the lodges shut down and a red dot. In this position, it is simply murmured, so pressing the trigger may create failing of the projectile and also shot.

  1. To eliminate the shop.
  2. To open the shutter, see to it the chamber is clean.
  3. Shoot, remove the shutter from the receiver.
  4. Hand to hold the paddle at the stem and left to revolve the back plate of the drummer in a clockwise direction.
  5. Eliminate the impactor, eliminate the cylinder screw.

To separate the receiver with the barrel and also trigger device get rid of the two screws: one at the shank of the receiver, the other on the bottom face of forearm, front of the shelter shop.


The gun can only be gotten with hands or in a thrift store. Rate relies on condition, however never greater than ten thousand rubles (since TOZ-87 as well as 94).

Proprietor evaluates

Regarding MC 20-01, there is no consensus. Some proactively deny it, to others it is incredibly crucial. The size of the ellipse of dispersion when shooting at ranges over fifty meters spherical bullet with a cork wad amounts to 10-15 cm

This is a pretty good outcome for shotguns. When making use of containers, the precision drops dramatically. The influence of disproportionate dimension. The tree is very vulnerable, because the store home window is vast and the residual thickness of the lodges in this place no more than 3 millimeters.

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