Merkel RX Helix, a rifled weapon

Among the selling options searching carbines brand name of Helix you need to stay on the model Merkel RX Helix, which has ended up being a hit amongst the analogues of other suppliers guns.

A great deal of favorable responses from owners, and also purchasers, a terrific level of need for the design as well as its attractive look has actually made the carbine Merkel RX Helix one of one of the most requested by both expert hunters and also beginners alike.

On the market models of contemporary rifles offered preferred manufacturers, are able to stun everyone: thought the kind of the barrel as well as the butt, providing maximum ease throughout operation, guaranteed by the producer reliability as well as safety, and also outstanding performance of fire — — all this enables you to acquire well-established models with self-confidence in his excellent features.

A review of the carbine Merkel RX Helix

With a attractive as well as modern kind, the carbine Merkel RX Helix has outstanding possibilities at the cost of performance, nested in it in the manufacturing and use of improved modern technologies.

This permits you to hit even a moving target situated at a significant distance: 200-300 meters.

The use of the carbine as a result of the reasonableness of the kind as well as its comfort designs; as they say, lots of proprietors of this design, the rifle rests in the arm the first use. As well as ease is not dependent on the figure of the customer. This permits the optimum comfort to master the abilities of shooting weapons also females with small hands.

Disadvantages as well as benefits

Any kind of version of the rifle will be much more clear to the purchaser when analysing its benefits as well as drawback. And thanks to the evaluations you can obtain the most comprehensive photo, and also given the technological specs set by the supplier.

So, the advantages of this design must consist of the following top qualities:

  • exceptional remarkable capacity that permits you to be confident in the performance of each executed shot. This feature is in the process of producing the carbine, and can additionally be adjusted by setting the optical sight, advanced front and also view;
  • hassle-free to utilize due to elaborately the form of the positive components of the rifle;
  • appealing exterior design with application of polymeric products well able to hold up against numerous exterior results: changes in ambient temperature, increased humidity and even water on the body of the version, mechanical stimulations that develop in the course of making use of the rifle in the field. The butt has actually been made use of a natural product — — wood of the walnut, which likewise is sturdy and can keep their eye-catching appearance even under difficult outside problems;
  • solitary shop, which is essentially unbreakable also when energetic and also extended use tools;
  • open view that gives simple intending process;
  • basic disassembly, permits the cleaning of the carbine, also in the lack of the necessaries and also special devices.

The advantages over the designs having similar characteristics, ought to additionally be added the opportunity of adjusting with the installation of optical view, front sight and sight. You can additionally change the «« native» » shop, which will enhance the price of fire as a result of its larger capacity.

Today, among the designs that represented in the sale, it is the carbine model of the Merkel RX Helix is identified as the most advanced supplier that supplied continuous interest in it regardless of its reasonably high expense. It is acknowledged as the only downside of the taken into consideration carbine due to the fact that the various other setups — — only his self-respect.

Carbine Merkel»» s Unique RX-Helix (images)

Purpose Utilize the carbine of the version can when it comes to hunting tool as well as little game, and also bird, as well as the training precision for enjoyment and also engagement in expert competitors in sporting activity shooting. With this rifle you can acquire the initial abilities of shooting from firearms and relatively little dimension, compactness as well as light weight make it ease to lug its transportation.


There are numerous ranges of this version, which vary in their features. One of the most preferred is the calibre.222 Rem, which allows you to hit a target at the farthest distance, and the cartridge is ideal for this carbine. Reduce of setup as well as coming under the trunk when making the shot gives the greatest ease to make use of a tool and to make the most reliable shots.

  • Available on sale quality.223 Rem related together with the quality.222 Rem to the group of Mini.
  • To the team standard include the following qualities: 243 Win, 6,5 x55SE,.270 Win, 7 × 64,.308 Win,.30-06 Sprg, 8x57JS as well as 9, 3 × 62 as well as to the team Magnum — — 7mm RemMag and also.300 WinMag.

All ranges permit you to make shots, which have outstanding efficiency, hitting the target from a range of 100-200 meters.


Rifles offered at weapon shops, have exceptional qualities of fire as a result of the precision settings and also balance their shapes, and also the Merkel RX Helix design likewise has a great deal of chances due to its technological characteristics. The maker made sure not only regarding the charming appearance, but likewise regarding the optimum speed of a bullet, the smoothness of the trigger as well as the ease of disassembly, which permits you to clean the weapon.

Specs Carbine Merkel RX Helix
Native land Germany
Consultation Searching, sport shooting, as a private weapon
Sight Semi-automatic carbine
Type of quality .223,.222
The total size of the body 1 000 mm
The size of the barrel 524 mm
The elevation of the version 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Size 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide finishing that does not rust

Resilience to outside shocks as well as long-lasting preservation of eye-catching tool due not just to the use of contemporary polymeric materials with high resistance to temperature level and moisture, yet also by using the technique of cool creating. It permits you to trunk that does not deform under the active as well as long use, and to make sure excellent progression of the bullet inside the barrel due to its perfect smoothness.


Due to the relative simpleness of the framework prior to us carbine is extremely easy to use.

  • Rolling shutter secures the barrel on 6 lugs, it is an easy twist of the barrel and make sure the reliability as well as security of tools.
  • The main structural part of this kind of tools is the barrel in mix with butt. Their ergonomic design supplies a comfortable fit of the buttstock to shoulder, and a little impact does not cause discomfort when making a shot.
  • Reduced training course the bolt handle enables you to make shots in very brief time with a minimum on effort. Keep in mind that the trunk has a tiny mass as a result of using light-weight alloy.
Picking and also packing

Secured in a polymer movie, the carbine maintains its look also under mechanical impacts are unpreventable in the course of its transportation.

  • Is it in a cardboard box, which consists of the required information concerning the version name and also a manufacturing business.
  • To tool designs connected ticket as well as certificate of quality.
The principle of operation
  1. Cartridge from the store is sent to the barrel of the rifle with the breechblock.
  2. Pulling the trigger brings about disengagement with the lock inside the trunk, and also is discharged.
  3. Abstraction ago when the shutter is administration of a cartridge in the barrel, after cocking mainspring is a sharp blow to the shooting pin.

As pointed out over, simplicity of disassembly is among one of the most vital benefits of this design over competitors. To alter the barrel enough to withdraw from interaction battle larvae shutter.

Disassembly is made in the kidnapping of the bolt back, and after will certainly be billed the lower arm, press the lock barrel as well as remove it. This is specifically essential for the execution of cleaning weapons in the area. The opportunity of quick removal of the barrel can also be taken into consideration a benefit when you change the barrel, enabling you to change the efficiency as well as range.

  • The implementation of innovative versions — — a fantastic benefit of model carbine Merkel RX Helix, which enables to enhance the sighting and also firing array. Can be mounted on the surface of the barrel riflescope, a solely positive influence on the efficiency of the capturing, as well as feasible replacement of the front view as well as forend.
  • The above explains the procedure for changing the trunk, which many proprietors noted as a crucial benefit of the version.

Evaluations as well as prices on Merkel RX Helix 308win, camouflage and other is given listed below.

The cost of the product

The worth of the Merkel model RX Helix is taken into consideration to be relatively high, but recognizing its benefits and also positive options and also opportunities, because of fundamental manufacturer requirements, it will certainly enable you to recognize the reason for such a worth of weapons.

The purchaser will certainly be able to locate models Merkel RX Helix at the price from 120 to 125 250 300 rubles. Nonetheless, we keep in mind that even such an extremely respectable cost does not quit you from acquiring those that value top quality performance as well as practical attributes of this carbine.

Proprietor examines

According to a lot of buyers and proprietors, a carbine of the version manages all its jobs because of its technical criteria that distinguish the carbine is amazing. Modern as well as appealing layout, no disruptive and unneeded detail, the positive high qualities of the version Merkel RX Helix.

Lightweight with portable size permit you to utilize it for training precision, yet additionally to take part in competitions.

The existence of such added equipment as cheek as well as made from top quality rubber recoil pad that provides the greatest ease in the procedure of the rifle.

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