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Having good technological capabilities, the carbine version Мerkel sr1, standing out among peers due to the attractive appearance and also fairly portable dimensions, has additionally quite democratic cost.

This factor determines the level of demand for a carbine, as well as customer evaluations that indicate a high precision of fire, her discovery and a possibility to hit even moving targets at a range of 100-200 meters, permit to understand the factor for its popularity amongst specialist hunters as well as beginner shooters.

Offer today sale options for modern-day rifles, appropriate for expert searching and for fun, permit you to make your selection also one of the most demanding clients. With great features at the expenditure spent by the producers requirements, they allow you to accomplish maximum comfort in their use, as well as because of the optimal ratio of structural parts makes the whole operating procedure comfy.

This is specifically important when getting initial skills of shooting from a rifle, considering that the ideal, identified by ergonomic shape and also light weight make it simple to utilize the carbine, also teenagers and also ladies.

Summary of carbine Мerkel SR1

To recognize the possibilities, benefits as well as drawbacks of any design of modern-day carbines, sufficient to evaluate its existing benefits as well as downsides. As well as the design, having excellent efficiency capturing, draws in the client’s interest most importantly to its exterior layout: solid style, no sidetracking information and also the traditional design can be considered particular features of this carbine. And also the usability of the carbine as a result of the reasonableness of the type and also its functional designs; as noted by numerous owners of this version, the rifle rests in the arm the first use.

Compactness, convenience of use and also lightweight is an important benefit of any type of kind firearms with excellent striking opportunities. And also ease is not depending on the body of the individual. This permits the maximum convenience to grasp the skills of shooting weapons also females with tiny hands.

Disadvantages and also advantages

Owner examines that explain the amazing quality of the version, suggest a control of advantages of carbine Мerkel sr1 over his drawbacks. The advantages of it are several:

  • the equilibrium of the dimensions of all architectural components, created for maintainability;
  • ideal barrel length, making sure an excellent array, the absence of a pronounced recoil;
  • the ease of strolling the trigger, which is important for target capturing;
  • the possibility of quick taking apart — — this allows you to rapidly clean the barrel as well as the built up residue as well as dirt are unavoidable in the energetic use of the rifle in terms of searching;
  • solitary shop, which is practically solid also when active and prolonged use of weapons;
  • open sight that provides simple aiming process;
  • appealing when a large number of favorable high qualities, required for any kind of design of the rifle.

The simultaneous property of attractive «« appearance» » and also outstanding technical attributes have made the design sr1 Мerkel among one of the most fascinating both for specialist hunters as well as beginners archers.

The drawbacks, according to a lot of proprietors of this version, carbine Мerkel sr1 has not.

Carbine Merkel SR1 Standard 9,3 × 62 (picture)

Purpose Making use of the rifle Мerkel sr1 is not restricted to the expert production of small as well as moderate animals.

It is verified in training precision

, partly in competitors in sport shooting. Ranges Stores hunting weapons supply a number of alternatives for carabiner Мerkel sr1 for its clients, which differ with caliber cartridges. One of the most excellent in terms of range and also accuracy demonstrated calibers.308 Win (passed the examination),.30 -06, 9.3 х62,.300 Win Mag, which have similar attributes.

The variety target is 100-200 meters, with the caliber of.308 Win from a carbine Мerkel sr1 it, as technique showed, the most effective.


Flaunting an eye-catching outside style, the carabiner of the model has eye-catching technical qualities. Their analysis enables to recognize the reason for the appeal of the rifle, his chances for professional hunting, as well as for training precision.

Specifications Carbine Мerkel sr1
Native land Germany
Consultation Hunting, sporting activity capturing, as a noncombatant weapon
Sight Semi-automatic gunned carbine
Kind of caliber .300,.308
The complete length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the design 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Size 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide covering that does not rust

The use of this eye-catching material of all-natural origin in the style of the butt of the rifle as a tree nut held laser handling, enhanced the elegance of the rifle. This material is not terrified of moisture as well as sudden changes in temperature, light steel alloy is enabled to make as easy a carbine barrel, with high toughness and also resistance to mechanical tension.


Because of the basic structure version Мerkel sr1 has a straightforward approach of procedure. Rolling shutter secures the barrel into the six lugs that is an easy turn of the barrel, and ensures the integrity and also safety of weapons.

The main structural part of the rifle is its barrel, in combination with butt. Reduced program the screw deal with allows you to make shots in the shortest time with minimum initiative and also through making use of light-weight alloy barrel has a tiny mass.

Picking as well as packing
  • Carabiner Packed in a cardboard box which has information on its surface area details about the design and also supplier.
  • The carbine is used passport as well as certificate of high quality.
  • The carabiner wrapped in foil to avoid damage throughout transport.
The principle of procedure

Modern carbines are simplicity of its style and maximum comfort throughout usage.

  1. Breech mechanism, when getting rid of the trigger lock, sends out to the trunk cartridge from the shop.
  2. Pulling the trigger causes disengagement with the latch inside the trunk, and also is terminated.
  3. Abstraction ago when the shutter is management of a cartridge in the barrel, after cocking mainspring is a sharp blow to the firing pin.

Box variation of the shop is just one of the most easy to make use of, and also its ability is enough for high price of fire carbine. To change the barrel sufficient to take out from interaction battle larvae shutter.

Disassembly is done by draining pipes screw back, as well as after removing the forearm pressed latch on the barrel as well as the barrel can be eliminated. This is very important for cleaning weapons and also maintenance of tools in the area.

Concerning tuning as well as the required components to Мerkel sr1, see listed below.


The implementation of the adjusting of the version the advantage of the carbine design Мerkel sr1, which gives the possibility to improve targeting, precision and firing variety. Can be set up externally of the barrel such added devices like optical view, a positive effect on firing prices, and you can change the front view as well as forend.

Owner evaluations and also the price of the rifle Мerkel sr1 is provided listed below.

The price of the product

The price design can be rather budget-friendly in comparison with comparable items offered on the marketplace. This explains the high demand for the design Мerkel sr1 and also continuous interest from buyers.

To market a carbine Мerkel sr1 at a cost of 65 250 65 300 rubles. Nonetheless, also such a reasonably high rate does not stop buyers that appreciate best implementation and also excellent chances Мerkel sr1.

Owner assesses

Compactness and light weight, exceptional performance shooting as well as the capability to strike a target at a considerable distance, — — these numbers ought to be taken into consideration most important when analyzing the benefits of this model Мerkel sr1. It is shown by the comments of both purchasers and also owners of the rifle.

As a result of the opportunity of tuning can be executed the renovation of the design, enhancing efficiency variety as well as precision of fire, and also easy cleaning of the barrel is the possibility of taking down even in the problems of the quest. These high qualities are specifically important for those who make use of the carbine for production pets.

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