Moose 9-1, rifles

Today, nearly every searching rifle combines excellent technological qualities and also an eye-catching design, however not every design can please one of the most optimal combination of a vast array of attributes, economical cost as well as many favorable evaluations.

And version light-weight searching tool Elk 9 1, which has a short barrel to facilitate the Commission of a shot, as well as ergonomic supply, offering comfort while running the carbine, will please the most requiring fans of firearms used in searching and also sports capturing, as well as also used for home entertainment and also training accuracy.

A multitude of benefits with practically no negative aspects can be called the carbine version Elk 1 9 among the most easy to make use of. As well as it worries males of all dimensions as well as women with a fragile Constitution: the ergonomic design information, long barrel and also high-quality materials make certain an excellent fit of the supply to shoulder and also very little effect.

Summary of the rifle Moose 9-1

The simplicity of the design permits the disassembly of the carbine, that may be thought about necessary for fixings or cleaning. The barrel is made from premium quality steel, its length is optimal for the model. Varnished stock, made from timber (birch or walnut) that is enjoyable to use and also maintains its appeal due to top quality therapy.

The predominance of benefits over the imperfections of the producer offer a high level of demand for the carbine, and also the analysis of these criteria will certainly enable to obtain a full picture regarding the model. Assist owner testimonials: their views on the staminas and also weak points of the carbine is reasonably functional use of the rifle and its operation under different ambient problems.

Advantages and also negative aspects

One of the most important favorable high qualities of the carbine model Elk 9 1 are as complies with:

  • modern-day design using natural materials (walnut and also birch) and also advanced polymer materials with greater rates of resistance to impacts (temperature adjustments, high moisture, regular mechanical anxiety);
  • comfort designs — — every detail is well considered rifle: the butt is positioned on the shoulder, this is not felt recoil, the barrel is somewhat cropped for convenience of aiming, and smooth procedure of the trigger guarantees maximum effectiveness of each shot;
  • the barrel is made from premium quality steel, its size is optimal for this model;
  • eye-catching and contemporary due to its exterior layout, carbine design Elk 1 9 has actually verified itself in the hunting-field and area problems, when made use of for training accuracy:
  • outstanding performance capturing (sighting shots, their precision and also series of a bullet because of its high initial velocity) are ensured by the makers as well as permit you to obtain maximum enjoyment from firing of the rifle;
  • the availability of a price design permits you to purchase it every follower trendy style combined with exceptional performance capturing.

Embellished in a timeless design, the carbine has no unneeded components in its exterior style, yet just high-grade products utilized in the development of the body of the carabiner, ensure the long-term conservation of its attractiveness.

Bars-4-1, rifles

Downsides, according to many customers and also proprietors of the design Moose 9 1, this rifle has not.

Carbine Elk-9-1 L-550 30-06 Sprg (walnut)


Purpose Utilized this version successfully for searching, and also for trainings of precision as well as competitors target shooting. Thanks to its excellent style and also simplicity of the device it can be made use of for abilities capturing: reasonably light and compact, it is easily made use of by males and females, and also young adults.


The most preferred quality rounds for the carbine Elk 9 1 is thought about to be 7.62 mm. You can use much more effective cartridges, which are perfect for hunting big game.

To differ the design of the rifle can suggest wood used for trim stock: birch and walnut is a different appearance, however both types vary in wear resistance as a result of finest material and also their appropriate handling.

Technical qualities of the rifle Elk 9-1 listed below.


Having all the positive high qualities affordable price, the carbine Elk 9 1 can be considered as one of one of the most frequently purchased versions. The evaluation of its technical criteria will certainly provide a detailed presentation regarding the opportunities

Requirements Carbine Elk 9 1
Native land Russia design plant, Izhevsk
Consultation Searching, capturing, enjoyable, target practice
View Semi-automatic carbine
Ability cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The size of the barrel 625 mm
The elevation of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
Sight of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide finish

Perfect equilibrium of barrel length and butt, as well as high first speed of a bullet figure out chances for use the rifle, with a great deal of positive responses demonstrates the continuous interest from specialists and amateur shooters.


The simplicity of the design of the design Moose 9 1 allows the disassembly of the carbine, it might be necessary to conduct its present repair work or throughout cleansing. The barrel is made of high quality steel, its length is optimal for the model. Cold creating allows to develop a finish of the barrel with an unique degree of toughness, this material is exempt to corrosion also in high moisture. Varnished stock, made of timber (birch or walnut) that is pleasurable to make use of as well as retains its appeal as a result of premium therapy.

Picking as well as packing
  • The standard set for rifle Elk 9 1 consists of an optical sight which can be replaced with an even more three-dimensional front sight and cleaning pole to clean up the barrel.
  • Carabiner in the sale is accompanied by a certificate of quality and also an individual passport.
  • Packed the rifle in a cardboard box with the essential information on the side component of the name of the item and also the company-seller.

Carabiner packaged in plastic material: it permits to keep its attractive appearance during transport and also to avoid damages to fairly soft wood, which is decorated butt. The store affixed to the carbine in fundamental arrangement, involves the structure in it 5 rounds, which are arranged in a staggered fashion. If required, the base store can conveniently be changed with a bigger one.

The concept of operation

Actuation of the rifle is typical. The use starts with the area to keep ammo. When you push the trigger is tripping hook bolt, corrected the springtime creates a sharp pressure on the firing pin, causing a shot.


Conduct disassembly is needed for fixing or for tuning the design with a view to its improvement.

Longitudinal rolling shutter is easy to dismantle. For a partial disassembly of the rifle does not need special tools, and it can be executed also in field problems. Putting the bolt from withdrawal from it is abstraction back, after that the fuse is affixed to a vertical setting, and can then be eliminated from the stem box the shutter.

  • For tuning is usually used to install a more effective extent.
  • Can conveniently be replaced by shop the rifle much more cumbersome, which increases the rate version.
  • Some owners have likewise set up front sight and also handguard third party.

Rates and reviews for a searching rifle Elk 9-1 30-06 caliber as well as various other is offered below.

The product price

The value indicator rifle Elk 9-1 is fairly reduced, which greatly determines the high degree of demand for it. The rate of the version from different vendors may differ insignificantly and it is about 10 200-11 250 rubles.

Purchasers state the opportunity of acquiring a design Elk 1 9 despite the restrictions in the budget plan acquisitions.

Owner assesses

The proprietors of the design Moose 9 1 celebrated largely attractive look of the rifle, it immediately attracts attention. Usage in the manufacture of the stock of all-natural timber as well as 2 varieties of polymeric materials with high resistance to exterior influences allows to protect the look of the rifle despite constant procedure in the area.

Outstanding technical characteristics permit to completely evaluate the possibilities for vast use of the rifle of the version. Also, the proprietors recommend the ability of the rifle to hit a far target, which offers a broadband of a bullet when fired.

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